Fast Ways to Lengthen Your Hair in a Short Time (I)

Long, healthy, shiny hair is the dream of almost all women. Not surprisingly, many women are willing to spend relatively expensive costs for hair care in the salon for the sake of getting long hair of her dreams. However, some problems that often arise such as dry hair, dull to fall, become an obstacle for women to get their dream hair. Unfortunately, not too many people know how to lengthen hair in a short amount of time, and certainly naturally and without risk. Here are some ways for long, fast hair that you can do to accelerate the growth of your hair.

1. Use a conditioner

The use of conditioner after shampooing regularly can also be one way to quickly lengthen hair. In addition to accelerating hair growth, conditioner can also maintain hair moisture so as to avoid damage such as dry, brittle and dull hair. Therefore, do not forget to frequently use conditioner after shampooing, at least 2 times a week so long hair is healthy and fast.

2. Reduce the use of a hair heater

Hair tools such as hair dryers, curling irons and hair curlers can indeed enhance your hairdo. But if used too often, the heat from these tools will make the hair become brittle so it breaks easily, and falls out. The resulting heat pressure will also inhibit hair growth in the long run.

So, tips to lengthen your hair quickly next is to start reducing the use of hair equipment that causes heat. It’s better to dry your hair naturally, just by aerating it. But when in a hurry, you can use a hair dryer, curling or curling, but with temperatures that are not too hot. Do not forget to use hair vitamins so that hair moisture is maintained.

3. Regularly massage the scalp

Another quick way to lengthen your hair is to stimulate hair growth by massaging the scalp regularly, at least 3 times a week. This will help blood circulation in the scalp so that the process of hair growth will be faster. Scalp massage does not always have to be creambath in the salon, you can also do it yourself at home without having to drain the contents of the bag. When shampooing, gently massage the scalp for 3-5 minutes. In addition to accelerating blood circulation, massaging the scalp will also clean the dirt on the scalp that causes the growth of fungi such as dandruff. Easy is not a way to naturally lengthen your hair.

4. Avoid hair coloring Michaelkors Outlet

Frequently changing hair color? If you want to accelerate hair growth, you should not dye your hair too often. Surely you already know that hair dyes contain chemicals? Now if too often used, chemicals contained in it can damage the scalp to inhibit hair growth. So, if you want natural long fast hair, reduce contact with hair dye chemicals, yes.

5. Increase protein consumption

In addition to treatment from outside, care from inside is also needed to stimulate hair growth. Therefore, make sure you consume foods that are rich in protein so that your hair follicles get the essential nutrients needed to support hair growth. In addition to accelerating the length of hair, foods with high protein content such as milk, nuts and meat will also keep your hair healthy and not easily damaged.

6. Reduce swimming time

The next way to lengthen your hair naturally is to avoid swimming too often. The chlorine content in swimming pool water can damage so as to make hair growth slower. However, if you find it difficult to reduce your hobby of swimming, you can use a hair cover while swimming to directly protect your hair from chlorine. In addition, immediately rinse your hair using shampoo and do not forget to also use a conditioner so that the hair does not dry and moisture is maintained.

7. Use green tea

How to lengthen your hair naturally next is to use green tea. Green tea is one of the natural ingredients that can accelerate hair growth. The high antioxidant content in green tea can facilitate the circulation of blood flow to the skin so that it stimulates hair growth more quickly. Brew green tea, then spread evenly on the scalp. Then wrap the hair using a towel, let stand for 20-30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. In addition to the way it is distributed on the scalp, you can also directly get the benefits of green tea by drinking it. Besides having a role in hair growth, its antioxidant content can also protect the body from free radicals that cause premature aging and health problems such as cancer.

8. Take advantage of the properties of coconut milk to lengthen hair

It turns out that coconut milk can also be used to lengthen hair. Maybe it does sound weird. But you can prove it yourself by regularly treating hair using coconut milk, at least 2 times a week. In addition to lengthening hair quickly, regular use of coconut milk to treat hair, can also smooth and soften hair. How to care for hair using coconut milk is not too difficult, just apply thick coconut milk to the scalp to taste, then cover with a warm towel then let stand for 15-20 minutes. After that, rinse thoroughly and you will feel hair becoming softer. Interested in making coconut milk as your hair care ingredient?


The Best & Effective Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Clean Scalp

Hair is the most important part in the head because it can represent us. Not only for women, for men, hair is a crown. However, unfortunately everyone must have their own hair problems. One of them is dandruff. Dandruff often affects self confidence.

