Men’s Fashion Trends in 2020

Fashion is not only synonymous with women. Men also often pay attention to appearance, especially metropolis men, one example of attention to appearance.

No different from women, men also want to look neat and attractive inside. Men’s fashion trends also always change every year with the times, although the type of clothing is of course still around jeans, cotton pants, shirts, and tshirt. For metrosexual men who want to know the ashion trend that will be popular in 2020, following advice.

Sling bag

This bag model will still be a trend in 2020, continuing the trend in 2019. The trick is to wear it high on the waist, not just on the hips again.

Monochrome suits Michaelkors Outlet

For formal costumes, men will prefer monochrome suits that make a more elegant appearance and also seem official. Monochrome suits also make the appearance not seem excessive and tacky.

Thin top

Men who are confident and sociable, usually do not hesitate to choose to wear this type of clothing. They confidently wear thin tops to accentuate broad chests, checkered stomachs, or want to show off tattoos on the body.

Blazer without a shirt

The style of dress this one has often appeared and in 2020 a trend back. For those who want to look neat but still casual, wearing a suit without a bottom will be an option.


Vests will become the trend of men’s fashion in 2020, ranging from stripes to plain vests will be in demand. In addition to fashion, wearing a vest can also withstand the cold.

Leather jacket

It’s not just motorcyclists who wear it diligently. Fashionista men will also wear leather jackets wherever they go, paired with jeans and white T-shirts, will be the right choice for men who want to look masculine.

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