Meaning of Waterproof Codes for ATM, WR, BAR on Watches

Most smart watches or watches today have the ability to be waterproof or Water Resistant (WR). Some types of smartwatch use IP67 or IP68 certification standards for resistance to water and dust. However, some watches use ATM or BAR codes to mark water resistance.

Many still don’t know the ATM or BAR unit or code on the watch. This results in the use of a wristwatch or smartwatch in extreme conditions beyond its capabilities. Water resistance at the hour is determined in the ATM or BAR code.

ATM itself stands for Atmosphere Pressure. The ATM code shows the watch’s resistance to air pressure levels that can be accepted by the watch. The higher the number, the watch will be more resistant to air pressure caused by water.

Whereas BAR also determines the level of endurance of a watch or smartwatch. Code 1 ATM = 1,01325 Bar or equivalent to 10 meters. So far there are five classes of water resistant watches or watches, namely 3 ATMs, 5 ATMs, 10 ATMs, 20 ATMs, and 100 ATMs.

However, if a watch is written 100m water resistant or 100 meter endurance this does not mean the watch can be used for swimming with a depth of 100 meters because the manufacturers test it only in static water conditions.

Here are five classes of water resistant that can be used as a reference for the durability of a watch or smartwatch as summarized from the pages of I Know Watches and JS Watch :

Water Resistant 3 ATM (30m) Michaelkors Outlet

This watch with a Water Resistant 3 ATM (30m) rating is usually only capable of holding water splashes. This watch can withstand splashing rain or wudu, but is not suitable for swimming.

Water Resistant 5 ATM (50m)

Watches or smartwatch with WR 5 ATM rating have better resistance to water. Watches with this rating can be used for swimming or in heavy rain.

Water Resistant 10 ATMs (100m)

Water resistance on watches with a 10 ATM rating is strong enough to deal with pressurized water. This class watch can be used for activities in the water such as deeper swimming or snorkeling.

Water Resistant 20 ATM (200m)

Higher rating is 20 ATM or 200m. Watches with this rating can already be used for professional activities in water, such as diving without oxygen cylinders.

Water Resistant 100 ATM

The highest rating is 100 ATM or 1,000m. Watches with this rating can already be used for professional diving activities by using a tube or outdoor activities.

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