Men’s Shirt Collar Model (ii)

Apart from being based on the style of dress, you can also choose the collar model in more detail. The trick is to adjust the outfit you want to use. Michaelkors Outlet

There are also different types of outfits, including formal and casual. For that, you should choose a suitable collar model so you can support your outfit choices.

So that you are not curious, just take a look at the tips for choosing a collar model that matches the outfit below. Brush bro!

  1. Suit

If you often come to formal events or meet important people, a suit is definitely the outfit you usually wear. This outfit choice is indeed synonymous with official activities.

As a combination of a suit, you should choose a shirt with an appropriate collar model. This is important because if it doesn’t work together, you might look weird.

A suit is a very specific type of outfit. And one of the collar models that would be suitable is the point collar.

This model is often referred to as a forward point collar. So you don’t need to be confused because the two terms refer to the same collar model.

The distinctive feature of this collar model is the spaced end of the collar. When compared to spread collars, point collar models have a shorter distance between the collars.

When you choose a point collar, don’t forget to combine the tie and cloth pants. As much as possible, also choose a shirt with a color tone similar to the suit.

The advantage of the point collar collar model coupled with the suit outfit is that your elegant aura will look even more visible. This model is the right choice when meeting clients or superiors because you will be labeled as a classy man with great taste.

2. Plain Shirts Sepatu Branded

When it comes to casual events, a shirt outfit is the best choice. You will look cool but can still be mobile while on the move.

Each shirt generally has a different collar model. For that, you should also consider this collar model when you want to buy it again.

If you want to highlight the effortless impression, then the band collar is the right choice. This model is often called the Shanghai collar because its shape is identical to the collar from China.

What makes the band collar different from other models is its appearance. The shirt with the band collar model doesn’t have any leaf collar at all.

You will be suitable if you combine this collar model with a parka jacket. Here, your millennial identity will increasingly appear and have more appeal in the eyes of women.

3. The shirt tie

A tie shirt is a look that you have seen many times, especially if you are a waiter. This outfit is put into a formal style that is usually worn by men on a daily basis.

In fact, there are many types of necklaces that can be paired with tie accessories, the most common example is pin necklaces. For this shirt collar model, it looks exactly the same as the collar model.

The difference is that the pin collar model has a hole in each collar that you can use to attach additional accessories. And for tie options, you can pair this collar model with a long cotton tie.

With this jumpsuit you look classic and a little vintage. So when it comes to important events, don’t hesitate to choose a stand up collar model because there are so many positive impressions you can get right away.

4. T-shirts

The important thing for you to know, it turns out that the t-shirts also have their own choice of collar designs. Examples are turtlenecks and polo shirts.

Turtleneck sweater is identical to the round neck model, which is not a collar which is also called a plain. This model is suitable for use when going on vacation in a cold place.

So for polo shirts, there are many choices of collar designs that you can try. The most common are polo shirts with stand up collars, but nowadays there are many online shops that sell polo shirts with ribbon collars.

You can choose a variety of polo shirt outfits while on campus. This is the feeling that you can be a guy who is easy going, but still aware of your appearance. Tas Branded

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