Some people think that this problem is fate, even though dandruff is very curable, you know. Dandruff arises from the combination of excess oil and dirt on the coconut skin. Our scalp can also be dehydrated because of lack of moisture in the scalp. A dehydrated scalp will produce large amounts of oil.

Therefore, shampoo that is mixed with special anti-dandruff ingredients should be able to cleanse our entire scalp without causing it to dry. The following recommendations are the best and most effective anti-dandruff shampoo !

  1. Erhair Scalp Care Shampoo

Erhair is a product of Erha Clinic which recently presented a special skin clinic called Erha DermaCenter. Products that are always innovative because they are designed by the best dermatology team and doctors. This anti-dandruff shampoo contains Climbazole and Piroctone Olamine as an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent that can overcome Malassezia as the main cause of dandruff. Meanwhile, to eliminate itching and reduce inflammation of the scalp, Erha also added the content of Aloe Vera and Pro Vit B5 to this anti-dandruff shampoo.

2. Selsun Blue

Selsun blue is also one of the most powerful anti-dandruff shampoo shampoos. Aloe Barbadensis Gel or Aloe Vera content can prevent hair loss and thicken hair. In addition, it also contains 1% Selenium Sulfide which is effective at getting rid of dandruff from your scalp. For maximum results, use this shampoo twice a week. After using this Selsun Blue shampoo, your scalp will feel cool because of the menthol effect it contains.

3.  Rudy Hadisuwarno Dandruff Defense

Dandruff scalp can cause fragility of the hair roots to cause hair loss. Therefore, the problem of dandruff must be resolved until it is finished. Usually if you are already compatible with one anti-dandruff shampoo, it will work quickly in getting rid of your dandruff. But again, you have to pay attention to the development of your scalp, whether it gets better or worse. Rudy Hadisuwarno Dandruff Defense This shampoo can be a surefire solution.

4. Romano Shampoo Anti Dandruff Force

This anti-dandruff shampoo is specially formulated for you. This special formulation is complemented by Romano’s masculine perfume. Romano’s unique citrus fragrance is guaranteed to last even after many activities. So, in addition to solving scalp problems, Romano can also prevent unwanted scalp odors. For men who have a lot of activities, this shampoo is worth trying to solve your dandruff problem. Michaelkors Outlet

5. Natur Shampoo Tea Tree Oil

This Natural Tea Tree Oil Shampoo carries the concept of using natural ingredients in creating its products. The main ingredients in this anti-dandruff shampoo are already listed in its name, tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has properties to eradicate head lice, dandruff, and prevent dry and oily scalp. Another ingredient that has an important role to eliminate the itching caused by dandruff is ginseng extract. Ginseng extract is also able to protect hair from pollution and sunlight. Finally, there is urang aring extract which has the benefit of moisturizing your scalp.

6. L’Oreal SerieExpert Instant Clear

Usually a dandruff scalp feels uncomfortable. But because the L’Aoreal SerieExpert shampoo contains Bisabolo, a fresh effect on the scalp after shampooing will be long-lasting. While Alpha Piritone is an ingredient that works extra in controlling dandruff. For shampoo that contains extra ingredients, you do not need to spend deep. Because the price is quite affordable, you can get quite a lot of contents.

7. Dove Dandruff Care Shampoo

It seems that Zinc Pyrithione is the latest ingredient in controlling and eliminating dandruff. Because in Dove Dandruff Care Shampoo also contains Zinc Pyrithione. What is different is the micro moisture serum that can nourish your hair from root to tip. If there is a shampoo that recommends regular use and not every day, the anti-dandruff shampoo from Dove is very safe to use everyday.

8. Wardah Anti Dandruff Shampoo

If there was a Romano who offered a long-lasting claim of fragrance with a fresh sensation for men, this shampoo can be a mainstay of women. Wardah Anti Dandruff This shampoo also contains tea tree oil along with zinc actives which are effective in removing dandruff from your scalp. Wardah is a local brand that carries the concept of halal products, so it is safe to use.

9. Pantene Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Relax, if the brand of anti-dandruff shampoo above has not made you click, there is still Pantene Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. Pantene even designed this product with twice as many dandruff ingredients. Another advantage of the Pantene Anti Dandruff Shampoo is that it is available in a variety of sizes. From small to large, almost 1 liter. So, if you are sure this shampoo is suitable for your hair, just immediately buy the size because it is guaranteed cheaper.

