4 factors that make your jeans feel less comfortable, although the price is expensive

Wearing jeans is comfortable for most people. Not only suitable when combined with various bosses, jeans are also fitting for coming to various events without fear of wrong costumes. Among the many colors of jeans, blue is the most widely chosen. What color do you have jeans?

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But unfortunately, there are still many who feel uncomfortable when wearing jeans, even though the price is not cheap. Hmmm, why? Well, maybe these 4 factors are the cause!

  • Your jeans aren’t stretchy, aka the material isn’t stretching.

Stretchy jeans are highly recommended for those of you who want to be comfortable wearing jeans all day. Want whatever your posture and body shape, choosing jeans with stretchy material will free up your motion, plus not make the thighs down so depressed. Oh yeah, the price of stretchy jeans is usually a little more expensive, but it’s okay for convenience.

  • Washing too often actually makes your jeans stiff, this is a logical explanation!

Enough 2-3 times a week, washing jeans too often is not recommended, lo. But, this depends on how you use it too. For example, you only wear jeans to hang out or hang out for a while, it’s okay if you don’t wash them too often. Just hang it in a place with air circulation.

  • For current reasons, you choose jeans that are too tight in size. Gosh, this is so torturous!

For example, your pants size is usually 30, you should not choose a smaller size like number 29 or 28, yes. This will make your stomach depressed so it is less comfortable for activities even just sitting. So it’s better to use your usual size or increase it by 1 level. Tas Branded

  • Still a matter of size, don’t force it to add a belt if it’s the right size. Don’t just be about style, pay attention to your comfort too

Sometimes there are people who force to wear a belt even though the size of his jeans is right. Of course this is aimed at style, especially for those who like to wear clothes put in pants. However, don’t let this take away from your own comfort. Just outsmart by replacing the boss that does not have to be included, as long as it’s cool! Sepatu Branded

Well, here are some factors that you might not realize why your jeans are uncomfortable. It’s better to be observant from the start, so that you look the best!

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Guidelines for Wearing Cardigans for Men Without Visible Sickness

Cardigan or knit jumpers have the shape of a jacket but open at the front. Nowadays, cardigans are not only worn by women, many men wear them. However, sometimes you can look like you’re sick when wearing a cardigan. Here are 9 guidelines for using a cardigan for men without looking sick.

1. Choose the type and size of the cardigan according to your activity

Finding a suitable cardigan is quite difficult. You should be able to choose the right type and size for a variety of different events. For example, oversized cardigan is more suitable for casual events.   Meanwhile, slim-fit cardigan is worn for formal occasions because it gives a neat impression. Keep in mind, don’t choose a cardigan that is too fit or too oversized, adjust it to your body size and shape,

2. Longline Cardigan for cool casual style

This type of longline cardigan is suitable for casual events. Try combining a longline cardigan with a plain T-shirt and black slim-fit jeans. T-shirts and jeans will give a casual impression, while cardigans will bring a cool touch to your appearance. Michaelkors Outlet

3. Shawl Collar Cardigan which is suitable for cold weather

The collar on this cardigan is inverted round. In general, this type of cardigan is thicker than other types, making it suitable to wear during the rainy season. You can wear this type of cardigan to keep warm and combine it with dark denim pants.

4. Be different in formal events with Button-Up Cardigan

Button-Up Cardigan is one type of the most fans. To make your appearance look modern and masculine, choose a slim fit cardigan style with a simple button design.   Button-up cardigan has a strong formal impression, so you can take advantage of this advantage by mix and match with a suit. Guaranteed, you will stand out at formal events.

5. Chunky Knit Cardigan are warm and fashionable

In addition to keeping you warm, Chunky Knit Cardigan is also able to create a fashionable casual look. You can combine it with denim pants and boots.   This cardigan also has a variety of knit patterns. You can wear a cable knit or longline style pattern if you want to look a little different. Tas Branded

6. Black cardigan suitable for casual events

Casual cardigan design and materials make this item suitable to wear on casual occasions. For those of you who like simple styles, try wearing a black cardigan. Then, combine it with a T-shirt, jeans or chino, and sneakers.

7. Fitted cardigan for semi-formal events

For semi-formal events, you can choose a fitted cardigan and combine it with button-up shirts, pants, and formal shoes. Make sure you choose neutral colors to strengthen the formal impression.

8. Neutral color cardigan for formal events

The versatile and flexible nature inherent in the cardigan makes it suitable for formal events. Combine a shirt, cardigan, and suit as an outer so your style looks more stand out. Avoid cardigans with striking colors and choose neutral colors like white, black, or gray to match the formal feel of the suit.

9. Cardigan as a substitute for a blazer for a formal impression

You can wear a cardigan instead of a blazer and pair it with an oxford shirt and trousers or chino. This way, your appearance will look more amazing.   Sepatu Branded

How, already have plans to mix and match your cardigan with other fashion items?

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Look good on Eid Al-Fitr? Follow these 3 Men’s Fashion

Soon Eid al-Fitr, which is highly anticipated by Muslims in all parts of the world, will soon arrive. One way that is often done by people to welcome the arrival of the day is fit to prepare clothes to wear when Eid. Buying new clothes is considered like a tradition in Indonesia. Not to dissipate but as gratitude and enthusiasm to pursue a new page, back to nature. Interestingly, the style of dress at the time of Eid al-Fitr is not only owned by women because men today do not want to look fashionable and different.

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Mix and Match Men’s Fashion

In contrast to women’s fashion which has many types and choices, men’s fashion seems simpler by choosing almost the same clothing model. However, you do not need to worry because the article is to maximize the appearance and not create the same impression that only requires the right combination of superiors and subordinates.

Fortunately, you do not need to spend, you can mix and match old clothes if your financial condition is not possible. Well, about how do you look good on the holidays? Here are the tips!

