Often Forgotten, Follow 7 Rules for Wearing the Right Tie for Men

The appearance of a tie is not a daily style for men. There are some who may wear a tie when going to the office, but for some people a tie is an accessory that is worn for just a few special moments.

The use of a tie cannot be haphazard, you know. Remember, it’s not just the traffic rules that must be obeyed, but there are rules to use a tie so that you are not mistaken. Already know what are the rules for wearing the right tie? If not, know the various rules in this article …

1. The knot tie must be adjusted to the size of the head

From the first rule, you can already know that wearing a tie is actually more complex. Yup, you can’t just make a symbol of a tie, you know. To make the body look proportional you have to adjust the tie knot to your head size.  

The classic knot is divided into two models, namely complete node and half node. Usually the men will be more familiar with the node model. Well, if you already know you just need to adjust the size of the head to determine which node you will make.  

If you have a rather large head, you can make a complete knot. Whereas if you belong to the group of small-headed men, you can make a half knot.

2. Wear a tie that is darker than the color of the shirt

Ties are indeed presented with various colors. You will be able to find all colors, from dark colors, to bright colors. Choosing the color of a tie to be one thing that likes to confuse many men.  

The basic rule of wearing a tie is to always choose a tie color that is darker than the color of the shirt. This will give a formal and elegant impression. But you can also adjust to your needs and events, if the event is more relaxed, you are free to wear any color.

3. In addition to the size of the head, adjust the width of the tie to the shape of the body

Besides adjusting the width of the tie to the size of the head, you can also adjust the width of the tie to the shape of the body. Not only clothes, but the shape of the tie must also be adjusted to make it look more fitting and proportionate.  

For men who have a thin body, a tie that is too wide doesn’t fit your body shape. Because the tie is too wide it will make your body look submerged. A broad tie would be more suitable for a man with it, or who has a rather distended stomach. Wide ties also tend to make men look older.

4. The width of the tie must be the same as the size of the collar Michaelkors Outlet

When you want to buy a new tie, it helps you adjust the shirt you will wear with the tie. Choosing the size of the width of the tie should not be arbitrary, because indeed the key is to adjust to the size of the shirt collar.  

Now many models of men’s shirts are presented with a collar size that is not too wide. So as much as possible to make sure the tie you choose is not too wide and still fits. Guaranteed appearance will be even more stylish if you follow the rules on this one!

5. The length of the tie should not exceed the belt

This one rule is quite important, because it will affect proportional body shape. Make sure the length of the tie you wear should not exceed the belt. Even if it’s shorter, make sure it’s not too far from the belt.  

Because a tie that is too long will look a bit strange and make the display look less tidy. While the tie is too short, will make the upper body look longer than it should.

6. Tidy up the curve of the tie

Do not rush when making a tie knot. Because of course the knot will be less than perfect. Usually this can be seen from the curves that exist at the bottom of the node.  

If there are curves, trim them so that they are not visible. The curve will make the tie look slightly tilted and not symmetrical. So always make sure the curve is neat before you start the activity huh.

7. Important rules when wanting to use a tie pin

You already know what a tie pin is? Tie pin is a tie clip that is usually worn by some men. Wearing a tie pin is indeed not a necessity, but by wearing this brace, the tie will hold in the initial position.  

An important rule to remember when you want to use a tie pin is to make sure the tie pin is pinned to the position of the third or fourth button of the shirt you are wearing. In addition, choose a tie pin that has a width of no more than the width of the tie.

Already know, now the rules to wear a tie? Don’t forget to put it into practice!

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