Mistakes Men Often Make when Grooming According to Barbers

Being a man with good quality grooming certainly would not hurt. In fact, it will bring many opportunities, be it from the field of work, career or everyday association. Creating a good grooming routine can not be formed as quickly as turning the palm of the hand. In order to avoid undesirable things, it’s a good idea to look at some of the grooming mistakes that are often done according to the barber.

1. Flash or rush shampoo

The main purpose of shampooing is to get rid of oil and dirt from the scalp. So, if you prefer to save time to wash, as a result the remnants of shampoo foam will accumulate on the scalp and become a soft nest for germs and dirt to breed.

In other words, lightning shampooing actually makes your hair more dirty. Avoid shampooing in a hurry. Pour enough shampoo and rub into the scalp, then rinse thoroughly. Choose a sulfate free shampoo. Sulfate is a foam-making agent.

The more foam, the longer time is wasted to actually clean it. Also pay attention to your shampoo liquid. The more transparent the color of the liquid shampoo, the less the content of its chemical ingredients.

2. Excessive use of styling products

Excessive use of hair oil products such as wax, gel or pomade can damage your hair. Each strand of your hair grows about 0.6 centimeters every month. If your hair is too long to experience direct contact with the chemical content in the styling products, it can actually accelerate hair loss and inhibit its growth cycle.

In the case of styling products, the less use the better. Large lumps of gel or pomade for your short hair can cause a buildup of chemicals on the scalp and risk causing oily hair or dandruff. Use sufficiently and apply to damp hair, from the roots to the ends if you really want to style hair.

A beard or mustache is easier to shave in a wet state. Even without bathing, the hairs are also exposed to water, but the intensity of the hairs’ duration is better after bathing. Feathers become softer about 70% after bathing. This is one of the important points why you should take a shower before shaving.

3. Spoiled with annoying dandruff Michaelkors Outlet

Dandruff is only in the form of small pieces, but the impact can be very large on your appearance. It never hurts to always check your shoulder, “just in case” if later the dandruff suddenly scattered irregularly on the shoulder.

4. Shredded, mustache and untreated beard

Facial hair, aka whiskers, mustache and beard is one of the trends in the appearance of men today and timeless. What’s more, men also have more freedom to maintain mustaches and beards while at work, where some companies may have strict enough rules for women to style their hair to look professional and uniform.

However, if the whiskers, mustache and beard are not taken care of, it will automatically be reflected in the alias your owner. Be diligent to shave and form a beard that starts to look dense. Trim the ends of the beard hair, mustache and beard, then shape according to the model you want. Don’t forget to comb neatly every day. Don’t forget to shave stubborn hairs on the back of the jaw and ears

5. Feathers on the nose, and ears are long and visible

Hair on the nose and ears is a physical feature of men who are not pleasing to the eye. There is no reason not to treat him. Especially if you include people who have a high body posture.

Why? Because your talking partner can’t help but have to look up to talk and nose hair is not the first sight that they want to see from you. Pulling out the nose hair or ears can cause infection. To avoid this, simply cut the ends of the hair coming out of the nostrils or ears until they are no longer visible to the eye.

From now on try to minimize the five grooming errors above.

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