Electric Shaver vs Manual

If shaving a beard and mustache have become your habit, surely you often consider using an electric shaver instead of a manual shaver that is widely sold. The general consideration is that an electric shaver is beneficial because it can be used many times but is expensive, while a manual shaver is practical but sometimes it is not easy to produce a neat shave. Well, what you need to know is there are still many advantages and disadvantages of both that you need to know before choosing.

  • Electric shaver
  1. Advantages

Shave faster

Inevitably, shaving with an electric shaver is much faster. You can save 3-5 minutes by using an electric shaver compared to a manual shaver. You can adjust the length of the shaved beard If you use a manual shaver, the easiest thing to do is shave off your beard and mustache. While with an electric shaver, we can adjust the length of the beard that we want to leave. But, you make sure the electric shaver that you buy has special settings

More durable

Manual beard scrapings can only be used two to three times only. Furthermore, the knife is blunt. While the knife on the electric shaver is designed so that its sharpness lasts long.

2. Deficiency: Michaelkors Outlet

Need more money

To buy a manual shaver, the money we need isn’t even more than Rp. 10,000. But for an electric shaver, we need at least Rp. 40,000 or hundreds of thousands if we want good quality ones.

Requires electricity

There are not many bathroom houses that provide electrical sockets, while electric shavers require electrical connections. Even if it’s wireless, you need a battery that needs to be replaced or charged.

  1. Advantages

Easy to shave off and smoother results

Because the knife will directly come in contact with facial skin, the beard or mustache will be easier to shave off without any residual. Especially if our faces are wet and have been given special soap. Manual shaving is guaranteed to make smooth facial skin free from hair.

The shaving process becomes more enjoyable

When shaving with a manual tool, there are a series of processes that we must go through. For example, washing your face with warm water, applying special soap or cream, then shave slowly. That simple ritual will be missed when we start switching to an electric shaver

2. Deficiency:


As mentioned above, manual shaving blades are easy to get blunt. Can only be used 3-5 times. After that you have to throw it away.

Risk of injury Not infrequently a man whose skin bleeds when shaving with a manual tool because the knife is directly in contact with the skin.

Risk of red spots arise

Shaving with a manual tool often causes red spots or rashes on our facial skin. This will not happen if we use an electric shaver because the knife is not in direct contact with the skin. In conclusion, if you like the practical and your bathing or dressing makes it easy for you to plug in electricity, then the electric shaver is the right choice for you.

Meanwhile, if you don’t shave your beard and mustache very often and every time you want to shave it, you want to shave it off, then the manual shaver is perfect for you. Make your choice.


Mistakes Men Often Make when Grooming According to Barbers

Being a man with good quality grooming certainly would not hurt. In fact, it will bring many opportunities, be it from the field of work, career or everyday association. Creating a good grooming routine can not be formed as quickly as turning the palm of the hand. In order to avoid undesirable things, it’s a good idea to look at some of the grooming mistakes that are often done according to the barber.

1. Flash or rush shampoo

The main purpose of shampooing is to get rid of oil and dirt from the scalp. So, if you prefer to save time to wash, as a result the remnants of shampoo foam will accumulate on the scalp and become a soft nest for germs and dirt to breed.

In other words, lightning shampooing actually makes your hair more dirty. Avoid shampooing in a hurry. Pour enough shampoo and rub into the scalp, then rinse thoroughly. Choose a sulfate free shampoo. Sulfate is a foam-making agent.

The more foam, the longer time is wasted to actually clean it. Also pay attention to your shampoo liquid. The more transparent the color of the liquid shampoo, the less the content of its chemical ingredients.

2. Excessive use of styling products

Excessive use of hair oil products such as wax, gel or pomade can damage your hair. Each strand of your hair grows about 0.6 centimeters every month. If your hair is too long to experience direct contact with the chemical content in the styling products, it can actually accelerate hair loss and inhibit its growth cycle.

In the case of styling products, the less use the better. Large lumps of gel or pomade for your short hair can cause a buildup of chemicals on the scalp and risk causing oily hair or dandruff. Use sufficiently and apply to damp hair, from the roots to the ends if you really want to style hair.

A beard or mustache is easier to shave in a wet state. Even without bathing, the hairs are also exposed to water, but the intensity of the hairs’ duration is better after bathing. Feathers become softer about 70% after bathing. This is one of the important points why you should take a shower before shaving.

3. Spoiled with annoying dandruff Michaelkors Outlet

Dandruff is only in the form of small pieces, but the impact can be very large on your appearance. It never hurts to always check your shoulder, “just in case” if later the dandruff suddenly scattered irregularly on the shoulder.

4. Shredded, mustache and untreated beard

Facial hair, aka whiskers, mustache and beard is one of the trends in the appearance of men today and timeless. What’s more, men also have more freedom to maintain mustaches and beards while at work, where some companies may have strict enough rules for women to style their hair to look professional and uniform.

However, if the whiskers, mustache and beard are not taken care of, it will automatically be reflected in the alias your owner. Be diligent to shave and form a beard that starts to look dense. Trim the ends of the beard hair, mustache and beard, then shape according to the model you want. Don’t forget to comb neatly every day. Don’t forget to shave stubborn hairs on the back of the jaw and ears

5. Feathers on the nose, and ears are long and visible

Hair on the nose and ears is a physical feature of men who are not pleasing to the eye. There is no reason not to treat him. Especially if you include people who have a high body posture.

Why? Because your talking partner can’t help but have to look up to talk and nose hair is not the first sight that they want to see from you. Pulling out the nose hair or ears can cause infection. To avoid this, simply cut the ends of the hair coming out of the nostrils or ears until they are no longer visible to the eye.

From now on try to minimize the five grooming errors above.


How to Resovle Skin Injury and Bleeding because Shaving

You who have facial hair in the form of a mustache and beard must be familiar with shaving activities. For the sake of maintaining appearance, the men often do not miss the moment must shave. Are you one of them? Usually when a mustache or beard grows into thick, not a few men who shave it. Because this creates a messy and unattractive impression.

Based on the experience that often occurs, because of his enthusiasm in shaving, the face unwittingly so sometimes injured because of a razor. Not only cause bleeding wounds, shaving wounds can also be irritating to infection. Of course in the end this can affect the appearance. Don’t underestimate the shaving wound because it can have an impact on your skin’s health. Here are some ways to deal with skin that is injured and bleeding when shaving.

  • Use cold water
    Cold water can help to stop bleeding. The colder the water, the better because cold water can constrict blood vessels, slow blood flow and stop bleeding in small wounds. For faster results you can compress the wound using ice cubes because it is quite effective at closing arteries. Hold the ice for several seconds until the wound closes and the blood stops. Although the same thing can be done with hot water (because it can cauterize or heat the wound, so the blood will clot), but avoid using hot and cold water together.
  • Try applying a moisturizing cream
    Moisturizing textures such as Vaseline that resemble wax can block blood flow outside the skin if applied topically. Thus, the blood in the wound has time to clot. You can try using lip balm if you don’t have Vaseline moisturizing cream. The texture of oily lip balm helps close wounds and allows blood clots to occur on the injured skin. Be sure not to forget to wipe your face after applying it. If you get hurt and bleed, try to reduce blood loss immediately. Wrap it using sterile bandages on the wound to help prevent dirt from entering and stop the bleeding from continuing. You can also use a clean piece of gauze. Michaelkors Outlet
  • Take products that contain antiperspirant substances such as deodorants

Applying anti-perspectives in deodorants is quite effective, because it has aluminum chloride which acts as a substance to stop blood flow. Use the help of fingers to gently rub the wound. You can also rub directly into the wound if the shape is fairly handy and practical. Aluminum chloride in anti-perspirant functions to prevent you from sweating. When experiencing minor bleeding, this substance can also function to stop bleeding.

