2. Men’s Makeup

As described in the first article, if you just want to keep your skin in optimal condition, skincare is enough.

However, if you are also curious about men’s make-up because you might need it at certain times or just want to look cooler with a (natural) matte look, here I will discuss some masculine men’s make-up products that are commonly used.


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Primer is very useful to make the application of makeup after look more leverage. In addition, the primer also functions to control oil on the face and also maintain moisture. Primer is very useful to make the application of makeup after look more leverage. In addition, the primer also functions to control oil on the face and also maintain moisture.

BB/CC Cream
BB/CC Cream is almost like a combination of skincare and make-up whose job is to moisturize the skin while making the skin look natural but healthy. BB stands for blemish balm and is suitable for disguise blemishes such as acne scars on the face while CC is color correcting to disguise black spots.


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If you feel that BB/CC Cream has not completely disguised the blemishes on your face, the alternative is a concealer. Concealer usually comes in two forms: stick or liquid, and the first option is more recommended because it is very practical.

Blotting Papers
The purpose of blotting papers is to absorb excess oil on the face. This product is necessary because men have larger pores which makes their skin oilier than women’s skin.

Brow Gel
Brow gel is very good to support the appearance of a man because thick and full eyebrows give its own charm. People say bro, if the eyes are the window to the soul, the eyebrows are the curtain, so make sure you have neat and charming eyebrows.

Lip Balm

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Lips are the part that is more easily damaged than other parts of the face. To maintain moisture and health, use a lip balm, and make sure to choose a product that is matte and not glossy.

Masculine Men’s Makeup Products Used by Hollywood Actors

As is known all along, Hollywood stars always try to look charming and compete to be the center of attention on the red carpet. This is not only done by the actresses but also the actors.

In an event like this, it’s impossible for handsome Hollywood actors to appear with their bare faces. But thanks to the skilled hands of MUA (Make Up Artist), they look perfect like without make up.

Basically, men’s make up is specifically designed so that it is not too visible when used or which is often known as ‘no make up’ make up. This is because just like men in general, Hollywood actors also don’t like to use excessive make-up.

Natural Color Foundation
One of the famous MUA, Grayson, suggests using foundation with natural colors because it can make the face look glowing and healthy. He added that this foundation makes the wearer appear without makeup and can last until the afternoon.


One make up artist named Lucy Halperin suggested a serum that can give a matte effect on the face. That way, she doesn’t need to apply too much powder to her clients because most of them don’t like to use too much make-up.

Creamy Coverage
Halperin also suggests a product that is a combination of foundation and concealer in the form of a stick but with a creamy texture. The function of this product is to even out facial skin tone quickly and practically.

Tinted Sunscreen
Tinted sunscreen can not only provide coverage and even out skin tone, it can also protect the face from UV rays. That is why tinted sunscreen is one of the mainstay products of Hollywood actor make-up artists.

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