Men’s Fashion Tips for You to Look Cool and Attractive on College

Going to college does not mean synonymous with appearing belel. Wearing oversized batik shirts, shoes that were last washed last year, perforated jeans, or organizational jackets that hang too long on a hanger without being touched by detergents, are some examples that are ‘not really’. Even though that guy doesn’t need to use all kinds of tricks that are all very thick. It simply doesn’t meet these 3 conditions: clean, neat, fragrant. If you have fulfilled all three, surely the college students on your campus will look twice. Take it easy, the list that we discuss here is still in the realm of basic and ‘safe’ really. Let’s look at some of these tips .. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Checkered Flannel shirts never fail to make you look edgy and seem educated

Plaid flannel shirts or tartan shirts are mandatory items that must be in your closet. We are sure, if you definitely have at least one checkered shirt that is often your mainstay for you. It is true, the plaid shirt model never fails to be worn on any body type, both thin and fat. You can combine it with a casual t-shirt in it. Which woman is not weak with a man in a checkered shirt with the top button slightly opened and showing a t-shirt inside? Ohya, the more combos if the arm is rolled. Want to try?

  • Want to look clean and healthy, why don’t you just combine a plain white shirt with blue jeans?

Which student doesn’t have a white shirt? Pas ospek or KKN must be obliged to use it right? Well, it’s time to remove your shirt again and match it with blue jeans. The result? Neat and clean impression can immediately feel. If you’re worried your white shirt will get dirty, just put on your campus jacket. All right

  • On several occasions, do not miss to wear batik fitting your body that is comfortable to wear in a tropical climate.

Wearing batik is a bit tricky. Guys. We certainly agree that batik is cool, Indonesian culture must be preserved, and our pride will rise many times when wearing batik. But on the other hand there are rules that you must pay attention to too, so you don’t ‘challenge’ really. Among them is to choose pieces of batik that fit the body, avoid motives that are too crowded, and prioritize the short-sleeved. Because long-sleeved batik is more suitable for you to use while bringing a trailer that also uses the same patterned batik. Tas Branded

  • Rainy season or night school? Don’t hesitate to wear your sweater!

Because a sweater / sweatshirt or cardigan is the key for you who want to look cool without needing a lot of effort. If your campus does not allow wearing T-shirts, just copy them by wearing a collared shirt behind it. Then leave the collar visible outside the sweater. Or you can order fake shirt, aka sweater with a shirt, just the top! Sepatu Branded

  • For those of you who want to be simple, you can wear Polo Shirts / Polo Shirts / Collared Shirts

Besides shirts, you can also wear polo shirts as a boss to go to campus. You can mix this polo shirt with jeans. Men’s college outfit like this will give the impression of being relaxed but still neat without excessive effort.

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