Ever thought of wearing a men’s white blazer while attending a semi-formal event? However, sometimes the thought of wearing a man’s white blazer is hindered for fear of looking like wearing a doctor’s suit. You shouldn’t let your thoughts stop you from experimenting with your fashion choices. Usually the men will wear this white blazer when they will attend a semi-formal event at noon. Hot weather will look more fitting with brightly colored clothes than wearing a black blazer. Here’s how to mix and match a men’s white blazer: Michaelkors Outlet

1. White Blazer with Jeans or Chino Bottoms

Try to mix and match your white male blazer with a pair of jeans or chino pants. Choose jeans with slim fit or straight fit models in dark colors, this style choice will make your appearance look casual and neat. But for you who want to attend a formal event, khaki or dark colored chino pants are the right choice.

2. Choose a T-shirt or shirt tops

When you wear a men’s white blazer, the top you can wear is a t-shirt or shirt. T-shirts are more suitable for casual events, while shirts can be for semi-formal events.

3. Motive and color selection

Men’s white blazers are the main focus of appearance today, so the solid colors don’t need to be patterned or have other colors. Coordinate colors so that the overall appearance looks harmonious. If you choose a dark blue jeans type slim fit try to wear a top in the form of a light blue plain shirt. And for those of you who choose patterned pants, choose a plain top and vice versa. Tas Branded

4. There Is Only One White Color

If you decide to wear a white blazer, then make sure you only use one white. Don’t use a subordinate in the same color as your blazer. Because your appearance will look monotonous and no longer cool.

5. Selection of Accessories To Be Combined With Men’s White Blazers

Blazers generally make the wearer look more authoritative and charismatic. Match them with accessories, such as loafers or brogue shoes and leather belts. If you choose to use a white shirt, add a sleek gray, black or dark blue tie as the accent.

6. Never Roll Up Blazer Sleeves

When wearing a blazer make sure you do not roll up your arms, fold it or even pull it up. Long sleeves look neater and more stylish. When you decide to wear a white blazer, you have to be confident. Because this is the most important thing for your overall style. White blazer can make your appearance look neat as long as you feel comfortable and confident when wearing it. Sepatu Branded

Make sure that you have a white men’s blazer in your closet, choose a blazer with a classic model that is simple, good quality material and neatly sewn. In addition to choosing good quality, take care of your clothes as well as possible!

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