Men’s Pants Size Standards

Pants are one of the outerwear that serves to cover parts of the body from the hips to the knees or even the ankles. Choosing the size of men’s pants can be said to be difficult and easy.

The reason is, the size of the pants is not the same as the size of the shirt which is sold in four main sizes, such as S, M, L and XL. Instead, they are labeled, such as Slim Fit and Regular Fit along with the pants size number.

In addition, the size of the pants on some brands can be different, even though the waist circumference is appropriate. Moreover, we must be able to convert the size of the pants into another system to match our size.

Then, how to recognize the standard men’s pants size? Michaelkors Outlet

Typically, for the men’s trouser size standard for the United States (US), the men’s trouser size consists of two numbers separated by an “x”, such as 36×32.

  • The first number on men’s pants is the waist measurement, so if the pants size is 36×32, then the waist size is 36.
  • Each number in a men’s trouser size tells you how big the pants are:
  • The first number on men’s pants is the waist measurement. For example, if a pair of pants is labeled size 36×32 then the waist size is 36.
  • The second number is the length. If the pants are labeled size 36×32, then the length is 32. The length is the actual measurement of the length of your leg, from the groin to the ankle in inches.

Meanwhile, jeans themselves have an inseam size. This means a seam on the inside of the leg or a pant that tapers to the circumference of the leg, usually having a seam that is an inch smaller.

For example, the Levi’s 502 Taper Fit has an inseam one inch smaller than the length, so the size 32 on the Levi’s 502 is actually a size 31.

For more details, you can see the size table of long jeans below: Tas Branded

Size Number (Inches)Waist (centimeter)Foot Length (Inches/Centimeters)

A practical way that you can do is to look at the size of the pants that you bought earlier with a note that the pants are still in the same brand. Because each brand designs pants for different body shapes.

One way to find out your pants size is to measure yourself. You can measure your waist with a tape measure. Then, you can match your waist size with the size chart.

Unfortunately, measuring yourself can be very difficult, and size charts are not always accurate.

Moreover, if you find a pants model that fits the waist size. However, it does not fit the shape of the body, such as not fit or too small and feels cramped in the thigh. Sepatu Branded

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