10. Sunsilk Hijab Refresh Anti Dandruff

This shampoo is arguably special because it is designed specifically for women who wear the hijab. Even if you wear hijab, don’t neglect your hair’s health, Toppers. Old but untreated scalp problems will have a domino effect on the condition of the scalp onwards. Sunsilk has prepared a special formula by mixing figs, lime and ZPT which refreshes the scalp so that the hair is protected from dandruff problems.


6 Ways to Get Rid of Dandruff Naturally

The anti-dandruff shampoo that you use often has not been effective for removing dry scalp or dandruff even though you regularly use it? You know what, if you use shampoo that doesn’t suit your scalp, it will make dandruff even more and damage your scalp, you know. Therefore, using natural ingredients is one of the best solutions for you.

These natural ingredients are also very effective for relieving itching on the head, and nourishing and nourishing your hair without any side effects. Want to know how to get rid of dandruff naturally and what ingredients can you use to get rid of dry scalp? Come, see the following steps:

Dandruff Natural Remedies Michaelkors Outlet

  • Olive oil

Olive oil that can be easily obtained toppers around you or in supermarkets and the nearest drugstore can actually be one of the natural ingredients for dandruff removal, you know.

How to use it is also very easy. Apply olive oil to the hair, try to hit the scalp, because this is indeed the problem. Do not forget to give a gentle massage so that olive oil is easily absorbed. Let stand for 30 minutes, then rinse with clean water as usual. You can do this 30 minutes before shampooing and after shampooing, your hair will be cleaner.

  • Vinegar

Vinegar which is usually used for cooking or food supplements is also effective in removing dandruff on the scalp, you know. This is because vinegar is an abrasive substance, by using vinegar you can find it easier to remove dead skin that is peeling off. Just apply a little vinegar to the scalp and massage slowly for 5-10 minutes. But, you must be careful when using white vinegar, because this vinegar is quite hard on the skin. So, don’t overuse it.

  • Baking Soda

You already know that baking soda which is usually used to make bread can also be used to remove dandruff? How to use it is also very easy, just mix baking soda with warm water, then apply to the scalp for 5-10 minutes. But, to remember, do not use too much and too often use this baking soda, because it can erode the scalp if used too much. Just a little can get rid of dandruff cleanly.

  • Pandan leaves

Pandan leaves are usually used as a natural green food coloring or to be cooked and smoked food. But, you can also use pandan leaves to deal with dandruff naturally. Puree pandan leaves, if necessary pandan leaves can be crushed by pounding. If you can not use a blender, just pound it. then add a little warm water and rinse the head with this pandan leaf juice.

  • Kale

Water spinach, which is one of the food ingredients with various essential vitamins for health, can also be used to make dandruff drugs. Boil water spinach with 2 cups of water, use this cooking water to wash hair and head. Your hair will look healthier and cleaner if you use this water spinach regularly.

  • Shallot

In the past, Javanese people always gave crushed onions and then placed on the baby’s head to warm the baby. It turns out this can also be copied by you to get rid of stubborn dandruff quickly. Blend the onion, or just split the onion in half. Then apply on the scalp. Dandruff will quickly come out and disappear naturally.

Your hair will be clean and dandruff free by using the natural ingredients above. But, just do these steps one to two times every week, to prevent irritation and sores on the scalp. You don’t need to use other chemical ingredients or shampoos to deal with dandruff and dry scalp. Come on, have healthy hair and clean charming starting from now!


5 Ways to Treat Dandruff and Itchy Scalp for Men

Despite experiencing the same condition of dandruff, it turns out the causes of dandruff in men and women are somewhat different, you know. So, knowing well the factors that cause stubborn dandruff can be one important step to determine how to deal with dandruff right.

The first thing to note is the difference in the condition of the scalp. Men’s scalp tends to be more oily than women. Dry scalp is prone to triggering more oil production to maintain moisture. Well, excessive levels can make conditions so moist that they become fertile fields for the growth of fungi that cause Malassezia (a type of fungus that is harmless and can develop freely on the scalp).

Another fact that you must know is that the condition of dandruff scalp indicates an unhealthy condition. The scalp itself has a defense system that can protect it from various health problems, one of which is dandruff. If dandruff has appeared in the area, this indicates that the health of the scalp has begun to decline. The right way to deal with dandruff is needed to improve his condition. See below.