  • Apply oral antiseptic fluid

Although the actual oral antiseptic fluid is used after shaving, it turns out that oral antiseptic fluid is a powerful liquid to help stop blood flow. Pour some directly over the wound or dip a cotton ball into the atiseptic solution and apply. You can see a decrease in blood flow after waiting for about one to two minutes. It is always a good idea to store germ-killing fluid to prevent infection in the wound.

Treat with the help of some kitchen ingredients

An effective way to deal with other injuries is to use some ingredients that you can find in the kitchen such as red chili, sugar or salt. Red chili peppers will help to quickly close the wound and stop the bleeding. However, you will feel a slight pain sensation, sprinkle a few pieces of cayenne pepper on the wound and let it work. When the bleeding stops, rinse with a little cold water. Sugar which is a natural exfoliator can also help soothe injured skin. The antiseptic properties of sugar together help the blood clotting process. Just mix a cup of sugar in half a cup of olive oil. Then rub the wound. After that, rinse thoroughly with warm water. While salt is allegedly helping to increase blood circulation and accelerate the wound healing process. Rub salt that has been mixed with warm water on the wound.


How to Keep Your Razors Clean

Are you diligent about shaving? It is highly recommended to always pay attention to the routine activities. However, do not forget about the care and cleanliness of the equipment used. Keeping a razor clean and free of germs plus bacteria is nothing but in the interest of your body to always look healthy and fit. Haphazardly putting a razor can result in the development of bacteria from the outside. Especially if you accidentally injure your chin with a razor, things that are undesirable such as irritation to irritation can occur. Currently shaving is arguably the primary need of men, especially if used to appear neat with the desired mustache and beard. For that, know how to properly care for a razor to keep it clean and free of germs and bacteria

  • Remember the frequency of wearing razor knives

It’s important to remember that the razor that you use often never forgets to always be replaced. If you own a mustache or beard that is classified as dense and has a relatively high intensity of using a razor, you should always remember when to start using a new one. If you shave your mustache or beard every day, don’t forget to replace the razor at least after six to eight times of use. If this is done routinely, it will certainly facilitate effectiveness and sanitation when shaving.

  • Get used to clean the knife after use

After you finish shaving with a razor, don’t forget to always clean it. No hassle. All you have to do is provide a container filled with water, then rinse the razor that has been used by gently flushing it. After that, leave it for about five minutes in a container filled with hot water, and rinse carefully. This method aims to remove the dirt that clings like bacteria, dead skin cells, and the remaining thin beard or mustache hair attached to the razor. Having a razor with a guarantee of good quality, of course have to spend a lot of money. So, take good care so that it is always clean and durable. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Always dry the razor

Either after using it on the face or just cleaning it with water, hurry up to dry it with a cloth, towel or dry tissue that is clean and not wet. Do not let it go, because the razor blade can potentially rust if it is not dried properly. If you unwittingly use a rusty razor, in addition to irritation and allergic skin on the face, infection can also occur eventually. So, dry it thoroughly until it is completely dry.

  • Keep your razor in right place

Never put a razor in the bathroom without a dry container. Humidity in the bathroom has the potential to cause the development of bacteria on the surface of the razor that you often use. It’s good to look for a place that is dry and not damp. It is also useful to minimize the development of visible bacteria.

  • Avoid exchanging razors

Do not intend to exclude themselves, here. Sharing a razor with friends, relatives or anyone is the same as sharing germs and bacteria attached to the razor. Like a toothbrush, you don’t want to get infected because you share a razor too often, do you? So, don’t even try to lend it.


Guide to Choosing the Best Knives, Razors and Shavers for Men

For men, shaving mustache and beard is one of the most important parts in maintaining appearance. Shaving can also provoke the mustache and beard on your face to grow neater. To be sure, you also need to choose the most appropriate shaver so that shaving activities become more comfortable and stay safe.

You need to know that before 1970, men’s shavers had only one model, namely with one blade and a thin and small handle. However, over time, the shaver developed with a variety of brands and models with a wider and more varied blade. Various innovations also continue to be made by making the shaving heads pivoting, disposable blades (manual) to breakthrough technology shaving hair that is able to vibrate with built-in shaving cream, lubricating strips and trimmer that can be folded. Besides that, which is electric, and is multifunctional and travel friendly, you can also get it easily. Want to know more about the best razor knives and shavers you can choose from? Read the explanation!

  • Manual or conventional shavers

This traditional shaver is usually made of a rubber-coated handle on the handle. With a manual shaver, you can more easily shave every part of your mustache and beard because of its small size and the very movements you can control. Especially if you want to shave your mustache or beard, leaving certain parts. According to shaving and beard shaving experts, shaving razors can be used up to five times, after which usually the razor blades will become more blunt and less sharp. Conventional shaver or often called a safety razor is simple in shape with a razor blade and a handle that is fairly handy. All you have to do is buy a razor refill, and the shaver is ready to use. Psst, this safety razor shaver was also recognized as a razor that makes shaving as soft as a baby’s buttocks, at a very affordable price.

  • Electric Shaver

If you are a man who always shaves your mustache and beard, then an electric shaver is the recommended choice. There are two types of electric shavers to choose from, namely electric shavers that use batteries or electric shavers. Both can be a mainstay for shaving or shaving sessions wherever and whenever you are. The most important thing is to always have a battery available as a charger or near a power outlet. Many Dermatologists also add that shaving using a single-edged shaver does not make the skin more irritating than a double-edged shaver or more. Shaving with a lot of knife-haired shavers also makes skin more vulnerable to irritation.

  • A razor that can be replaced if it’s blunt

This shaver, also called a cartridge razor, is the most widely used and easily found on the market. These tools are usually plastic or rubber handles with shaving heads that can be replaced if they are blunt. Some common brands sell shavers along with a number of shaver heads to replace them. This beard shaver has at least two blades and there are at most six blades. Although they cannot shave their beards until they are neatly trimmed, some shaver users with lube strips say that they can shave closer to the skin or are often called close shaving. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Disposable shaver

This shaver looks like a razor cartridge, it’s just that the shaver is immediately thrown away once it’s blunt. Usually this shaver can only be used as much as four times shaving, so it tends to make your bag tends to be wasteful. The quality of disposable razors also depends on the price being sold. Usually the cheaper the results will not be as smooth as expensive, sometimes even just cause irritation to the facial skin. So, be more careful.

  • Travel-friendly shaver

Well, this one is really suitable for you who like traveling! For you who travel a lot for a long time, you can choose a manual or electric shaver for you to rely on all the time. If you choose an electric shaver, pay attention to its flexibility. It’s best to choose a shaver that uses batteries so you don’t have to worry about the charger cable. It will be easier to choose the type of disposable razor because if you forget to bring it or don’t want to bother, you just look for it at the nearest mini market and can immediately throw it away if it’s blunted or not used anymore.


5 Mistakes Men Often Make when Shaving

If you are new to knowing about shaving or shaving the face, at least what you need to know is how to wet shaving it is necessary to lubricate your skin first before you do it. Many think that it is easy to shave a mustache or beard on a face, but unknowingly there are small mistakes that are often missed and overlooked but can have quite serious effects. Want to know anything?

