Meaning of Symbols On Your Clothing Care Label

To what extent do men understand the symbols on clothing care labels? I hope that many people understand and no longer need to read this article. Most modern men don’t seem to care too much about clothes care, especially if it is about washing clothes.

Many people are greatly helped by the mushrooming laundry business. Rather than bother and spend a considerable amount of time, washing clothes with laundry services will save time and energy.

Despite the many conveniences that come with laundry services, washing your clothes yourself is the best thing. You can pay more attention to the dirt on the clothes. So like it or not, you will have more effort to clean it.

Do not rule out the possibility, the laundry results from laundry services are less satisfactory. Could be due to the results of the laundry that is less clean, lost clothes, or even swapped.

Many advantages are obtained when you take care of your own clothes. One of them is that your clothes will last longer. You also have a greater sense of responsibility towards the collection of clothes that you wear as a support to your appearance.

If you are one of the men who always take care and wash their own clothes, try to understand some of the labels and symbols of care instructions on the following clothes.

5 Basic Symbols On Clothing Care Labels Michaelkors Outlet

There are at least 5 symbols on each clothing care label. Consists of washing, bleaching, drying, ironing, dry cleaning.

In addition to the basic symbols, there are also complementary symbols such as lines, dots, hand drawings and crosses. Everything has meaning. In the point symbol, for example, the more points indicate a temperature level suitable for handling. Let’s try to see one by one.

1. Washing Care Symbol Label

  • Washing symbols

Generally in the form of containers containing water. Complementary symbols include dots, lines, crosses and hand drawings. It could also be specifically written information about the temperature in the form of numbers.

  • The symbol of the line under the container

IS the description for setting the rotation level of the washing machine. There are no lines, indicating normal rotation. Usually rather fast. One line indicates a moderate rotation. Two lines show slow rotation.

  • Hand symbol

Is an instruction that washing is only allowed by hand, not using a washing machine.

  • Cross symbol

May not be washed either by hand or washing machine. Must be with special handling such as using a dry clean process or carried out by a professional laundry.

  • Number symbol

Is the temperature that is allowed when washing. Usually in centigrade size. The temperature must not exceed the lift.

  • Dots symbol

Same as numbers, dots are another form of symbol for temperature information. Most labels are usually only up to 3 points, namely cold, warm and hot. If more than 3 points, please see the picture above for a description of the exact temperature.

2. Bleaching Treatment Symbols Labels

The bleach symbol is basically in the form of a triangle. The complementary symbols include lines and crosses.

  • Cross symbol

Not allowed to use bleach in the washing process.

  • 2-line symbol

May use bleach with only chlorine-containing ingredients.

  • Symbols are only triangles

You can use any bleach.

3. Ironing Process Symbol Labels

In the ironing symbol, the supplementary symbols include a dot, a cross and 2 lines with a cross at the bottom.

  • Point symbol – is a description of the recommended temperature setting. Consists of up to 3 points which means that the temperature level is low, medium and high.
  • Cross symbol – it should not be ironed, while without the cross it can be ironed.
  • Cross symbol below – ironing may not use a steam iron.

4. Symbols of Care With Dry Cleaning Process

The basic symbols are circular or circular. Complementary symbols are the letters “A”, “P”, “F”, “W” and a cross.

  • Cross symbol – this means that these clothes cannot use the dry cleaning process.
  • letter A symbol or just a circle – the dry cleaning process may use any type of chemical solution.
  • The symbol letter P – the process of dry cleaning using standard chemical solutions such as Perchlorethylene, R113 and Hydrocarbon.
  • Letter symbol W – Dry cleaning process is not permitted to use any chemical solution.
  • The symbol letter F – the dry cleaning process uses only petroleum-based chemical solutions such as R113 and hydrocarbons.

5. Drying Symbols

In the process of drying there are 2 main symbols, namely the box which means drying without a washing machine, aka drying. Then the symbol of the box with a circle in it which means drying with washing machine.

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