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Men’s jackets come in various types and designs. There are so many, choosing the right jacket to wear on a certain occasion is very complicated. But it cannot be denied that men’s jacket models, especially bomber jackets, play an important role in giving an increasingly masculine appearance. Especially if the bomber jacket you wear is black or basic monochrome, you are guaranteed a trendier men’s fashion style.

As you know, there are many models and designs of men’s jackets that are sold in the market. Starting from local brands to leading streetwear brands, they are competing to create unique and different jacket variants. So that you don’t get the wrong costumes, here are 17 styles of men’s jackets that you must have. Michaelkors Outlet

1. The casual and versatile bomber jacket

The bomber jacket is short, has a zipper on the front and elastic cuffs at the waist. Apart from its very casual appearance, this jacket is also comfortable and versatile. Bomber is made of various materials, such as leather, nylon, polyester and others, so that it can be adjusted according to your needs.

2. Biker jacket for a masculine stylish style

The biker jacket is made of leather, has a short, tight design with a zipper or button. The advantage of this jacket is that it can make you look both stylish and masculine. This jacket is best combined with jeans and a T-shirt. Tas Branded

Track Jacket
Track Jacket

3. Simple and classic trucker jacket

The trucker jacket is a type of jacket that has double pockets and buttons on the front. Initially, trucker was synonymous with blue denim material. But now there are various design variants, such as suede or different color choices, for example brown and black. This jacket is suitable for those of you who like to look simple and classic.

4. A denim jacket that is flexible and mixed

This fashion item is one of the must-have for men. Besides being able to give a very strong casual impression, denim jackets are also made of strong and flexible materials. You can combine them with anything. You can combine denim jackets with T-shirts, crew necks, or turtleneck sweaters.

5. Track jacket for a sporty impression

Track jackets are suitable to wear during sports because this jacket has a comfortable and lightweight design, and is equipped with a zip on the front and waist cuffs. The sportiness of this jacket makes it perfect for the athleisure style. You can combine it with similar track pants or jeans to make a difference. Sepatu Branded

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