Hi bro, have you ever tried using make up? Does masculine make up really exist? When you meet a man who wears make-up, there may be many things that come to your mind, starting from “Why do guys wear make-up!”, “Metrosexual guys!” and its kind. Michaelkors Outlet

But, it’s better not to be presumptuous, bro. Every man must have their own reasons when they decide to use makeup. Apart from the demands of work or having to attend certain events, there are other reasons that make men use make up. One of them is to cover skin conditions that are less than optimal.

Although the image of make-up is always attached to women, actually make-up can also provide benefits for men, of course with proper use and not excessive.

In addition, men’s make-up is actually designed specifically to maintain the masculine side of the user. So, the use of make-up to make men more masculine is a fact

There are several benefits that can be obtained from using men’s makeup.

In the following, I will discuss some of the benefits of using men’s make-up which turns out to not only affect the outer appearance but also the level of self-confidence of a man.

  1. Increase Confidence
    Men’s facial skin often experiences problems that can reduce self-confidence, ranging from acne scars, dark circles around the eyes to fine wrinkles. With the proper use of make-up, problems like these can be resolved and self-confidence will be rebuilt.

2. For Self Improvement
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As a man gets older, his responsibilities also increase. Starting from the responsibility of having a good career to having a harmonious family. It is undeniable that to be able to get both, facial appearance is one of the main factors. Facial skin that looks flawless without blemishes or wrinkles will certainly be a plus when dealing with superiors or potential life partners.

3. Skin Care
Almost all men’s make-up products contain good ingredients for facial skin health. For example, BB/CC cream products that are used to ‘even out’ skin tone by disguise blemishes, usually also contain moisturizers or moisturizers that can maintain healthy skin.

Below, I describe in general terms the differences in examples of skincare and make-up products.

  1. Men’s Skincare
    If you are the type of man who is interested only in treating facial skin to avoid problems such as dry skin or acne, I highly recommend skincare. There are several men’s skincare products for basic care which I will discuss below.

Facial Cleanser
A good facial cleanser usually contains moisturizer and salicylic acid which functions to control oil on the face. A good facial cleanser does not dry out the skin and actually feels rough because this actually means that the facial skin loses oil which is responsible for keeping the skin moist.

Eye Cream

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Another type of skincare that is important to have is eye cream. This product is useful to help overcome facial problems such as dark circles in the eye area, eye bags or fine wrinkles on the face.

Moisturizer (Moisturizer)
As the name implies, this skincare product functions to keep the skin from drying out and staying moist. This is important because keeping the skin moist is the same as maintaining its health.


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UV rays in addition to triggering dangerous diseases can also cause aging of the skin. To protect the face from the dangers of UV rays, it is better to use a sunscreen that can also be used after using moisturizer

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