Natural Ingredients for Nourishing Hair Quickly – II

9. Apple Skin

Who would have thought that apple skin that we usually throw away turns out to be efficacious as a natural ingredient for fertilizing hair. Basic vitamins found in apple skin can increase basic circulation to the scalp which will fertilize hair growth. The way to use this natural hair-fertilizing ingredient is to smear the crushed apple skin and leave it for a few moments. After that, rinse your hair.

10. Castor Oil

For those who have thin hair or hair loss problems, hair care with castor oil natural ingredients can be a solution. Simply massage a few drops of castor oil on all parts of your hair and skin and leave it for one hour. Rinse and shampoo your hair after the nutrients from this natural, hair-absorbing natural ingredient absorb perfectly. Do this twice a week to get fertile, strong and thicker hair.

11. Indian Goosberry

This natural hair-fertilizing agent may not be as popular as other natural hair-fertilizing ingredients. But, Indian Gooseberry is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C which is good for your hair. indeed not many people know because this material, although naturally, is still rarely heard. However, as a solution for hair loss, this material is truly extraordinary. Gooseberry juha is able to kill bacteria and eradicate free radicals in the scalp. How to use this natural hair-fertilizing agent is by mixing it with lemon juice and coconut oil by blending. This mixture can be used as a hair mask to make hair so fertile.

12. Coconut Oil

Like other oils that have been discussed, coconut oil is also a natural ingredient in hair fertilizers that you can try as a hair loss solution. Just use coconut oil on the scalp and massage slowly. Let stand for a moment and rinse hair thoroughly. This hair-fertilizing natural ingredient is also good for you who have dry hair problems, you know! Michaelkors Outlet

13. Yogurt

Not only facilitate the digestive system, yogurt can also be used as an effective hair fertilizer. Mix yogurt with honey and lemon or other natural hair-fertilizers and use as a mask or for cream bath. That way the hair will become more fertile and stronger.

14. Avocados

The next natural hair fertilizers are delicious alpukan fruit. Avocados do have many benefits as a beauty treatment ingredient. In addition to smoothing the skin, avocados can also nourish the hair and maintain a natural black color on the hair. You just use the avocado that has been mashed as a hair mask and wrap the hair in a warm towel until the nutrients in these natural ingredients absorb. Easy, right?

15. Tea Water

Do you like tea? Do not dispose of the remaining tea water or tea leaves that are not used because these natural ingredients can actually work as a natural hair fertilizer, you know! Use water or tea leaves that you have set aside overnight to wash your hair so hair becomes more fertile and healthier.

16. Coriander

Not just a spice in the kitchen, coriander which is crushed. Coriander seeds are ground until smooth and then mixed into the hair oil that is commonly used. Coriander seeds stimulate hair growth. In addition to the above method, you can also mix it into food as a spice in cooking.

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