  • Lack of preparation for shaving

Many men think that shaving preparations only need to wet the face and lubricate with soap or foam. Even though it’s not that fast, it takes at least three minutes to wait after you wash your face and wet it before you start shaving. This is to avoid irritation and trigger acne. Another drawback, is the foam cream that is less stable. Instead of using foam products that have preservatives and chemical ingredients that are stable, you are better off choosing soap or shaving cream. There are several risks of allergies and irritation if you use foam-based products.

  • Ignoring the direction of hair growth on the face such as beard, mustache or beard

Hair does not grow just like that and immediately comes out of the body. Hair will follow a certain direction. Make sure you shave in the opposite direction from the hair growth. This can ensure that your shaving results will be cleaner, neater and not sick because it does not need too much pressure. The face is not only clean but can prevent the rapid hair regrowth. Do it carefully, because once you have a shaving wound, it will show on your face and it will take several days for it to completely heal. Even longer until the scar disappears.  

  • Press too hard with the wrong angle of the shaver

This is the most common mistake made, pressing the shaver too hard on the skin. If you need to press hard, that means either the direction of your shaving is wrong, your razor isn’t sharp or your facial skin will be less lubricated. If the angle of the shaver against your skin is too blunt, it can risk making your facial skin hurt or irritated. Make sure your shaving angles are sharp so that the razor you use isn’t like stabbing and rubbing your skin. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Shaving on skin that is not smoothed

Another common mistake is shaving on skin that is not wet enough or “smoothed” by using soap or cream. Moreover, the dry one is sacred or not soaked with water. Remember that you need to lubricate your skin before shaving, at least with water.    

  • Shaving in the same place repeatedly and continuously

One fatal mistake that is often made even by experienced shavers is to repeat the same shaving place constantly. Doing this turns out to be very risky for injury. There are several causes to be shaved in the same place, for example a razor that is no longer sharp, hair or hair is still too long so that only partial shaving or lubrication is lacking.


What’s your clothes say what’s your personality!

Boys will always be boys. This phrase, seems to say that there is only one male character in the world, origin and mess. In fact, their characters are different from one another, you know. But it is not difficult to judge men. The women can see their character from the way they dress. Be careful of men! Your personality can be seen from the way you dress. Come, see what your clothes say about your personality.

1. Super sporty and casual clothes

T-shirts that are equipped with a jacket on the outside. Then add shorts and sneakers. Your appearance is simple and and super relaxed. The sneakers you wear add the perfect sporty impression. Men with clothes like this look very active and full of energy. He uses shoes that are comfortable clothes so that it is easy to move from one activity to another. He said, this type of man is also easy to forget something when he was busy alone.

2. Formal and classic clothes Michaelkors Outlet

How often do you see men wearing blazers or suits? Indeed clothing like this is rarely used everyday. But if you’re the one who likes the classic formal look, you will definitely be the center of attention. Even so, those who wear clothes like this don’t really like ‘lots of style’. They are actually quite disciplined and uphold the applicable rules. This man also has a high taste and responsibility.

3. Casual clothes

Men with casual clothing style like this are usually more fun, easy going and humorous. They look very relaxed in T-shirts and jeans. But sometimes they like to add a neat impression with the addition of a sweater. The shoes they use vary. Sometimes they can use boots to keep them stylish even though they may not change their jeans for a long time.

4. Carelessly style

The most positive thing about this type of man is feeling comfortable with himself. They are confident enough that they don’t care about what other people say. They also don’t really like to disturb others because of the same reasons for him. They do not want to be disturbed during their relaxed periods. This type of man is seen in several different clothes from time to time. From ‘faded’ shirts to perforated jackets.

5. Very fashionable style

Not only women. Men also like to pay attention to their appearance. Come on, admit it! Maybe for this one type is a bit extreme. They simply love the appearance and attention of others towards themselves. They pay attention to their appearance from head to toe. Not infrequently they are seen wearing several pieces of clothing piled from head to toe.


Difference between Shaving Foam, Cream, Gel and Other Shaving Guides

Did you know that a facial shaving product and a quality hair shaver will produce good and satisfying shaving results. Shaving facial hair may look easy but often causes razor burn or post shaving irritation. Men shaving special face care products such as shaving foam, shaving gel, and shaving cream are here to help you cut time and minimize irritation when shaving and also care for your skin after shaving. Well, for you, these products can look the same but have different names and uses. Here are the differences in facial hair shaving products so that your shaving experience becomes more comfortable and enjoyable.

Most men who hear the words shaving cream and shaving gel, will think of a male facial cleansing product contained in the can packaging. But in reality, shaving cream and shaving gel are quality products that are not packaged in cans.

Men’s shaving products which are widely circulated and packaged in cans are shaving foam. Called shaving foam because it has bigger air to make it smooth and has lots of foam. The presence of excess air in the shaving foam turns out to cause its own problems because it will make it difficult for the foam to hold facial hair upright. When facial hair is flat on the face, it increases the risk of the razor rubbing against the skin and causing post-shaving irritation. Therefore it is very important to choose facial hair shaver products that make hair on the face stand up straight.

At this time when you find shaving cream or shaving gel in cans, it’s fine if you want to buy and use it. But keep in mind that the product is not 100% shaving cream or shaving gel. Products in cans generally contain more alcohol, which as it is known that alcohol can cause dry skin and dry skin will not be compromised when it comes to shaving.

Shaving cream and shaving gel are men’s facial cleansing products that do not contain alcohol. Instead, this product contains lubricants or lubricants with better quality such as glycerin or natural oils such as jojoba. The price will certainly be more expensive than ordinary shaving foam but has a quality that is certainly comparable and will not cause irritation.

The most basic difference between shaving cream and shaving gel is how to break it. Shaving cream is usually used by mixing it with a little water and broken. As for shaving gel, the formula is very concentrated and is used without mixing it with anything. Shaving gel usually contains more lubricant and is more recommended for men who have sensitive skin. To get rid of hair on the lips with minimal irritation, you can use this shaving gel.

Shaving gel also usually does not contain fragrance so it helps not to irritate the skin and nostrils when shaving hair over the lips or mustache. One way to get rid of it is by shaving cream. Mix a little shaving cream with water and then use a hair shaver in the form of a shaving brush to apply shaving cream and razors that tend to be sharp.

Both of these facial hair shaving products have the same function, but to choose them depends on your choice. Some men do not like the texture of shaving gel that is too thick and some other men feel they do not have time to use shaving cream because the procedure for its use requires more time and more hair shaving. It’s a good idea to try both methods by using shaving gel and shaving cream and after that you can decide which is more suitable for your facial skin.


Recognize the Causes and Ways to Get Rid of Lice

Head lice, also known as Pediculus Humanus Capitis, are parasites that survive by sucking human blood and usually live in human head hair. Surely very annoying is not it? Itching is not playing and makes the sufferer feel inferior. However, don’t worry because there is still a solution. Come on, see how to get rid of head lice below and find out the cause!

The head lice life cycle starts when the female louse lays eggs. The resulting eggs can last for 5-7 days. The shape is very small like white sesame seeds and sticks firmly to each strand of hair. Usually the eggs will hatch on the 8th day, then the larvae that have hatched grow into adults and start laying eggs on the 12th day. After 30 days, fleas will usually die. But did you know? That it turns out during his lifetime, fleas can lay eggs up to 130-189 eggs you know. So many, huh?