  • Long Shirt + Chino Pants

Want to look casual, but still stylish? Just pair your long shirt top with khaki pants. Can also be replaced with a shirt top plus a sweater. Don’t forget shoes and a few accessories like belts and watches to make you look even more charming! This style can be used when gathering with friends on holiday or just the closest family event and also outings. Sepatu Branded

  • Koko Shirt + Jeans

Want to look rather formal but still stylish? Match the koko shirt with the jeans you have. Infinite koko clothes that are only short-sleeved or without a plain alias motif, you can choose koko with simple embroidery motifs, line motifs or color gradations. Your appearance is guaranteed to be fashionable without reducing the religious impression. This style can be used in various situations. Tas Branded

  • Batik Shirt + Fabric Pants

With a solid match batik and cloth pants, you will appear more formal. This outfit is very appropriate if used in halal bihalal events, large family events at Eid or open house. Although it looks formal, but you can still look stylish with the right selection of batik motifs. It is advisable to choose muted colors with simple motifs. Don’t forget your hair style is also adjusted, guaranteed you will look charming and more mature plus manly!

Well, those are some variations of clothing that you can try when Eid later. Indeed, it looks very trivial, but if the clothes are not combined with the slick look of your appearance instead of captivating but it looks chaotic and looks less tidy. Ready to try?

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The Easy Way to Mix and Match Jeans for Men

The most handsome guy is wearing a black shirt. Even so, there are also other solid match that can make men more handsome and authoritative. And the answer is: Denim on Denim, aka piles of denim. Denim material itself is often known as jeans, although denim is not used in jeans alone. Pile denim style usually combines tops and subordinates made from denim. Usually the pants and jeans jacket. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Contrast denim. Mix and match two different clothes made from denim for a classic and safe look

Contrasting your stacked denim clothes might be the safest choice to make. The denim is usually present in dark and light colors. Combining the two makes you look casual and not too visible “piling up.” As a basic rule, light colored denim usually makes clear the parts of the body that are covered, while the dark ones disguise and slimming. Therefore, it would be better if the denim with bright colors are on top, while the dark ones below. A combination of denim jacket, shirt and dark jeans will give you a casual look that is ready to make you look handsome anywhere.

  • Denim with the same wash? Separate with additional motives so that you do not “drown” in denim

If you have two kinds of denim with the same wash, you can still use the denim on denim trend anyway. First, what is denim wash? Simply put, denim wash is the color character of these jeans. Although actually the meaning is more complex and related to how the jeans are produced.

Anyway, wearing denim tops and bottoms of the same color and type of wash does have the potential to fail. If that look doesn’t quite suit you, you can also look like an old-fashioned cowboy mas. One way to avoid this is to add a motif as a separator. By adding a checkered shirt, stripes, or t-shirts with contrasting colors, you can make your stack denim look more cool. Tas Branded

  • Monochrome denim. The dark denim equivalent is not only cool but also makes you look thin

There’s nothing cooler than dark denim, especially the black one. In contrast to denim in blue, combining black piles of denim can give a more positive effect. Besides being cool, all-black monochrome pile denim has a slimming effect.

You can also give a blue touch to your monochrome denim matching. After all, the bright blue and dark blue colors on denim are also on the same chrome. Plus, the monochrome or dark-stacked denim also has a more authoritative impression than his brother the blue denim.

Well, for those of you who like to wear denim or jeans, there’s no harm in trying to match solid denim stacked like this. Especially for guys, the look of denim on denim will make you look more authoritative. In addition, this one display can also make you look more handsome than usual. Do not believe? Try it yourself! Sepatu Branded

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Guys Wearing Slippers Is Not Forever Tacky, 8 Inspiration Ideas Are There Evidence!

This fasting month is indeed the right time to expedite your worship. For those who rarely go to the mosque, surely they become more frequent now? But with daily activities, is it a hassle if you have to take off and wear shoes? More simply, you can wear sandals as an alternative to your daily footwear. Even if you wear sandals, it’s also not possible to go anywhere with flip-flops? To make it more worthy to appear simple but still practical, try wearing leather sandals. Here are some inspiring styles to wear sandals that you can match with your personal style and everyday life! Michaelkors Outlet

1. Flannel shirts, denim pants, and leather sandals for everyday casual style. For you guys who don’t like complicated, this style is just right.

Flannel shirts are a kind of basic clothing that every guy has because of his casual yet presentable impression. Wear one piece of leather sandals with your T-shirt and denim pants. The styles above mix and match dark flannel shirts, black denim, and also black leather sandals that look neutral. So you can wear any color shirt!

2. Leather + Denim Material = Classic street style inspiration for those who like to appear edgy.

The combination of denim and leather is always going to be trendy especially for guys. Not just edgy, the two ingredients seem more macho for boys. Because black leather sandals are very flexible, you can use all kinds of denim colors for your jacket and pants. Blue denim is the most classic, but you can also use pale blue gray or white denim for your jacket and pants pair.

3. The formal atmosphere but wearing sandals, why not? Material suits and pants can also be combined and matched with leather sandals. Tas Branded

If your office has a looser code, why don’t you try wearing leather sandals? Suit suits you can also mix and match with leather sandals as long as you choose a more casual suit. By folding your material a little, you will look more modern and trendy..

4. Black and white monochrome style that makes your style look neat and clean. Black and white monochrome is suitable for all skin colors and body shapes.

The monochrome style is really new, especially the black and white monochrome that everyone can use. Monochrome style also has its own advantages because monochrome style can adapt to many accessories. For example, you can wear your black leather sandals to complement your black and white monochrome clothes.

5. Black leather sandals + all-black monochrome style for you guys who want to look neat and mysterious.

Some guys really don’t like the style too colorful. For those who like to follow the monochrome trend, try the all-black monochrome style above. Put on your black leather sandals with a cardigan, blazer, shirt and black pants for a simple but luxurious look.

6. Ready to go to the mosque in style? Try the matching leather gloves and sandals as below.

Appear okay when worshiping it’s not difficult. Try the example of the style equivalent above. You can try to match black sarong with brown leather sandals or vice versa. As long as there’s a neutral color, you don’t need to be confused about choosing a color.

7. Leather sandals + leather jacket + leather bags. Show your “naughty” style with all-leather clothing.

Not all skin clothing will look excessive as long as you know how to match it. Your leather sandals will be a perfect match with a leather jacket and colored leather bag. In order not to look excessive, use a clothing article made from other materials. For example, you can wear material pants so it isn’t too heavy to see. Sepatu Branded

8. Brightly colored leather sandals are suitable for holidays on weekends. Try wearing it with clothing tops that are also brightly colored.

Weekends are a great time for relaxation and sightseeing. Let everything be more practical, try wearing leather sandals with bright colors. Not only practical, they can also display more enthusiasm for you. The combination of blue and white color above looks bright and also fresh in the eyes especially with a simple t-shirt.

