Mix and Match Clothes for Chubby Cheek Men

Chubby guys aren’t cool? Eits, wait a minute! Even though you have chubby cheeks, you can still look fashionable and stylish! It’s just a matter of how to mix and match the outfits you wear. By giving a little touch to your clothes, it is guaranteed that your appearance will not be less charming.

Are you one of the chubby-cheeked men? Come on, take a peek at some effective clothes mix and match tips that make you look more confident and cool!

  1. Avoid clothes with horizontal stripes or plaids. Michaelkors Outlet

It’s a classic tip, but it’s true! Horizontal stripes and checkered motifs will make you look wider. For that, choose clothes that are simple and can give a light impression. For example, a shirt or shirt with a vertical line downwards, this will make you look thinner and not widen to the side.

  1. Wear dark clothes.

The color really makes an impact on your appearance! Moreover, as a chubby guy who wants to look fashionable, dark colors like black, brown, and navy blue are suitable for you. These colors will hide the folds of fat around the arms and waist and give your body a more masculine effect.

  1. Always choose clothes with the right size on the body.

Usually, chubby guys tend to choose outfits that are a bit oversized so they can disguise their body size. In fact, wearing an oversized outfit will only make your body fatter. From now on, choose the size that really fits you. This way your body size doesn’t even look bigger.

  1. Suits, blazers, or hoodies should not be forgotten. Tas Branded

Try wearing a suit, blazer, or hoodie with elbows on the shoulders! You will look more manly and fashionable. Not to mention the effect of a top style like this will help distract people from your wide waist. Cool and worth a try right?

  1. Straight cut pants are suitable for wearing.

When it comes to pants, straight cut is the right choice for you. Besides being able to make you look dashing, this one pants model also creates a proportional impression for your body. By wearing pants like this, your legs will look long so it will make your body appear taller.

  1. Clock and sunglasses.

For business accessories, watches and sunglasses are suitable for you. Watches and sunglasses never fail to enhance the appearance. In addition, the two items will embed a sporty and masculine impression.

  1. Be confident in whatever you wear. Sepatu Branded

It sounds like a cliché, but it’s really necessary. No matter what people say, you will look cool with a PD demeanor. Try to mix and match the styles above and keep exploring until you find one that’s really “your” style.

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