If you feel the characteristics mentioned below, there may be lice lodged in your hair. – Excessive itching on the head = Feeling something is moving on the scalp = There is a red rash that appears on the back of the neck = Visible white spots attached to strands of hair

Maybe you will ask around. So, what exactly causes the appearance of head lice? Why can there be fleas on your head? Even though I often wash my hair. Well, therefore know the following causes. – Exposed to or direct contact with hair with head lice – Borrowing goods that are used around the head in people infected with head lice – From mattresses that have not been used for a long time, or other fabrics such as towels and clothing

If you feel infected with head lice, don’t leave it, because lice growth is very fast and can spread everywhere. Apart from disturbing the health and comfort of the scalp, head lice are prone to being transmitted to people who come in direct contact with you. Do not want that to happen right? Let’s get rid of head lice immediately by doing the following way to get rid of head lice.

1. Use a Serit Comb

The first step is to use a serit comb. Are you familiar with this one comb? Serit comb is a special comb that is used to eradicate head lice. Much like a comb in general, but what is different is that the teeth in the serit are closer together, that’s what can help to eradicate lice in the hair. Tips before using this comb, namely first wet your hair using coconut oil so that the eggs and nails can be easily attached to the comb. Michaelkors Outlet

2. Tick Remedy

Using a tick remedy, this method is quite effective, because the way the head lice remover works directly attacks head lice with the compounds piperonyl butoxide and pyrethrin in the womb. Mites will die soon after the nerve cells are weakened. You can get this flea drug at the nearest pharmacy, one of the famous drug brands, Peditox.

3. Almond Oil

Well, if you want to try natural ingredients to eradicate head lice, you can try almond oil as a solution. In addition to skin care, almond oil can also be a powerful ingredient to repel fleas. The trick is, always rub the almond oil before going to sleep on the scalp and hair, then wrap the hair with a shower cap, leave it overnight, the next day drag the hair first, then wash with shampoo using shampoo.

4. Srikaya Fruit Seeds

Have you ever heard that srikaya fruit seeds can be used to get rid of head lice? This one ingredient is equally effective with flea medicine. The oil content of fatty acids in srikaya fruit seeds can kill fleas and eggs at the same time. How to use it is almost the same as above, first crush the srikaya seeds until the oil comes out, then smear the oil on the scalp and hair, wrap the hair in a towel, leave it overnight. The next day you will see dead bugs piled on your towel.

5. Aloe Vera

From ancient times, aloe vera is often used as an ingredient for hair beauty treatments that works to cleanse and make hair shiny black. However, besides that it turns out there are other benefits you know, namely as a flea repellent. How to use it is easy, just take the aloe vera meat and puree it in a blender, then rub the mucus on the hair and scalp evenly chili-massage, then cover the hair with a towel, hair curl, finally wash your hair using shampoo.


9 Ways to Make Natural Hair Masks

Hair looks radiant, beautiful, and healthy is always a dream of everyone, especially women because hair is their crown. The danger of air pollution in cities and consumption of fast food that is too often can cause disruption in hair health which will affect the appearance of hair. Many of us are too busy working or do not have time to go to the salon.

One of the treatments that you will get when visiting a salon is a hair mask. Now there are many different types of hair masks that are sold in packs. However, it would be nice if you make your own hair mask with natural ingredients available at home. Because the ingredients are natural, there is no need to worry about side effects. Homemade hair masks are certainly richer in benefits and more economical.

But don’t worry, you can try hair care yourself at home by making a mask with natural ingredients. Come on, see how to make a natural hair mask!

1. Carrot Mask

Carrots are known to have high vitamin A content. Vitamin A is useful for treating dry hair because it is often exposed to air pollution. Using a carrot mask for hair is one way to overcome the problem.

How to make a natural hair mask from carrots, you only need to prepare 2 pieces of carrots, then grated, then add 100 ml of water and squeeze. Use the juice to soak the hair. After soaking, then let the hair half-dry covered with a towel. For more effective results you can leave it overnight with the shower cap closed.

2. Avocado Masks

Avocados are delicious for consumption, but did you know? The content of the fruit is also useful for maintaining the beauty of hair by making it appear volume and moist for 24 hours. Let’s make the mask right away!

The way to prepare an avocado that is ripe, take the meat and puree, then wet the hair half dry, then apply the avocado to your hair while massaged. Let stand 20 minutes, rinse with water until clean.

3. Strawberry mask

Strawberry fruit is rich in vitamin C. The vitamin is very useful to facilitate the regeneration of scalp cells, so that hair roots are stronger, and hair does not fall out easily. How to make it, first prepare fresh strawberries and wash them thoroughly, puree in a blender, can add coconut oil or honey, then apply the paste to the hair and scalp. Let stand 30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

4, Honey Milk Mask Michaelkors Outlet

Feel your hair dry and prone to branching? Using a honey mask is the right choice. Honey has a natural moisturizing content that makes your dry hair soft with strong roots.

How to make a natural hair mask one is quite easy, first prepare 100 ml of pure milk and 1 tablespoon of honey, mix the ingredients and mix thoroughly. Wash the mixture of ingredients directly into the head with a soft massage. After that, leave it for a few moments so that the ingredients can absorb better. Finally, rinse your hair thoroughly with shampoo.

5. Olive Oil Mask

Olive oil has been used by our ancestors to treat beauty. The essential content of olives is useful as a removal of dead skin cells in the hair and strengthens hair roots and repair damaged hair branching.

If a natural hair mask from olives is used regularly, you will get shiny and always clean hair protected from dirt. How to make it is prepare 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of olive oil, mix and spread the ingredients directly on the hair to the ends. Let stand about 30 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

6. Aloe Vera Mask

It’s no secret that aloe vera has a myriad of benefits for hair health care. Aloe vera is known to make healthy black hair shiny. How to make it, first clean the aloe vera, then peel the skin. Apply directly to the chili hair massaging the head. After a massage, leave on the natural hair mask for up to 30 minutes. After that, rinse the hair with shampoo.

7. Coconut Milk Mask

Did you know that coconut milk turns out to have natural essential oils that are useful as a moisturizer for hair, and the hair gets shiny black. The more routine you wear this mask, your hair will always be softer and healthier.

How to use it, prepare 1 cup thick coconut milk, wash coconut milk evenly on the hair, cover hair using a shower cap, let stand for 20 minutes, rinse hair with warm water until clean.

8. Egg White Mask

Besides being often used for skin care, egg white hair mask is also good for treating hair health. Omega-4 content in eggs can help the scalp rejuvenation process and prevent dandruff. To make it, you only need one chicken egg, then take the egg white. Apply evenly to the hair while in massage. Let stand a few minutes. Finally, rinse with shampoo thoroughly.

9. Banana Mask

Bananas are very suitable for breakfast, but besides that this fruit also has other benefits as a natural moisturizer for your hair. Bananas can be used as a hair mask mixed with other ingredients such as egg whites or honey. After applying a banana mask to your hair, you will have soft hair instantly like it has been creambathed in the salon.


How to Make Your Own Pomade Easy and Economical

Pomade has now become part of a man’s lifestyle and appearance. With the pomade, you can do the right styling to get the best hair style to perfect your look. For loyal users of Pomade, do you know that pomade can be made at home? Come on, try creating your own pomade with the following ingredients and steps!