Well if you really want to appear practical in this Ramadan, try wearing leather sandals. They are not only practical, but also stylish. No matter what your personal style of dress, leather sandals will always be an alternative footwear that you can rely on.

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The Boy Fashion Aspects that Girls So Liked. Don’t Make the Wrong Choice Again!

If all this time talking about appearance is always identified with a girl, then it needs to be changed. Because basically not only girls who need to think about and pay attention to it. The reason is clear, because no matter what the conditions are, boys must also pay attention to the appearance that is in him

Well, for guys who are still confused about how to actually look good and cool, especially the appearance that is effective for leaking girls. Let’s see directly below, what are the items of clothes that boys like girls so much.

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1. A pair of good shoes, clean and not just choose

The main element for good appearance seems to be located in the lower part of the body. Yep! Shoes. As can not be denied if a good pair of shoes is very influential in supporting the appearance. The point of a good shoe is a clean couple. And not only that, the color combination between shoes and clothes worn also took effect. For that, boys, don’t just pick your shoes, okay?

2. White shirt or T-shirt combined with jeans, that’s perfect!

To look perfect in front of a girl, it doesn’t feel complicated. White shirt or T-shirt combined with jeans is the key. It’s a lie if a girl isn’t immediately hooked when she sees a guy in a suit like that.

3. The power of a rolled arm cannot be denied

In the eyes of a girl, the power of a long-sleeved shirt that is rolled up by a guy can’t be denied his charm. Long-sleeved shirts may indeed be identical with boys who are already working, and the rolled up long sleeves are like showing that they are indeed quite persistent workers. Departing from that view, it can be said that the existing charm will blush.

4. Suit clothes in the form of a jacket or blazer with a classic impression also can not be left behind

Suit clothes that are usually in the form of a jacket or a blazer with a classic impression must not be left behind. Because, the classic impression that will be seen can be an essential charm, the logic is which girl does not like to look neat guy. Tas Branded

5. The V-neck sweater worn by a guy is in fact a special attraction

V-neck collar in a sweatshirt or sweater is also very effective so the main attraction. And it is not without reason, these pieces today seem to be able to give a polite impression to those who use them. In addition, the impression of someone who is good at taking care of themselves can also look so thick.

6. Somehow men with hats like always have room in the hearts of most girls

One item that is quite popular with most girls is a hat. Somehow a guy in a hat is like always having room in the heart. So for guys who don’t have a collection of hats, try starting now in installments. Sepatu Branded

7. The neat appearance is something that is very supportive

As good as any clothing that is installed in the body if not accompanied by a neat appearance, then it’s like a pointless thing. Because after all the conditions, a neat, clean, fragrant, and in accordance with ourselves is the main thing to be able to look perfect. Obviously, if it looks neat, it will support a variety of appearances to make it look essential.

That’s a guy’s fashion item that is guaranteed to be effective in making the appearance more cool and perfect. If the clothes are already well-filled, it’s not impossible for girls to just walk away

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Practical Fashion Tips for Men

For some men, choosing clothes can be a challenge. When you cannot determine what outfit is appropriate, whether certain trends are still relevant, to whether you have to bring a jacket. However, if you follow these brief guidelines, you can wear an outfit for any occasion. Michaelkors Outlet

1. Make sure using the fitting size

Maybe this is the most basic thing, but there are still many men who choose the wrong size of their own clothes. Using the right size is key, if you use clothes that are too big, you will drown. For men who have a larger body posture, avoid skinny jeans under any circumstances, skinny jeans will show areas that you really don’t want to highlight. To get a cleaner look, try using slim legged jeans or pencil pants.

2. Keep it simple

Simplicity is an old age trick that works. Choosing a simple style can be a way to look clean and smart. Using even one color you can do, like all-black outfit – a safe choice, but the color combination can make you more attractive and stylish. If you want a formal style for this rainy year-end, tailored wool-blend coat with camel color to give a warm and stylish impression. Tas Branded

3. Wear key pieces

Look classic like a mix of black and white has indeed become a trend of all time. So as not to look boring, there’s nothing wrong to wear a fashion piece with different details or colors to make your appearance more stylish. Statement coat or jacket can easily change your simple appearance. The statement coat is too excessive? What about watches, or bags that can be the center of attention? That way you can easily stand out with minimal effort.

4. Classic shoes

Like clothing, you definitely want shoes that can be worn for all needs. Using shoes that have classic colors and shapes, you will avoid the problem of ‘confused which shoes to wear’. Men’s shoes like loafers and brogues may seem too formal, but both are timeless shoes. Of course you can’t always wear these shoes, so you also need to make sneakers, because shoes with good quality will last a very long time. Choose neutral colors to suit any clothing color. Sepatu Branded

5. Know your style’s preference

This is the most important thing, which is knowing your style’s preference for having the perfect style. Follow the fashion trends according to your personality. For example the trend of skinny jeans, there are some body shapes that are not recommended to wear jeans of this model, so it is better to also adjust the body shape and comfort in every fashion trend. So knowing what style suits you best is one of the easiest ways to look stylish and confident.

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Stylish Tips on Using Dickies Pants

Keep your skinny pants in the closet, now it’s time for pants with more loose models that fill the fashion scene.
The evolution of the Dickies pants is quite complicated. This brand from the United States has gone through generations of construction workers, miners, soldiers and skaters. This year is a pretty strange year for the trend of men’s pants, a 90s style rockstar style that is like a rapper and a skateboarder. With this confusing trend, you get it all with Dickies! You can wear it for professional purposes but still feel comfortable and look modern. The following are tips and inspiration for a mix and match outfit using Dickies. Michaelkors Outlet


One of the simplest matching is to combine your pants with a sweater, if you want an outfit that is warm enough. With the right blend, you will not look like a lazy person, instead you will look sharp yet still so casual. Choose a neutral sweater color if you want to use this outfit for work, you can also play different textures and styles. For example, you can wear black, navy, or gray pants. By using this color, you are safe enough to use any color as the boss.


