Natural Ingredients for Nourishing Hair Quickly – III

17. Bowl Leaves and Pandan Leaves

There are so many natural ingredients that you can use to treat and nourish your hair. One of them is a bowl and pandan leaves. Puree these leaves with water and use the liquid on the scalp. Massage gently and let stand just before shampooing.

18. Watermelon

Not just refreshing, watermelon turned out to be efficacious as a natural ingredient for nourishing hair. Take advantage of the various content of watermelon vitamins by rubbing the skin of watermelon that still has a little meat. Leave overnight and shampoo your hair the next day. Perform this hair care routine once a week for maximum fertile hair results.

19. Oatmeal Oatmeal is famous as a food with its prowess in lowering cholesterol. However, oatmeal can also be a natural hair fertilizers. Not only reduces hair loss, this hair-fertilizing material can also overcome the problem of dandruff on the scalp. Use a mixture of oatmeal, milk, and almond oil as a hair mask material and use as a hair mask in general.

20. Hibiscus Flower

Not only as an ornamental plant, hibiscus can also be used as a natural material to fertilize hair. Boil shoe flowers and use boiled water as a hair mask. For maximum results, mix the decoction of hibiscus with other natural hair fertilizers such as olive oil or honey.

21. Eggs Michaelkors Outlet

Eggs contain a lot of protein, which is not only good for consumption but also for treating the health of your hair. Make a hair mask from eggs mixed with honey and olive oil to get a natural hair mask that can nourish your hair.

22. Papaya seeds

For perfect lush black and lustrous hair, papaya seeds can be used as natural ingredients to fertilize hair. Roast papaya seeds and puree. Mix it with coconut oil (or hazelnut oil, olives, and almonds) before you apply to all hair and massage gently.

23. Banana

Banana is a fruit that contains lots of potassium nutrients, vitamins C, A and E which are good for hair health and fertility. How to use natural ingredients to fertilize hair is also fairly young. Enough of a banana blender with coconut oil, pure honey, and can also mix other natural hair-fertilizing ingredients before you use it for cream bath.

24. Almonds

One more natural oil that is useful as a natural ingredient for fertilizing hair is Almond oil. No need to be confused because its use is similar to other oils. Almond oil can also be a mixture of natural hair masks along with other natural hair-fertilizing ingredients.

25. Cumin

Cumin is one of the spices which is efficacious as a natural hair fertilizer. Simply boil cumin and mix the cooking water with egg yolk before applying it to the scalp. Cumin stew mixture is efficacious stimulate hair fertility and eliminate dandruff on the scalp.

26. Strawberry

Other natural ingredients for hair fertilizers are strawberries, which are rich in vitamin C and natural antioxidants. This content will help regulate pH and control the production of excess oil in the scalp. Just use fresh natural strawberry juice and mix it with honey and scalp oil before applying it to the scalp. Let stand for several minutes before shampooing. That way your hair will be more fertile and healthy.

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