Ingredients for Making Pomade

1. Beeswax or Honey Candle

Beeswax or honey wax is a candle that is produced naturally by bees to make hives. This type of wax is very commonly used as a cosmetic ingredient that is moisturizing and shiny.

2. Coconut Oil or Other Natural Oils

Coconut oil is one of the natural ingredients of hair care that works to overcome damaged hair and eliminate dandruff. The use of coconut oil can be replaced with other ingredients such as hazelnut oil according to the needs and properties you want to get.

3. Clay Bentonite or Clay Bentonite

Resistant to clay or concrete is a type of clay formed from weathering volcanic ash. Bentotite clay is rich in calcium and sodium and is able to absorb and expand so that it is often used as medicine and cosmetic ingredients. If used on hair, this clay can ward off free radicals.

4. Essential Oils

As an additional material, you can provide fragrances. Essential oils that are used can also adjust to your taste. Common scents used to make pomade are sandalwood and vanilla.

How to make Pomade Michaelkors Outlet

1. Melt Beeswax by placing beeswax in a small magkok placed in a pot of boiling water cooked on the stove.

2. When it has melted, mix coconut oil or other natural oils. Stir until smooth and slightly thickened.

3. After mixing evenly, turn off the heat and enter the bentotite clay which has been softened previously with water.

4. Add essential oils as needed and stir again.

5. Transfer the pomade mixture to the storage and wait for it to harden and ready to use.

Very easy is not making pomade? Not only can you save, you can also adjust the ingredients and properties of pomade according to your own hair needs, you know! Come on, immediately try to create your own pomade.


Natural Ingredients for Nourishing Hair Quickly – III

17. Bowl Leaves and Pandan Leaves

There are so many natural ingredients that you can use to treat and nourish your hair. One of them is a bowl and pandan leaves. Puree these leaves with water and use the liquid on the scalp. Massage gently and let stand just before shampooing.

18. Watermelon

Not just refreshing, watermelon turned out to be efficacious as a natural ingredient for nourishing hair. Take advantage of the various content of watermelon vitamins by rubbing the skin of watermelon that still has a little meat. Leave overnight and shampoo your hair the next day. Perform this hair care routine once a week for maximum fertile hair results.

19. Oatmeal Oatmeal is famous as a food with its prowess in lowering cholesterol. However, oatmeal can also be a natural hair fertilizers. Not only reduces hair loss, this hair-fertilizing material can also overcome the problem of dandruff on the scalp. Use a mixture of oatmeal, milk, and almond oil as a hair mask material and use as a hair mask in general.

20. Hibiscus Flower

Not only as an ornamental plant, hibiscus can also be used as a natural material to fertilize hair. Boil shoe flowers and use boiled water as a hair mask. For maximum results, mix the decoction of hibiscus with other natural hair fertilizers such as olive oil or honey.

21. Eggs Michaelkors Outlet

Eggs contain a lot of protein, which is not only good for consumption but also for treating the health of your hair. Make a hair mask from eggs mixed with honey and olive oil to get a natural hair mask that can nourish your hair.

22. Papaya seeds

For perfect lush black and lustrous hair, papaya seeds can be used as natural ingredients to fertilize hair. Roast papaya seeds and puree. Mix it with coconut oil (or hazelnut oil, olives, and almonds) before you apply to all hair and massage gently.

23. Banana

Banana is a fruit that contains lots of potassium nutrients, vitamins C, A and E which are good for hair health and fertility. How to use natural ingredients to fertilize hair is also fairly young. Enough of a banana blender with coconut oil, pure honey, and can also mix other natural hair-fertilizing ingredients before you use it for cream bath.

24. Almonds

One more natural oil that is useful as a natural ingredient for fertilizing hair is Almond oil. No need to be confused because its use is similar to other oils. Almond oil can also be a mixture of natural hair masks along with other natural hair-fertilizing ingredients.

25. Cumin

Cumin is one of the spices which is efficacious as a natural hair fertilizer. Simply boil cumin and mix the cooking water with egg yolk before applying it to the scalp. Cumin stew mixture is efficacious stimulate hair fertility and eliminate dandruff on the scalp.

26. Strawberry

Other natural ingredients for hair fertilizers are strawberries, which are rich in vitamin C and natural antioxidants. This content will help regulate pH and control the production of excess oil in the scalp. Just use fresh natural strawberry juice and mix it with honey and scalp oil before applying it to the scalp. Let stand for several minutes before shampooing. That way your hair will be more fertile and healthy.


Natural Ingredients for Nourishing Hair Quickly – II

9. Apple Skin

Who would have thought that apple skin that we usually throw away turns out to be efficacious as a natural ingredient for fertilizing hair. Basic vitamins found in apple skin can increase basic circulation to the scalp which will fertilize hair growth. The way to use this natural hair-fertilizing ingredient is to smear the crushed apple skin and leave it for a few moments. After that, rinse your hair.

10. Castor Oil

For those who have thin hair or hair loss problems, hair care with castor oil natural ingredients can be a solution. Simply massage a few drops of castor oil on all parts of your hair and skin and leave it for one hour. Rinse and shampoo your hair after the nutrients from this natural, hair-absorbing natural ingredient absorb perfectly. Do this twice a week to get fertile, strong and thicker hair.

11. Indian Goosberry

This natural hair-fertilizing agent may not be as popular as other natural hair-fertilizing ingredients. But, Indian Gooseberry is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C which is good for your hair. indeed not many people know because this material, although naturally, is still rarely heard. However, as a solution for hair loss, this material is truly extraordinary. Gooseberry juha is able to kill bacteria and eradicate free radicals in the scalp. How to use this natural hair-fertilizing agent is by mixing it with lemon juice and coconut oil by blending. This mixture can be used as a hair mask to make hair so fertile.

12. Coconut Oil

Like other oils that have been discussed, coconut oil is also a natural ingredient in hair fertilizers that you can try as a hair loss solution. Just use coconut oil on the scalp and massage slowly. Let stand for a moment and rinse hair thoroughly. This hair-fertilizing natural ingredient is also good for you who have dry hair problems, you know! Michaelkors Outlet

13. Yogurt

Not only facilitate the digestive system, yogurt can also be used as an effective hair fertilizer. Mix yogurt with honey and lemon or other natural hair-fertilizers and use as a mask or for cream bath. That way the hair will become more fertile and stronger.

14. Avocados

The next natural hair fertilizers are delicious alpukan fruit. Avocados do have many benefits as a beauty treatment ingredient. In addition to smoothing the skin, avocados can also nourish the hair and maintain a natural black color on the hair. You just use the avocado that has been mashed as a hair mask and wrap the hair in a warm towel until the nutrients in these natural ingredients absorb. Easy, right?

15. Tea Water

Do you like tea? Do not dispose of the remaining tea water or tea leaves that are not used because these natural ingredients can actually work as a natural hair fertilizer, you know! Use water or tea leaves that you have set aside overnight to wash your hair so hair becomes more fertile and healthier.

16. Coriander

Not just a spice in the kitchen, coriander which is crushed. Coriander seeds are ground until smooth and then mixed into the hair oil that is commonly used. Coriander seeds stimulate hair growth. In addition to the above method, you can also mix it into food as a spice in cooking.


Natural Ingredients for Nourishing Hair Quickly – I

Nourishing hair is often a problem, but that does not mean there is no solution. Make your hair more fertile with 26 natural ingredients to fertilize the hair quickly.