Introduced for the first time between 1950-1960, Dickies chino pants became one of the most popular fashion items. In recent years, the skater sub-culture has taken over the trends of world fashion, this can be found from a lot of street style inspired by the Skater Boy style. If you do not like jeans, these pants can be used as an alternative. Structural tailoring on dickies pants gives a sophisticated and very stylish finish when combined with a shirt. Roll your pants up a little and don’t forget to use your favorite sneakers for maximum style. Tas Branded


Using thick clothes becomes a necessity when it has entered the rainy season in Indonesia, so using layering techniques on your outfit is very reasonable. Layer chinos with hoodie or jacket for a relaxed street style look. If the weather gets colder, add beanies to make your appearance more complete. Feel free to play with colors. Sepatu Branded

Now you do not need to be confused anymore how to look stylish with dickies.

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Tips on Choosing an uptodate Hoodie Style

Hoodie is famous for its final appearance that seems relaxed, and “free”. Everyone likes hoodies and is used both during the rainy season or during the dry season (of course with different materials). Michaelkors Outlet

Hoodies are long lasting items because they are always used and are timeless. This is caused by the colors, motifs, and various kinds of images formed on the hoodie are increasingly diverse. Hoodie is also increasingly famous for the existence of skateboard communities around the world.

Various styles of hoodies have been created and some of them look “forced” so that the essence of the hoodie itself that seems relaxed, slowly fades. There are a number of color-coded looks that you can use with just a hoodie to look cooler!

1 White Hoodie with Jogger Pants

This one appearance is very easy to apply. Armed with a white hoodie with jogger pants with white colored accent lines on the side of the pants, with white sneakers that match the color of your hoodie. For sneakers, you can use white with high top sneakers, or black sneakers as another reference. As an accessory, bucket hat can be your friend to look cooler. Tas Branded

2 Shine like yellow!

Using yellow is never wrong. If you adhere to a neutral color, maybe yellow can be your consideration for creating an aesthetic impression. Use black pants as a subordinate and black sneakers to create a neat silhouette of the lower body. Or, as a subordinate you can use white trousers or white jogger pants with matching colored shoes.

3 When in doubt, wear black

Even though Indonesia is fairly bright (not too hot), many fashion observers prefer to use black as the main color of the hoodie. This is because the pieces created seem neat when used.

For a black hoodie, it is better not to always be exposed to sunlight. This is done to prevent the fading black color on the hoodie and also the black color absorbs heat faster than other brighter colors.

The choice of pants color must also be considered. Although black is a neutral color, but for merging with other colors is not too easy to do. Brown or beige, white and blue jeans or blue sky are subordinate colors that you can try. In addition, white sneakers and waist bags are a perfect match for you for an increasingly stylish style with this outer one! Sepatu Branded

Here it is, some stylish appearance by using a hoodie. Which one will you try? Share your thoughts with us!

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Clothing choices for hot weather

High temperatures also make us feel hot and uncomfortable when doing daily activities. To overcome this, wearing the right clothes can give a sense of cool in the activity even though the weather is hot. Choosing clothes with materials that can absorb moisture, protect the skin, and give skin breathing space, can make us still feel cool in the hot sun. Unfortunately, there are still many people who make mistakes. For example, they chose to wear jeans or a polyester top. In fact, clothing with these materials is not recommended during hot weather. Reporting from Independent, the following types of clothing materials that are comfortable in the summer. Michaelkors Outlet

Jersey cloth
Jersey cloth
  1. 1. Cotton – Cotton is the best choice for wear during hot weather. Natural fibers in it can absorb moisture when sweating. This makes us always feel cool. However, sometimes patches of sweat appear on the shirt we use. Therefore, we must be careful when choosing the color of cotton. Wearing a cotton maxi dress also makes us feel cooler. Maxi cotton has a lightweight feel that adds comfort.
  2. Linen – Just like cotton, linen also contains natural fibers that easily absorb sweat. In addition, linen is not attached to the body so it is ideal for use when meeting many people.
  3. Silk – Although expensive, clothes made from silk are also comfortable to wear during hot weather. Silk is not made from plants, so it cannot absorb sweat like cotton or linen. However, silk is light so it is suitable for use in hot weather. Choosing a shirt made from silk rather than polyester can be a solution to look cool in hot weather. Tas Branded
  4. Jersey – Initially, jersey was clothing made of wool. But, this type of clothing has been made from a combination of wool, cotton and synthetic fibers. The versatility of the material makes the jersey a popular and ideal fashion choice in hot weather. Jersey is often produced in the form of shirts with lightweight thread.

In order to keep us cool during the summer, avoid clothes with the following ingredients.

  • Denim – Although cool denim is worn in all situations, wearing it during hot weather is not a practical choice. Denim has heavy properties, makes the skin difficult to breathe and feels tight. So, wearing your favorite jeans when the sun is clearly not a good idea.
  • Polyester – When polyester was first introduced in the US, experts claimed this material could be used for 68 days without having to be ironed. Well, polyester does have good durability, is cheap, and is waterproof. This means, this material can not absorb sweat properly so it will not provide comfort during hot weather.
  • Fleece – Some types of wool can indeed be used as summer clothing. However, fleece which is an imitation of wool cannot function properly during hot weather. Fleece is more suitable for winter clothing, such as jumpers and jackets, which are made of polyester. This is why we should avoid this material in hot weather.
  • Nylon – Nylon is a synthetic material that is famous since 1940 as a stocking material for women and went on sale nationally in the US. Although this fabric is often used as sports clothing because of its elasticity, it cannot absorb sweat well. In fact, wearing clothes made from nylon risk of blisters on the skin. Sepatu Branded

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Like to Wear a Black Shirt? Here Are 4 Ways To Take Care Of So That The Color Does Not Fade

How do you wash your black shirt so it doesn’t fade quickly? It’s annoying if our favorite black t-shirts fade or fade in color. Just like a white shirt that turns to ivory or yellow. But there are ways to make our shirts look solid black. You only need to follow the 4 steps to keep these black clothes so that they last longer and don’t fade quickly. Michaelkors Outlet

1. Separate black with other colors when washing

Separating colors does not only apply to white clothes, you know. Black clothes should also be separated so that the color does not fade quickly. Mixing it with a lighter color can increase the risk of discoloration. However, because black is quite thick, the effect will not immediately look like white clothing. So, if you want to wash the black shirt, separate it from the other laundry.

