Mix and match cardigans like Korean actors

Cardigans don’t always have to be worn only when relaxing. In fact, many men rely on this one item to support their daily appearance when traveling to work. Not only that, Korean men also often wear cardigans and pair them with shirts or t-shirts. No need to be confused, this time we will provide interesting inspirations on how Korean actors wear cardigans so that men can easily imitate them and are ready to appear masculine with confidence. Let’s find out more below. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Match a patterned cardigan with chinos

Wearing patterned clothes does not mean a man fails to appear masculine. This is evidenced by the fashion style of actor Lee Min Ho who matched a patterned cardigan with a black base and chino pants. For underwear, you can wear plain white or black clothes that are both neutral or match the patterned cardigan model.

  • Cardigan and t-shirt all in white

Don’t like wearing patterned clothes? Of course not a problem. Cardigan models come in various designs and colors. Just imitate Park Bo Gum’s men’s fashion style on this one. Look modern, minimalist, and masculine only with a combination of an all-white top and blue jeans. Park Bo Gum’s style is perfect if you imitate it as a casual look at the weekend.

  • Combination of a cardigan and a matching shirt

If Lee Min Ho mixes a patterned cardigan with a slightly contrasting color outfit, it’s different from the fashion style of the famous Korean man, Kim Soo Hyun. This man is trying to appear masculine with a combination of a cardigan with a blue pattern and a matching inner shirt. Really a comfortable blend of colors to look at, right?

  • Cardigans and turtlenecks for the winter

Outer clothes that serve to warm the body during winter are not only suitable for wearing with a turtle neck, aka those with a high enough neck. Just look at Song Joong Ki’s fashion style. The Korean actor appeared masculine with a distinctive style of winter clothing coupled with brown and gray colors. Men must imitate this style!

  • Casual style wearing a cardigan with a touch of contrasting colors

Incorporating a little constructive colors into your everyday style is also okay. If you always appear wearing dark clothes, try changing your style occasionally by imitating what Park Seo Jun did when casually wearing a cardigan. ‘ Sepatu Branded

Choose a cardigan with a bright neutral base color and model, such as white or cream with a touch of contrasting colors, for example red and green. But pay attention to the contrasting color composition. Do not let too many contrasting colors on the cardigan. Instead of looking masculine, your style will seem excessive.

  • Tuck a cardigan into the pants to make it look different

Cardigans are generally used as an outer garment that covers part of the pants. But if you feel that this style is too mainstream, then try to imitate the inspiration of using a cardigan model like actor Seo Kang Jun.

Without being geeky, this fashion style looks very contemporary and masculine even though the cardigan is tucked into the pants. Not bothering to think about color harmony, gray cardigan, white t-shirt, blue jeans and black sneakers automatically make men look cool.

  • A bright cardigan for a stylish accent

Do you feel that dark clothes look unattractive? Park Hye Jin’s fashion style when wearing a cardigan is enviable. Give accent to your dominant style wearing dark colored items. Therefore, cardigan as an outer garment must be light in color, for example, light gray, beige, or white which are always suitable to be the mainstay colors of male masculine style. Tas Branded

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