1. Restore scalp health

Restoring the natural health of the scalp is one of the most appropriate ways to deal with dandruff. This is very important, considering the natural defense of the scalp is one way to protect it from a variety of hair health problems, including dandruff.

2. Give nutrition to the scalp Michaelkors Outlet

The scalp is the same as other parts of the body that need nutrients to grow healthy and strong. Expand the consumption of fruits and vegetables is one way to overcome dandruff that is simple, but effective. Both of these foods have a series of vitamins and minerals that play an active role in maintaining healthy scalp and hair.

In some cases, some people have the amount of malassezia that exceeds the normal limit but do not have dandruff problems. However, there are also the opposite. The body’s different reactions are not yet known the exact cause by researchers or doctors.

3. Avoid dehydration

Apparently, dehydration can also cause dandruff growth. Dehydration forces the natural oil tissue or sebum on the scalp to produce even more oil to balance the condition. This disturbed balance is used by the fungus that causes dandruff to grow and live in it. So, meeting the needs of body fluids can also be a powerful way to overcome dandruff that is done at home.

4. Choose the right anti-dandruff shampoo

The most common way to deal with dandruff is to use an anti-dandruff shampoo. However, you should not choose shampoo randomly. Incorrect choice of products can make dandruff worse. Use the best anti-dandruff shampoo that suits your scalp type. Use anti-dandruff shampoo that is specially formulated for men. Most anti-dandruff shampoo products that are available on the market can only deal with dandruff on the surface, so that many experience dandruff problems back again.

5. Change bad habits regarding styling hair

It turns out, without you knowing, wrong hair styling habits can also cause dandruff. For example, the use of styling products such as creams, gels, sprays to pomades that are left attached to the hair and not thoroughly cleaned after use. This can facilitate the growth of dandruff due to clogged pores. Clogged pores can make the scalp condition itchy and dandruff. So, pay close attention to the cleanliness of the scalp and hair if you are included as one of the users of Seria hair styling products.


4 Ways to Choose Men’s T-Shirts for Every Skin Color

For men who like to pay attention to their appearance, this article really needs your attention. Choosing shirts inside is not only about choosing a comfortable material but also the appropriate color. Not only in accordance with the shirt or output you want to use but also with skin color. Why? Because choosing the wrong color of the shirt can make you look shabby and dirty. Of course you don’t want to look dirty and dull, do you? So you should consider tips on choosing t-shirts for each of these skin colors.

  • Dark Skin

Do you feel insecure wearing a shirt because your skin is dark? Eits! That is wrong thinking. Dark skin is actually suitable for using many other things when it comes to colored fashion. You can wear the most colorful shirts. You better choose a shirt with a contrasting color so that your skin looks brighter. If you want to choose a neutral shirt color, avoid black. Choose lighter colors like white or light gray. By using these colors you also make the appearance more pleasant when seen. So, avoid dark colors. Like purple, green, dark chocolate or magenta.

  • Olive skin color

You match the pastel colors. The colors are not too bright anyway. For example, such as broken white, brown, light blue or light blue. Then pay attention too, you should not use colors that are too bright T-shirts such as green, pink, yellow or red, because these colors will make a contrast there on your skin that is quite far away. Instead of light, your skin will look dull if overwritten by colors like red or yellow. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Brown skin

A colorful shirt that is definitely suitable for your skin, which is often called exotic. You can use yellow, red, green, blue, light purple, orange, etc. These colors will make your skin look brighter. Yummy your skin, dark colors also look suitable, you know. Just don’t do it too often. Your skin can look dead or dull if you use dark clothing too often. So, use bright colors.

  • White skin

Who says white skin is suitable for any color? Choosing the color of clothes is rather tricky. Although many people say that white skin matches any skin color, it doesn’t. You need to avoid colors that are too young. For example the color of aqua, baby pink, or sunlight yellow. The colors can make your skin look glare and too pale. In addition, you will also be a little annoying in people’s eyes when they see your appearance.


7 Important Fashion Items for Beginner Runners

Running is one sport that is simple and can be run by anyone. Moreover, the location to run it is not always limited to certain places. Doing running sports near your housing complex, or in the arena running in the sports arena, and the car free day area on weekends can always be run. However, even though it looks like a simple sport, you still need fashion to support the training process. Not only makes you look stylish when running, but also provides a comfortable and safe effect during running.  

Not all sports shoes can be used for running. Running requires shoes with extra padding and stability than shoes for walking or shoes used for indoor sports. Running shoes also need to be light so that they make it easier to run. While sneakers in general are inflexible and heavy. Therefore, fashion items must first and foremost be running shoes. Brand running shoes are also already familiar to the ear.