2. Clothes reversed when drying

Why does your clothes have to be dried upside down? It turns out that the sun can also fade the color of clothes. The heat of the sun can make the water evaporate and even dye clothes that dissolve in it. So, drying it upside down can guarantee that the color of the front of the shirt will not be affected. If you want to be safer, hang clothes where the sun doesn’t attack directly. Let your shirt be dried with just the wind. Tas Branded

3. Wash with cold water

If you wash clothes using a washing machine that is already sophisticated, this is not a problem. You should pay attention to the features provided by your washing machine. There is a part of the temperature that you can adjust because washing one clothes with another clothing has different rules. It’s best for black shirts that you don’t wash with too much water. Warm water or hot water can damage the color of clothes. If you are looking for the ideal temperature for a black shirt, the number is around 15-27 degrees. So avoid washing with warm water.  

4. Don’t wash too much or too often

This is not the reason you can be dirty! Does not mean your shirt was not washed at all. Reducing the intensity of washing clothes only. Wear your black shirt two to three times before washing it again. Then, don’t soak it in detergent or deodorizer for too long. The chemicals in it might make your black shirt fade. So wash it for a while and then dry in the sun. Sepatu Branded

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8 Fashion Items Men Must Bring During Summer Vacation

When traveling, there are certainly many things that must be considered, including the comfort in carrying personal belongings. Usually you do not want too much trouble carrying too much luggage. For those of you who are planning a summer vacation, there are some fashion items that you must carry. Let’s look at the following Michaelkors Outlet

  • White shirt – Although it seems simple, it turns out that this one fashion item is very important and you must carry it when traveling. Besides being able to absorb sweat well, white shirts can be combined with any subordinates and make your appearance look relaxed but still cool.
  • Cuban shirt – This short-sleeved shirt is indeed a favorite when you are on vacation at the beach. Simple pieces that are very suitable to wear during the day and night. More so if worn to coat a plain shirt without attaching shirt buttons. Tas Branded
Cuban Shirt
Cuban Shirt
  • Short pants – If usually during work you are required to wear trousers, so for the holidays this time it never hurts to try shorts. Chino short is one of the recommended fashion items so that your appearance looks more sporty and free to move.
  • Trousers – When approaching the night, the air will certainly be cooler so it is very important for you to prepare trousers in the suitcase. Choose trousers made from light and neutral colors such as beige, khaki, dark green or navy for your appearance to look more relaxed.
  • Slippers – One more fashion item that must be taken when traveling. Besides being practical, slippers with a relaxed and strong model will make your trip feel more comfortable.
  • Shoes = If slippers are very suitable for use during the day, you can wear comfortable shoes such as leather sneakers with strong soles so that your appearance still looks relaxed and sporty. Sepatu Branded
  • Swimsuit
    Swimming pool is one of the coveted spots when on vacation. Therefore, don’t forget to prepare loose-fitting knee-length swimming trunks with a soft solid color. – –
  • Accessories – You can bring glasses, hats and a few pairs of socks into your backpack that will still look cool.

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Urban Male Style

Currently the function of clothing is not just to cover our bodies, but now clothing has become a fashion that can be a reflection of the personality or character of the wearer. Currently in urban areas there is one fashion style that is often used by both teenagers or young men, namely Urban Street Style. Michaelkors Outlet

Urban street style is often based on individualism, by using this fashion style everyone can be free in expressing their way of dress that suits their identity. Urban style takes elements that characterize the city where they live, so each region has a different style and characteristics. Here are some tips for clothes that can be used for urban street style.

  • Baggy T-Shirt – Many of the men in the Urban Street Style style often wear t-shirts that are larger than their body size. The use of baggy t shirts is much influenced by the flow of hip hop music where the singers use baggy t shirts. T shirts with large print images and colors that seem ‘bold’ are often used to display a different appearance from the others.
  • Jeans – From the old to the young, from men to women, jeans are one of the pants that we often encounter everyday. Therefore many urban men make jeans as their everyday outfit. Besides ordinary jeans, there is also one type of jeans that are often worn by urban men, namely baggy jeans. Just like baggy t shirts, baggy jeans are also heavily influenced by hip hop music. Tas Branded
  • Jacket and Hoodie – Now jackets and hoodies are not only clothes that are used when we are cold or during bad weather such as rain or wind, but jackets and hoodies are now one of the fashion items that cannot be separated from our daily activities. Urban men often use jackets or hoodies to complement their style. –
  • Sneakers and Boots- Footwear is one of the most important parts of fashion style, as is urban street style. Selection of the right footwear can make you look up. Sneakers are usually chosen by urban men for a casual look. Besides sneakers, urban men also often wear boots to look more adventurous.

Accessories for Urban Street Style Men Sepatu Branded

  • Hats and Skullcaps – For urban men, hats and skullcaps have become a part that can perfect their appearance. Hats with strong designs and bold colors are widely used by urban men. Hats with a firm color are not only used to support the appearance but also the cage can reflect the community they follow. The type of hat most commonly used by urban men is the snapback cap. The use of kupluk usually gives the impression of being relaxed for the user.
  • Bag – In addition to its main function, the bag can also be additional accessories for urban men in completing their appearance. The bag used also depends on the type of activity that will be carried out. Waist bag or sling bag is suitable to carry during casual hanging out.

Above are some clothes that are often used by urban men, solid matching your clothes until it looks “this is me”. So, what’s your style.

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Know How to Choose the Right Suit That Is Able to Improve Appearance

Although it seems that men’s clothing has not undergone many changes and is limited in terms of models, it does not mean that the adam does not pay attention to appearance, you know. Especially when attending certain events such as semi-formal and formal events, men should pay more attention to fashion so they can look neat and elegant. Michaelkors Outlet

One type of clothing that can be worn by men is a suit. This formal dress should be owned by men at least one set because at any time it is needed especially when it comes to official events. In addition, a suit can support a man’s appearance to look more mature and luxurious. Not only gives the impression of an adult, the right suit and in accordance with body shape can also make men look more fashionable and even give the impression of masculine than ordinary clothing. So, you should start preparing a suit at home.

At this time, you do not have to use a tailor’s service to make a suit even though it is recommended to sew it yourself so that the size can be maximized. However, if you are in a hurry and have to have a suit immediately, you can buy it at the supermarket because right now so many suits are sold in the market. Tas Branded

It is recommended that you pay close attention to several things when you buy a suit such as the sleeves. You should choose a suit with a fitting arm length, meaning that it is not too short or vice versa, too long. The length of the right arm will make you look balanced. To find out, wear a jacket and see if the palm of the hand can still be seen or even covered.

