Men’s Collar Model (i)

Have you ever noticed that there are various kinds of men’s collar models out there? Have you ever felt that each collar model can give a different impression when you wear it?

Well, one of the easiest ways to let you look cool is through fashion styles. Of the many fashion models, shirts are mandatory items that you must have.

But you shouldn’t just choose a shirt because there are important details that must be considered. This detail is the collar.

Each men’s suit usually has a different collar model. So so that the costume doesn’t go wrong, you should adjust the style that is used with the collar model. Michaelkors Outlet

In addition, the shirt collar model can also be distinguished from your outfit choices and daily activities. This is important because unconsciously, the model of the collar will really affect your appearance and impression in the eyes of others.

And so that you understand more about the men’s shirt collar model, in this article I will explain in detail each type and tips for its use. Immediately, bro, follow the explanation below.

Men’s Shirt Collar Models Based on Style Michaelkors Outlet
First, the collar model can be distinguished from the fashion style that is being used. Generally, this style is divided into 3 categories, namely formal, semi-formal and casual.

My advice, don’t let your shirt collar model between each of these categories so you don’t sweat it. How do you divide the collar model based on this style? Check it out!

  1. Formal

In formal events, all the outfits you use must match and match the theme of the event. Because your outfit can immediately describe ethics and personality in the eyes of others.

This also applies to shirt collar models. You need to know, it turns out that formal dress styles also have their own collar models and you should understand them first.

One of the most suitable collar styles for formal styles is the tab collar. The distinctive feature of this model is that there is a button or clip in the middle that functions to connect the collar.

When choosing a tab collar, it is highly recommended that you combine it with a tie to support the collar tie. Here, you will be more confident to come to formal events because it will look classy and manly in the eyes of women.

2. Semi-Formal Tas Branded

Semi-formal is an event that is not very formal, but there are still restrictions that cannot be violated. Here, the style of dress and language that you use should still be maintained politely.

You need to know, this semi-formal style also has its own collar model. One that is suitable is the spread collar model.

You could say this collar model is most commonly used by the majority of men for daily activities. For example, like going to the office or going to a friend’s party.

The main characteristic is the sharp collar end spread collar and the wide spacing. The advantage of this model is that you can combine various forms of ties.

But if you want to look more relaxed, spread collars are also suitable for wearing without a tie, aka plain. What is clear, your prestige will be more visible with this collar model and just adjust it to the event you are attending.

3. Casual Sepatu Branded

The last style that you can apply to your daily activities is casual. Usually you choose this style when you are relaxing, for example hanging out with friends or when shopping at the mall.

The casual style will match the Cubban collar model. The collar on this model is not full around the neck.

So, your space will be freer and more flexible with the cubban collar model. In addition, the impression that will immediately appear is sporty and trendy.

Cubban collars are also safe to wear when you are traveling solo. The positive effect is that you can look cool in the eyes of female fellow travelers and it can make them interested in traveling together.

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