Men’s Outfit with Loafers Only for Formal Occasions, Is It True?

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Most of the men must have used these shoes. However, often they do not know their real name and are even confused with loafers or slip on shoes. Yep! These loafers are often used by men, both at formal events and casual events. Loafers are a type of strapless shoe that is designed low for the ankles. Most people do use these shoes for formal events such as going to the office or invitations. Though it can also be used for casual occasions, depending on the type of material used in these shoes. In general, the material used is leather, making these shoes look formal and elegant.

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There are also many types of loafers, you know. Starting from the most familiar types used by men, namely the types of penny loafers, tassel loafers, kiltie loafers, to belgian loafers. In order not to be confused about how to mix and match these shoes for your appearance, let’s take a look at some of the following outfit inspirations using loafers!

For the first style, you can look casual using penny loafer shoes with a t-shirt and bomber jacket. You can also use dark jeans to show the masculine side of a man. Make sure you use the same shoe color as one of your outfit colors, OK! Michaelkors Outlet

For the second style, you can combine casual and semi-formal styles by using a plain shirt with bright colors, which is completed with shorts or shorts. This appearance is suitable for those of you who want to go relaxed but still look neat. Don’t forget to add belt accessories to make your appearance even cooler!

For this third style, you can use it if you want it to look more semi-formal. Combine your loafers with a plain long-sleeved shirt, and complete it by using material trousers that hang slightly above the ankles. Loafers that are suitable for this look are usually penny loafers. Make sure your shirt and pants are in contrasting colors so that your appearance doesn’t look monotonous. Tas Branded

For the fourth style, this appearance looks more formal. Suitable for those of you who want to attend formal events or meetings with clients. Pair your loafers with a suit and additional tie accessories. Loafers that work well for this look are usually penny loafers or tassel loafers. With this outfit, you are guaranteed to look more manly!

Those are some inspirational choices for outfits by using men’s loafers. Now wearing loafers isn’t just for formal occasions, right? Improve your appearance and don’t be afraid to be different! Sepatu Branded

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