  1. Make sure the size matches

The suit is actually not super large size clothes but formal clothing that should have a body size. Therefore, it is important to know your body size before you decide to make or buy a suit. You should choose a suit that is not tight and not too loose. If it’s too tight, then you will have difficulty moving. Conversely, if the jacket is too loose, your appearance will give a geeky impression. It is recommended that you pay attention to the details of the suit on the shoulder, the width of the chest, the width of the waist, the length of the arm, and the length of the coat measured from the shoulder. The length of the jacket should also be considered and should have a sufficient range to cover the front and back of the body. Do not wear suits that are too short or too long for a more balanced appearance.

2. Dare to Be Creative with a Tie

Ties become one of the elements in formal dress that are generally worn together with suits. There are several types of ties and are generally distinguished in terms of color, material and style. For your own tie, you can choose a wool tie, a tie with a dot pin motif, a striped tie, or even a tie with a more playful impression. To get around the tie motif, you can adjust it to the color of the shirt and suit that will be worn. For patterned ties, it should be combined with plain shirts and black suits for a more balanced impression.

Conversely, if you wear a patterned suit, you should choose a plain tie with a shiny accent made of slippery material like satin when it comes to formal events. For other events, you can try using a club-patterned tie for a semi-formal event combined with a suit with sneakers for a more playful impression. Sepatu Branded

3. Match the Shoe Color

Today many are combining sneakers with suits. Actually this is fine as long as you can adjust it to the event. However, for formal events, you are still recommended to wear formal shoes such as oxford shoes or leather loafers that give a formal impression. You can choose shoes that match the color of the suit. If you wear a dark suit like black, then you should wear dark shoes like black or dark brown. Conversely, if you wear a suit in a lighter color such as gray, you can choose shoes in a more striking color like dark red. If you wear a suit in soft colors like beige, you can wear white or light brown shoes to make it look more fashionable.

4. Suits Must Be Long Enough

Suit models vary, but you should not just pick and follow the guidelines so that the appearance can remain masculine. Suit suits differ from men’s blazers which tend to be shorter when worn. For suits, it is recommended that you can cover your pants and butt zippers. In addition, you should choose a suit model that can follow the movements and curves well. To make the jacket more durable, you can unbutton the jacket first when you are about to sit down to prevent the jacket from being pulled and easily torn or deformed.

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Young man, this is the style you must know to be cool

Regarding clothing, girls are often more concerned with fashion and beauty. As for boys, the most important thing is comfort. Even so comfortable, sometimes there are also guys who have never changed the style of clothing from small to adult. If that’s the case, in the end they bully other boys who are always stylish and follow the latest fashions. Or, they complain why the boys sold, while he is lazy to change the style is still single.

It’s okay to complain, it’s everyone’s right. But instead of complaining and doing nothing, isn’t it better if you at least put effort in your dress style? To look like a stylish and attractive guy is not difficult. You just need to master the 5 classic looks of this guy. Check it out! Michaelkors Outlet

  • Sporty and Simple

The first look that all guys need is a comfortable and sporty look. You may also be familiar with this look. Okay, comfortable that is priority. Comfortable looks like loose-fitting training pants and hoodies, T-shirts, baggy jeans, everything is comfortable but they have nothing to pull at all. To raise the level of your simple appearance, there are special tricks that are easy to follow, namely making sure that your clothes are loose, not too loose and not too tight whether it’s jeans, t-shirts, or your sports jacket. Anyway, hold back your desire to wear your leeway clothes so that you look sporty but also stylish!

For a “trendy” look, every boy has his choice of what style is considered fitting with his personality. Maybe you’re a metal and rock’n roll guy so you’re more comfortable with a leather jacket, skinny jeans and boots. Or you are a unique type of vintage guy, a hobby to use suspenders, fedora hats, and other old school accessories. Or also, you are the type of bohemian guy who is “artsy” who likes to wear unique clothes such as kimonos, tunic tops, and cardigans. All types of this trendy look you must master if you want to look attractive in the eyes of women. Nothing is more interesting than a guy who knows to express himself and his personality through the way he is dressed.

  • Business Look

At the age of 25 years, surely most of you are just starting the initial steps towards a career. Even so, you need a professional look that can help you stand out at work, and “business look” is the answer. Work appearance or “Business look” sometimes are often measured by formal appearance, but they are actually different! The work appearance is basically a professional appearance, tailored to your field of work. Even though your work varies, there are actually universal rules for the appearance of work. For example, wearing sneakers or sports shoes to a certain place of work is really not! It’s not polite. Combine your loafers with clothes like shirts and trousers like material. Surely girls would prefer those who go to the office dapperly, right? Sepatu Branded

  • Smart Casual

Smart casual look is a combination of formal and casual look that is really fitting for special events that are not formal. For example, you can wear it to events such as dating with a boyfriend, having lunch with a client, or playing with friends to a cafe that just nitshits it. Unlike formal clothes, you just have to combine clothes like blazers and material pants with more informal clothes like quality shirts or jeans.

  • Formal Batik

Black suit, fabric pants, shirt, tie, loafers, formal clothes like that you must have before reaching the age of 25 years. Surely as you get older you will increasingly attend formal events ranging from master’s sessions, friends’ weddings, or funerals. And as you get older, it’s no longer possible to just wear a faded shirt and jeans to the event. In addition to black suits and pants, you also need formal batik that is very typical of Indonesian!

How about boys, have you mastered the five types of display above?

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History and 5 Interesting Facts About Pomade Products

In recent years, men are usually very ignorant of hair care. But as we see now, there are many barbershops specifically for men and locally made male hair treatments are increasingly prevalent. Usually at every barbershop, certainly sell local brand pomade and kapster always offers styling services using homemade pomade.   Michaelkors Outlet

If you are one of the men who are included behind information about trends in the use of pomade in the hair style of men today, do not worry. Here is a brief and complete explanation of what you need to know about Pomade!

1. Pomade appeared in the 20th century

First appeared in the mid-20th century, pomades were made specifically to form a vintage haircut that was popular in the 40s to 60s, pompadour. Pompadour’s hairstyle is characterized by a thin cut on the side of the head that blends in contrast to the thick cut at the top of the hair. The function of the pomade is to keep your hair neat in all situations, not to shape the volume or spiking upwards.