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is well-known as a powerful natural hair fertility ingredient. This natural ingredient for treating hair has a tonic content that will nourish and nourish hair to get to its roots. You just need to use the meat and mucous parts of the tongue to charge on the scalp while massaging. Let stand for a few moments until the nutrients from the natural ingredients of this hair-fertilizing absorb to the roots of the hair after that rinse and shampoo your hair. Perform hair care with aloe vera two to three times a week for maximum results.

2. Candlenut


The next natural ingredient to fertilize hair is hazelnut. Candlenut oil contains various acids, fats, and also B vitamins which are good for nourishing hair. Oil from natural ingredients of hazelnut can improve and strengthen hair roots. Use hazelnut oil as a hair mask or ingredient for natural creambath to get the properties of natural ingredients strengthening hair roots.

3. Olives

Apart from hazelnut, another oil that is famous as a natural ingredient for fertilizing hair is olive oil. Olive oil contains Biotin, Niacin, Vitamins E and D which can treat hair so it does not fall out easily and becomes more fertile. How to use natural ingredients to fertilize hair is also easy. Simply massage the head using five drops of olive oil after shampooing. Leave the safety and rinse in the morning.

4. Coconut milk Michaelkors Outlet

Coconut milk is a natural ingredient for treating hair that is rich in protein. This natural hair-fertilizing ingredient not only makes hair grow faster, but also has a softer, more shiny hair. Simply apply this natural hair-fertilizing agent to the scalp and hair. Wrap in hair with a warm towel and let stand for approximately 15 minutes. After that, rinse your hair with cold water.

5. Celery

Not just as a supplement to food, it turns out the content in celery is useful for nourishing hair! This hair-fertilizing natural ingredient contains calcium, iron, sodium, vitamins A and B which will stimulate hair growth to be more healthy, strong and shiny.

6. Honey

If you want to naturally nourish your hair, pure honey can help you. Honey contains many vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, vitamin E, vitamin C, and vitamin A which will nourish the hair so that it becomes fertile. To take advantage of the natural ingredients of hair fertilizers is to rub it on the hair like a hair mask and leave it for 20-30 minutes.

7. Shallots

Sometimes the problem of hair infertility triggers hair loss. To strengthen hair, a natural ingredient that you can use is onion. Just squeeze the onion chopped until you get the juice. This shallot juice you can apply on the scalp and massage. Let stand for a few moments before rinsing and washing.

8. Spinach

The next natural hair fertilizing agent is parrot which has vitami and minerals. Spinach is well known as a healthy food, not only for the body, but also for hair care. You just mash a handful of spinach until smooth and mix with a little boiled water. Mix with a spoonful of honey. Strain this mixture and drink the water 3 times each day to nourish hair.


How to Resolve Bad Hair Day?

In addition to loss, hair problems that are often experienced are limp and oily. Not only makes the appearance so less optimal, limp hair certainly makes you feel uncomfortable because usually the scalp feels itchy.

Hair limp usually occurs due to excess production of oil in the hair so that dirt easily sticks. You certainly don’t want to have a bad hair day because your hair is limp and greasy all day? Especially if you are going to an important event that makes you have to perform optimally from head to toe. Don’t worry, there are 7 effective ways you can do to deal with limp and oily hair in an instant.

  • Remove excess oil from the hair with warm water

To overcome limp hair of course you have to reduce the excess oil in the hair. The way you can do is to wash your hair with warm water. Compared to cold water, warm water is more effective at removing excess oil and dirt from each strand of hair. But make sure the water you use is not too hot huh. Water that is too hot will actually make your hair fall out.

  • Conditioner can indeed nourish hair, but don’t use it at the base of the hair

The use of conditioner after shampooing is highly recommended so that the hair becomes softer and easier to comb. But you need to pay attention to the use of conditioners so as not to touch the base of the hair because it will make the scalp more oily.

  • Don’t have time to wash it? Just use Dry Shampoo!

Hair that is not shampooed will usually be limp and oily. Well for those of you who don’t have time to wash your hair in the morning, don’t worry because now there is a Dry Shampoo. Unlike the normal shampoo, dry shampoo does not need to be rinsed with water, so you can use this shampoo when the hair is dry. Although no need to rinse, dry shampoo can also cleanse and even absorb excess oil in the hair. Hair is still volume and free from limp all day.

  • Baby powder not only makes oil-free hair but also can make hair smell good Michaelkors Outlet

Don’t have time to buy dry shampoo? Relax, you can use baby powder instead of dry shampoo really Toppers. Like dry shampoo, baby powder effectively absorbs excess oil on the scalp. Make sure you rub baby powder on your hands first, yes Toppers so your hair does not look white. But it should be noted here Toppers, baby powder only acts as an oil absorbent on the scalp, not a medium for cleaning hair.

  • You can use your hair roll on your limp hair

It turns out hair roll can save you from limp hair attacks. By using a roll, you can make the hair become more volume so it doesn’t seem too runny. You can roll your hair for 30-60 minutes so that the results are more optimal.

  • Avoid excessive use of vitamins or hair serum

Hair vitamins or serums are very good for nourishing hair. But be careful, excessive use of vitamins or serum will actually make your hair more greasy and limp. Therefore, you should use vitamins or hair serum as needed and make sure only in the stem and ends of the hair. Applying vitamins or serum to the base of the hair will only make oil production in the scalp area so that the hair looks increasingly limp.

  • Lemon is not only good for health but can also ward off excess hair oil

The acid content in lemon turns out to be able to lift excess oil on the scalp. The method is quite easy, you only need to rub lemon juice on the scalp evenly. Let stand for 15 minutes, then rinse using cold water and followed by shampooing. These tips are very effective not only to deal with flat hair but also to eliminate dandruff.

Very easy to overcome limp and oily hair. By doing 1 of the 7 tips above, guaranteed you will avoid bad hair day. Good luck!


Important Point Before Hair Bleaching

As a woman, changing appearance regularly is sometimes necessary to get a new and fresher look. Not only clothing, body parts also need changes that can make it look different from before. One of the things that is usually changed from a woman is hair color. Hair as a woman’s crown does give a strong character to women. That is why, changing hair color also gives a special touch to the appearance and character of women.

Are you the type of woman who likes to dye hair? To get the hair color that suits you, hair bleaching is a process that should be done. Hair bleach is made of chemicals and requires expert handling when doing bleaching. In addition, bleached hair tends to be more sensitive and easily damaged if you don’t care for it properly. Therefore, before deciding to bleaching, there are some things you should consider first

  • Hair type

First consider your hair type before bleaching. Is your hair suitable for bleach? If your hair tends to be easily damaged, then you should restore your hair’s health before bleaching. This is because bleaching can make hair dry and easily damaged.

  • Hair Color Selection

When choosing hair color, make sure you choose a color that matches your skin tone. If you have not been able to decide what color you will use, you should first delay for hair bleaching. How to find the right hair dye with skin color you can do by trying a variety of wig colors

  • Extra Care

Bleached hair certainly requires more attention than non-colored hair. When shampooing, you should be careful and pay more attention to hair color that changes color over time. You need to know, after bleaching you should avoid shampooing and use dry shampoo just to keep hair fresh. After that, choose a variety of hair care products that are specially formulated for bleaching or colored hair.

As we know, hair bleach is a hair product made from chemicals that are quite hard. That is why when bleaching your hair, you must be prepared with the risk that your hair will become drier and more easily damaged. You can consult with experts to reduce the damage caused by this bleaching.