2. Pomade must be made of honey wax or ordinary wax

The content of the wax on the pomade serves to make the hairdusty last long in shiny conditions. Because the price of the basic ingredients of expensive candles, especially beeswax, it is very reasonable if the price of pomade is so high on the market. If there is now a large factory-made pomade with a cheap price, it is most likely not made purely from wax, but merely a base material combined with other chemicals.   Michaelkors Outlet

3. What is the difference between oil-based and water-based pomade?Tas Branded

Oil-based pomade is the most popular type and first appeared in the Madmen era in the 60s. The oil base makes pomade easier to apply and more shiny. While water-based pomade is actually an emulsion pomade so it is easier to clean than oil-based ones.

4. Pomade should moisturize hair instead of making it stiff

In contrast to styling wax, although it functions similarly to make the hairdo last longer, good quality pomade will make the hair more moist, not stiff.    

5. When to use pomade, when hair is dry or wet?

Maybe you got confused, when is the right time to use Pomade. Is it when hair is dry or wet? Using pomade for beginners is very easy. First, you should wash your hair with shampoo first so that the pomade is functioning optimally. Pomade will be easier to style in slightly damp hair. After washing hair, dry it with a towel before styling.

Dry hair will make it easier for the pomade to blend easily and look good when it dries. Use enough pomade. Start with a very small amount. Put the size of a coin in the palm of your hand, then rub the pomade in the palm evenly and apply it to your hair. If you use a very hard pomade, use a hair dryer to blow warm air into the pomade for a few seconds so that the pomade heats up and becomes softer.   Sepatu Branded

Next, pull your fingers through the hair from the roots to the ends to flatten the pomade. If you only want pomade at the ends, gently pull at the ends of your hair to apply pomade. Make sure not to put pomade on the scalp, because it will cause your hair to look oily.  

It turns out that not only fashion continues to spin huh? But hair care that has always existed, is now back to trend!


Effective and Practical Ways to Get Rid of Blackheads on Your Face

Apparently, not only women, men are also quite confused to get rid of stains that stick to the face. Acne and blackheads both interfere with facial hygiene. The number of dead skin cells can also cause blackheads. The most common place visited by blackheads is a nose that has a lot of oil content. Below are five effective ways to expel blackheads specifically for men.

1. Use facial wash soap containing salicylic acid

Washing your face with soap will indeed dry the skin, but in this way blackheads will be easy to disappear. Salicylic acid contained in soap can help the skin to control oily skin. Use facial cleansing soap that can help brighten the face while helping prevent acne if used regularly. The content of salicylic acid, known as an anti-bacterial ingredient, will help reduce excess oil levels, fight acne, blackheads or dark spots, and make pores appear smaller.

2. Through the facial or extraction process

Men also need to do facials to clean the face that can help eliminate stubborn blackheads which are usually found in the nose area. You can extract it directly. To remove blackheads that are in the pores, use a special extraction tool for blackheads which are usually made of stainless steel. Although this method is relatively easy and fast, you need to be careful in maintaining the cleanliness of the extraction device and the fingers that hold it.

Because, if the extraction tool is not electrified beforehand or you squeeze blackheads with dirty fingers, blackheads might actually increase followed by the presence of pimples, you know! To simplify the extraction process, you can first evaporate the face with hot water. Blackheads are divided into two types, namely blackheads and whiteheads. Blackheads are open which is char

acterized by enlarged hair follicles which are covered by a collection of skin impurities and sebum. Blackheads usually look like enlarged and blackened pores. While whiteheads are not very visible, but can be found by pressing the pores of the face. Usually, blackheads black out the most because they are very visible.  

3. Using clarifying or pore cleansing mask

Some types of masks, such as clay masks, mud masks, and charcoal masks, are indeed effective at cleaning pores thoroughly, and removing oil, dirt, and dead skin cells found on the face. Some masks also contain sulfur proven to work to destroy dead skin cells that cause blackheads. Whatever mask you choose, if you want to get the maximum cleaning effect, be sure to use it regularly. Michaelkors Outlet

4. Perform a physical exfoliation process with the use of scrubs

In addition to the chemical exfoliation process, you can also reduce blackheads by physically exfoliating. Now, for physical exfoliation, there are several ways you can choose. Starting from using products with scrub granules, using konjac sponge, to using facial cleansing brush that is able to clean the skin thoroughly. However, no matter how exasperated you are on blackheads, don’t overdo exfoliate or over-exfoliate which can cause new skin problems, huh! Just exfoliate one to two times a week.

5. Avoid moist air and excessive sweating

Direct contact between the sun to the skin is very dangerous and can damage skin health. Men are indeed synonymous with more active activities and many interact directly with the sun. So, the heat conditions will facilitate the opening of pores so that it makes oily skin and blackheads arise. So, it would be better if you limit the activities that emit a lot of sweat and away from places that have fairly humid air circulation.


Benefits of Washing Face with Scrub for Men

Men who like to move certainly need good body care, not only the body, the face also needs special attention. The face is one of the body parts that is most attacked by dust and dirt. Therefore, washing your face is a must do every day. Many things that are unknown to men will benefit from scrubs. Compared to using ordinary foam or soap, here are 5 benefits of washing your face using a facial scrub.

1. Clean the entire face

Actually, facial wash or facial wash soap that we usually use it only cleans the surface of the skin. In fact, not all dust can be cleaned. In fact, dirt is also piled up in our pores. Especially if we ride a motorcycle all day without a mask. Not only road dust will stick to our faces but also smoke from other vehicles. With a scrub, clean face to the pores. It will feel different. After using the scrub, the face is much smoother.  

2. The skin is more fresh and youthful.

Have you ever considered not taking a bath, even though you just took a clean bath and cleaned your face well? Wow, it could be that you washed her face without using a scrub so your face still looks dull. The use of scrubs can help remove dead cells even stronger. That way, the face seen by our friends is a face with fresh skin. Routinely removing dead cells on the face can also facilitate the regeneration of skin cells. Our faces look younger.  

3. Resolve Skin peeling Michaelkors Outlet

If you are exposed to sunlight all day, it could be that your skin is burning to peel. A face with peeling skin can disturb your vision and make you feel insecure. Especially if the flaky skin comes from acne that has just broken. Removal of dead cells on the face by the scrub makes our new skin regenerate quickly. The peeling skin is immediately replaced.

4. Blemishes

If your skin color is uneven, there are black spots due to scars, or too long in the sun, scrubs can help you disguise the skin blemishes. With exfoliation, the tarnished skin will lift up slowly. If you regularly use scrubs, the color of your facial skin can be flat again.

5. The skin becomes smooth

Because of the four benefits above, our skin is completely free of blemishes. That way, the skin becomes smoother and cleaner. The more he will be happy stroking your face every time you wash your face with a scrub. Wow, one additional benefit. So the more beloved boyfriend! One more thing you need to know. The price of scrubs for men is indeed more expensive than facial wash soap that is easily found on the market. However, the benefits of washing your face with a scrub is much more pronounced.


How to Use a Folding Razor Like a Professional Stylist

In the famous James Bond film Skyfall which features a cut-throat shaving scene, the scene influences a large increase in sales of straight razors. Suddenly folding knives became so popular. Yes, you can visit the old haircut if you want more practical.   But if you master the basics of shaving, you can also do it comfortably in your own bathroom. The added point is that you will get very good shaving results. Check it out right away!

  1. The tools needed

The first thing you need is a razor. Razors can vary greatly in price, so keep in mind which brands are the best to buy. Always use razor blades or razors that are quality and sharp. At the time of shaving, you not only cut hair, but also will scratch the outer layer of the skin surface. If you use a razor or a blunt razor, your face is at risk of getting pimples.

To get the perfect cut shave, make sure you buy a good shaving cream. Pay attention if your skin is prone to acne, make sure the shaving cream does not contain perfume. The less foam the cream produces, the better the shaving cream will be.

You also need a soft brush to clean the remnants of hair on the face. Hair brushes help cool the skin after shaving and reduce irritation. Before shaving, wash your face using a scrub. Wet the knife before shaving and apply shaving cream to the area of ​​facial hair. A common mistake in shaving is to pat shaving cream on the face, it will make the hair stick to the skin and can cause hair to grow inward.

2. How to hold the razor straight

To hold the razor straight, place the first three fingers behind the knife and your pinkie on the pliers. Then place your thumb on the side of the knife near the center. When shaving, rinse the razor after several swipes in hot or warm water. This is done to get rid of shaving cream and skin cells that come peeled off. The use of hot water can help lubrication of the skin.

3. Shave with a straight razor

Stretch the skin with your hands and rub the knife on your skin at an angle of 30-35 degrees. It takes time to find the right angle, but don’t be too tilted because it will scratch the skin. Start from the side of the mustache and then towards the chin. The beard on the chin is an area that is usually difficult to shave, therefore for the chin area to be soft, it must be given more and longer shaving cream.   When shaving the neck, lift your chin as high as possible and pull the neck skin down. And when you want to shave facial hair under your nose, pull your nose up to grab complex hair under your nose. If you feel a slight resistance from the blade to a certain hair, lift the blade up and do it in a different direction. Michaelkors Outlet

Always shaving in the direction of growing facial hair, be sure to rinse the knife in hot water regularly. Do not shave the clumps of hair up or in the opposite direction, because it can create hair growing into the surface of the skin. Moreover, it can cause inflammation, and even possibly infection.

4. Rinse your face with warm water

Shortly after shaving is a time when the skin condition becomes vulnerable. Rinse your face with warm water, and use facial wash to help cleanse and protect the skin from spots and rashes from shaving.

5. Use lotion cream after rinse

Shaving can exfoliate up to two layers on the surface of the skin. This is why we have to use a quality moisturizer after shaving. Using a shaving gel or cream and moisturizing after shaving is an ideal way to replace lost moisture, and soothe the skin.  You should try this technique on Sunday to get used to it. Find the right angle to do it right. Overall, the whole process takes between 15 to 20 minutes.


Electric Shaver vs Manual

If shaving a beard and mustache have become your habit, surely you often consider using an electric shaver instead of a manual shaver that is widely sold. The general consideration is that an electric shaver is beneficial because it can be used many times but is expensive, while a manual shaver is practical but sometimes it is not easy to produce a neat shave. Well, what you need to know is there are still many advantages and disadvantages of both that you need to know before choosing.

  • Electric shaver
  1. Advantages

Shave faster

Inevitably, shaving with an electric shaver is much faster. You can save 3-5 minutes by using an electric shaver compared to a manual shaver. You can adjust the length of the shaved beard If you use a manual shaver, the easiest thing to do is shave off your beard and mustache. While with an electric shaver, we can adjust the length of the beard that we want to leave. But, you make sure the electric shaver that you buy has special settings

More durable

Manual beard scrapings can only be used two to three times only. Furthermore, the knife is blunt. While the knife on the electric shaver is designed so that its sharpness lasts long.

2. Deficiency: Michaelkors Outlet

Need more money

To buy a manual shaver, the money we need isn’t even more than Rp. 10,000. But for an electric shaver, we need at least Rp. 40,000 or hundreds of thousands if we want good quality ones.

Requires electricity

There are not many bathroom houses that provide electrical sockets, while electric shavers require electrical connections. Even if it’s wireless, you need a battery that needs to be replaced or charged.

  1. Advantages

Easy to shave off and smoother results

Because the knife will directly come in contact with facial skin, the beard or mustache will be easier to shave off without any residual. Especially if our faces are wet and have been given special soap. Manual shaving is guaranteed to make smooth facial skin free from hair.

The shaving process becomes more enjoyable

When shaving with a manual tool, there are a series of processes that we must go through. For example, washing your face with warm water, applying special soap or cream, then shave slowly. That simple ritual will be missed when we start switching to an electric shaver

2. Deficiency:


As mentioned above, manual shaving blades are easy to get blunt. Can only be used 3-5 times. After that you have to throw it away.

Risk of injury Not infrequently a man whose skin bleeds when shaving with a manual tool because the knife is directly in contact with the skin.

Risk of red spots arise

Shaving with a manual tool often causes red spots or rashes on our facial skin. This will not happen if we use an electric shaver because the knife is not in direct contact with the skin. In conclusion, if you like the practical and your bathing or dressing makes it easy for you to plug in electricity, then the electric shaver is the right choice for you.

Meanwhile, if you don’t shave your beard and mustache very often and every time you want to shave it, you want to shave it off, then the manual shaver is perfect for you. Make your choice.