  • Scalp Health

Pay attention to your scalp health before bleaching. If you have problems with the scalp such as peeling or infection, you should cure it first. This is because bleaching can make the scalp condition worse.

  • Leave it to the experts

Every salon certainly offers bleaching services. Before choosing the right salon and hair dye expert, you should first find out which salon has good quality and adjust your budget. Because this is related to the condition of the hair, then choose a salon that is good at hair bleach.

  • Do the test

To find out whether bleaching is still safe for hair and scalp, you can do a little test on a small portion of your hair that is not much visible. If there are no problems with your hair and scalp, then you are free to bleaching and coloring your hair as you wish.

Those are the seven things you should consider before bleaching your hair. Remember, once your hair has been bleached, you cannot return it. Therefore, think carefully so that you can make bleaching decisions with confidence. If your hair is damaged, don’t hesitate to cut it, because there is still a fast way to lengthen hair that can regenerate your healthy hair!


Stay healthy hair without having to go to the salon

Who doesn’t want to have beautiful hair like shampoo ad models? But to get healthy and beautiful hair like the shampoo ad model, of course you have to do extra effort. Not only that, so that hair looks more perfect, you also need to have more budget to do maintenance at the salon. But for those of you who have a minimal budget just calm, you can still really do your own hair care at home. You just need to do the following easy things.

  • Pay Attention to Washing Your Hair

Beautiful hair starts from how you wash it. You need to pay attention to the frequency in washing hair. Hair that tends to be oily should be washed once a day to prevent the buildup of dirt which will cause limp and dandruff. But if you have dry hair, you should wash your hair every other day so the natural moisture of the hair is maintained.

So that the process of washing hair more optimally, you can gently massage on the scalp for one minute. In addition to making the scalp more clean, this massage will make blood circulation around the head smooth so that the hair roots become healthier. In addition, you should not use hot water when washing hair because it will damage the cuticles and hair follicles. Another important thing, choose a shampoo that matches the condition of your hair. Do not let you use certain shampoos because you are a friend because everyone’s hair condition is different.

  • Always Use Conditioner

The use of conditioner is very important because to keep hair moisturized especially for those of you who have dry hair. In addition, conditioner also makes hair smoother and easier to manage. Before applying conditioner, make sure the hair is half wet. And remember, never use conditioner on the scalp or the base of the hair because it will make hair become heavy, oily, and lose volume. Use conditioner about 5 cm from the base of the hair to the ends of the hair.

Not only using conditioner, to get healthy and beautiful hair you also need to wear a hair mask. Unlike conditioners that must be worn after washing hair, hair masks are only used between 2-3 times a week. This hair mask is very important to add essential nutrients needed by hair. When using a hair mask, make sure to let it sit for about 20 minutes before rinsing so that the nutrients in the mask can be absorbed by the hair. For maximum results, you can wrap the hair that is being masked by using a hot towel. By doing this you can still treat your hair without having to go to the salon.

  • Use Hair Tonic

Want to have strong hair and free from loss? You need to use a hair tonic. Hair tonic is already known as a type of treatment that can maintain overall hair health at its root. Well, but you must know how to use the correct tonic so that the results obtained are more optimal. Use hair tonic when hair is still wet, do not forget to do massages in the head area so that hair tonic can be evenly distributed and perfectly absorbed by the scalp.

  • Apply Hair Serum

Perfect your hair care at home using hair serum or vitamins. This hair serum is very important to make your hair not dry, look more shiny, and prevent split ends. Use hair serum by rubbing it in the middle area of ​​the hair and tip. Avoid using serum at the base of the hair because it will make the scalp become oily and limp.

It turns out it’s easy enough to treat hair without having to go to the salon. But remember, nothing is instant, so you must routinely carry out the above treatment steps in order to get the hair you desire so far.


Colored Hair Care

Hair that has undergone chemical processes such as colored, is certainly more susceptible to hair problems such as dry hair and easy to fall out. Therefore, special ways are needed to treat your colored hair so it is not easily damaged and the color is more durable. Are you among those who like to change hair color? If so, take care of your colored hair to stay healthy with the tips below.

1. Special shampoo

If your hair is dyed, make sure you use a shampoo that is made specifically for the treatment of colored hair that can nourish your hair. The wrong choice of shampoo will reduce the pigmented hair color so that your hair color will fade faster. The use of anti-dandruff shampoo is not recommended for colored hair, because the chemical content that is hard enough in it will make hair dry and dull color. We recommend choosing a shampoo that is specifically intended for colored hair, which can maintain the color brightness and moisture of your hair.

2. Don’t forget the conditioner

Even normal hair needs conditioner, especially hair that has gone through chemical processes such as dyed hair. Hair that has been exposed to chemicals will certainly be more susceptible to experiencing hair problems such as dry, dull and fall out. Now to prevent the occurrence of these hair problems, a consultant is needed to keep hair moist, and not dry and not easily broken. Therefore, do not forget to always use conditioner after shampooing. But just apply it to the hair, do not let the scalp because the conditioner can cause fungi such as dandruff on the scalp.

3. Give nutrition Michaelkors Outlet

Nutrition is very important to keep your colored hair healthy. After bathing and shampooing, don’t forget to always use hair serum or vitamins. The best time to use serum is when the hair is half-dry, because at that time the nutrients in the serum will be more easily absorbed to the roots of the hair. You can also provide more nutrition for hair by using a hair mask once or twice a week. Providing a mask regularly will protect the color and moisture of your hair. Now for the best results, you can use natural masks made from avocados that are very good in maintaining healthy hair.

4. Reduce the use of hairdressing tools

Colored hair tends to be more sensitive than ordinary hair that has not undergone a chemical process. Therefore, the use of hair styling tools that emit heat such as hair dryers and vise will reduce levels of protein in the hair which can eventually cause dry hair if used too often. In addition, the use of this hairdresser tool will also accelerate the decline in color pigments on the skin. Eventually your hair color will quickly disappear and become dull. Just use a hair dryer, vise and other hairdresser tools that produce heat two or three times a week.

5. Avoid direct sunlight

Direct sunlight can also cause hair damage, such as hair color becomes dull and brittle. Therefore, as much as possible avoid your hair from direct sunlight. If you have to deal with sunlight, don’t forget to always use head protectors such as umbrellas, and hair vitamins that can protect your hair when you have to be outside in hot weather.

6. Shampoo with cold water Are you one of those who often bathe and wash with hot water? Bathing with hot water can indeed relax the muscles of the body after a day of activities. But this hot water turned out to be a bad impact on hair health. Shampooing with hot water can reduce moisture and widen the hair cuticles, which makes hair more susceptible to damage. In addition, hot water can also fade the hair color, making your hair color becomes dull.

Don’t forget to always give extra care like the above methods to your colored hair. Good luck!


10 These Habits Can Cause Hair Loss

Thick, loose hair is the dream of almost all women. Unfortunately, hair problems such as hair loss become a barrier for women to have their dream hair. Hair loss itself is caused by various factors, ranging from genetic factors to habits that are often unconsciously done. Now if you don’t want your hair loss to get worse, you should start to stop the habits described below.

1. Take a shower with hot water

Bathing with hot water can reduce natural hair oil products and make the skin and pores of the head dry, which ultimately leads to damage to hair roots. Damage to the hair roots will make the hair dry and brittle, so that the hair becomes more easily broken and fall out. Therefore, try not to bathe and wash your hair too often using hot water. If forced to take a shower with hot water, just pour hot water on the body only, while for the head, use plain water.

2. Often use a hairdresser tool

Frequently use a hair dryer, curling iron and curling iron? Naturally, if your hair always falls out. This is because the heat produced by the hairdresser tools can damage the protein in the hair, making the hair cuticles unprotected. This cuticle damage will ultimately reduce moisture on the scalp and hair, which then makes hair more prone to hair loss. We recommend that you reduce the use of hairdressing tools that produce heat. Just use 2 or 3 times a week, and try with the lowest temperature. And don’t forget to always apply hair vitamins to protect your hair from dryness due to hot temperatures.

3. The wrong diet

The wrong dietary pattern will make the body lack essential nutrients, one of which is protein. Due to lack of protein, the body will take the protein in the hair, which will eventually make the hair fall out and thinner. Even though you are on a diet program, you should still calculate and fulfill the nutritional intake you need every day. Foods that are rich in protein, such as fish and nuts, will keep your hair thick and avoid hair loss problems.

4. Wrong hair to dry

When it is wet, the hair cuticle will enlarge so that it increases the likelihood of hair breakage and loss. Therefore, be careful when drying and combing hair. It’s best to avoid drying your hair by rubbing it too tight using a towel. This will cause friction on the hair and towels that can damage hair cuticles. Simply dry your hair by gently patting your hair, then wrap it in a towel.

5. Tying hair too tight Michaelkors Outlet

Ponytail tightly will put excess pressure on the hair follicles, which is certainly not good for the health of hair follicles. Even excessive pressure on the follicle can cause injury that can cause permanent damage and make hair will not grow again. Therefore, you should avoid tying hair too often and tight, especially when sleeping. Tying hair while the hair is still wet is also not recommended, because it will trigger the growth of fungi that can cause infection of the scalp.

6. Scratching the head

The itching that appears on the scalp sometimes makes our hands impatient to scratch it. But these habits can actually be the cause of hair loss you know, Scratching the head will cause damage to the cuticles which eventually also triggers hair loss. If the scalp feels itchy, you better find the cause of the itching so that you can handle it in the right way. If the itching is caused by dandruff, shampoo with shampoo containing zinc, selenium, tea tree oil and other ingredients that can eliminate the fungus that causes dandruff.

7. Rarely or too often shampooing

Rarely shampooing will make the fungus thrive on the scalp, which makes hair fall out more easily. In addition, mold that builds up on the scalp can also clog the hair follicles so that hair growth is inhibited. Too often shampooing is also not good for hair health because it can reduce the production of natural oils in the hair. Eventually the hair will become dry and fall out more easily. Therefore, just wash your hair once a day, no need to wash every time you shower.

8. Comb from top to bottom

This habit is probably the thing you do most often. It may seem trivial, but combing hair from top to bottom will only further aggravate the hair loss that you experience, especially when tangled hair. We recommend that you comb your hair down first so that it is no longer tangled, then comb it from above. In addition, also avoid combing hair when the hair is still wet. Dry it first by aerating it.

9. Smoking

Besides disturbing the health of the body such as the heart and lungs, smoking can also cause hair loss. This is because smoking will cause circulation to the blood vessels to be not smooth so that blood production to the hair follicles is also inhibited.

10. Stress

Mental health apparently also affects hair health. Usually hair will begin to fall out and thin out when you experience pressure and stress. This situation occurs even worse in men. When men experience stress, hormone production will increase, especially the hormones testosterone and dehydrotestosterone. Both of these hormones will seep into the hair shaft and cause thinning. In the end the hair becomes damaged and falls out, can even cause permanent baldness. Surely you don’t want your hair to become thinner due to loss? Start to stop doing the habits above!


Fast Ways to Lengthen Your Hair in Short Time (II)

9. Hair care with aloe vera

The efficacy of aloe vera in nourishing and healthy hair is already no doubt. Aloe vera is also the key to various ways to lengthen hair. No wonder so many manufacturers of hair care products that use this plant as a basic ingredient in making its products. However, to get the maximum benefit, it would be better if you use aloe vera directly, not using hair care products that contain these plants. How to lengthen natural hair with aloe vera is very easy, just peel the aloe and take the gel. Then apply the gel to your scalp and hair. Leave it for about 20-30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. For maximum results, you can add a few drops of honey to the aloe vera gel before applying it to the scalp.

10. Olive oil and hazelnut oil, the secret to lengthen hair quickly

hazelnut oil
hazelnut oil

Olive oil and hazelnut oil are already known to be effective in accelerating hair growth. In addition to shampooing, you can do scalp massage just before going to bed using olive oil or hazelnut oil. Simply drop 5 drops of olive oil or hazelnut oil on the scalp, then massage gently for 5-10 minutes. Leave overnight, then rinse thoroughly when bathing in the morning. In addition to nourishing hair, both olive oil and hazelnut oil can soften dry, dull hair and make it look more shiny.

11. Extend Hair Naturally with Red Onions

The natural way to lengthen your hair with red onion juice has been believed for a long time. High sulfur content in onions is the key to naturally growing hair. How to apply natural ingredients to lengthen hair is also easy. Peel and wash one handful of onions. Grate and squeeze so the shallot juice comes out. Apply the onion juice on the skin evenly, then let stand a few moments. Then shampoo as usual. Perform this routine periodically and you can get guaranteed fast long hair naturally.

12. Cut the ends of the hair Michaelkors Outlet

Cutting the ends of your hair isn’t just for getting rid of old, dry, and split ends. It is also believed to stimulate hair to grow faster. So, it can be said to cut the ends of the hair is one way to make hair grow naturally fast as well as to make parts of the hair that are not healthy.

13. Reduce staying up late

Stress and lack of rest are among the causes of hair loss. More rest and reduce staying up late can help accelerate hair growth. This is because during sleep the body will regenerate new cells. If your sleep is disturbed, hair cell regeneration will automatically be disrupted. Not only helps to lengthen hair naturally, it is also good for your body’s health.

14. Egg White Mask for Fast Long Hair

The natural way to lengthen your next hair is to use egg whites. Egg white contains nutrients to accelerate hair growth. You can use this natural ingredient to become a hair mask that can lengthen your hair quickly. Simply mix the egg whites with olive oil and apply them to the hair and scalp while massaging. Allow it to soak up the perfect nutrition for a few minutes and then rinse the hair thoroughly.

15. Shampooing Routine but Not Too Often Shampooing

Using shampoo does help keep hair clean and healthy, it is mandatory if everyone has to wash regularly. But, don’t let you wash your hair too often! Shampooing every day will eliminate the natural oil content in the hair. The loss of natural oil content will make hair dry and unable to grow properly. So, tips on how to naturally lengthen your hair that you can begin to apply are to stay friendly regularly but not every day.

16. Wet hair? Don’t wrap or comb!

When the hair is still wet, the hair tends to be weaker so it is easily damaged than when it is dry. Tips for lengthening hair quickly next is to reduce the habit of combing and wrapping the hair with a towel when the hair is wet. That way, you have minimized the possibility of hair becoming damaged and falling out and of course it will be long and fast.

There are not many ways and tips to accelerate hair growth naturally? You don’t need too many chemicals to grow your hair fast. With a variety of natural ingredients you can also grow hair quickly without fearing that your hair will become damaged by chemicals. Come on, immediately try ways to lengthen the natural hair above!