  • Light and cool running shirt for comfortable moving

There are many types of running shirts. There are short and long sleeve shirts. Some are loose and fit the body. The key to choosing the right running shirt is comfort and health. You can try wearing a T-shirt and doing a small simulation running in the locker room. Are you comfortable with the clothes when running? If comfortable, short or long sleeves, loose or fitted body, could be your choice. If it is not comfortable, the standard form of a short-sleeved T-shirt running and fit the body, can be the right choice.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the health aspect too. Generally, a good running shirt is made of nylon with a net panel on the back, side and armpit area. This model T-shirt is able to regulate body temperature and not hold heat for too long in the body. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Tanktop for hot weather so sweat quickly evaporates

How to choose a fashion item mandatory for this one is more or less the same as choosing a running shirt. Comfort and health are important considerations. But, why should a tanktop be a fashion item for beginners? Tanktop is suitable for Indonesia’s humid climate. When running, the body will emit hot temperatures, and sweat needs to evaporate immediately so as not to accumulate in the skin and add dead skin cells. By using a tanktop, body temperature rotation can run more smoothly

  • A running jacket protects from cold weather

Although Indonesia is more often hot than cold, it does not mean you will not run when the rainy season arrives. During the rainy season, novice runners need to dress warmly, but remember that running will increase heart rate and body temperature. So, no need to overlay the body. Simply wear a tank top or sweatshirt and cover with a running jacket. More or less, a good running jacket is the same as a T-shirt and a tank top run. To be sure, a running jacket must be light. So, it doesn’t hamper running performance. Also, if in the middle of a session you feel your body is too warm, the jacket can be removed. If it’s light, the jacket is easy to carry.

  • Lightweight pants for easy stepping

Still connecting points above. When the rainy season arrives, the weather starts to cool down, running in shorts is not the right choice. Lightweight trousers for running should actually be a fashion item required for beginners in cold weather. Not only comfort, when running, you need pants that can support running movements more optimally. Proper running pants can protect feet from injury and injury. In addition, lightweight materials can support your running style.

While for hot weather, you can use running shorts. The principle is the same as a tank top. Short pants can facilitate the circulation of body heat temperature. In addition, shorts with special extra pockets can make it easier to store cell phones, keys, and other important objects.

  • Store important items in a running waist bag

Running bags are usually used to store mobile phones, keys, money, cards, drinking bottles, and other important objects. Running bags are also various models. There are special ones for storing cellphones only. Some can load more items. But, generally, running bags are small and minimalist. When running, it’s better not to carry too much stuff. The more load of goods carried, the slower the pace of running.

  • Sports bra designed for high activity

Want to be serious about running? One important fashion item is a sports bra that will support the chest and reduce breast movement when running. When running, friction or reflection in the chest not only makes it uncomfortable but also triggers stretch ligaments around the breast. The more routine running without proper bra support, the more ligaments are stretched which then makes the breast droop. The right sports bra can reduce unwanted movements by 50-60 percent, according to experts. So, make sure you use a sports bra that is comfortable and is designed for high activities like running.


Tips for Choosing the Right Perfume for Men

Everyone would want to have a fragrant body scent and no one wants their body to smell. Especially for men who have heavier activities and more sweat production than women, fear of body odor must always haunt. That is why, perfume is also an important part in men’s lives. In order to keep the body fragrant all day and avoid body odor, some men like to wear perfume at some point in their body parts.

But what sometimes makes people around smell unpleasant odors from the body of men who use perfume is the smell of perfume that is too pungent and the smell of sweat mixed with perfume, creating a dizzying aroma. Do you feel that way or not? Therefore, it is important for men to choose the right perfume so that the fragrance of perfume does not turn into a disaster for those around us.

  • Determine Your Distinctive Aroma

Surely you want people to recognize you from the scent of your body? You should try and look for a scent that suits your wishes. There are various types of perfume that you can choose, including floral, amber, woody, honey, and tobacco. From these types of fragrances, there are many more perfume fragrance families that you can choose according to your wishes and tastes. Also make sure the fragrance shows your characteristics.

  • Choose the scent of perfume that suits your personality

One way to choose the right perfume is to adjust it to your personality. Some types of perfume aromas really emphasize the personality of the wearer you know. Here, for example. For the type of mysterious and modern man, you can choose the aroma of musky or amber. Aroma woody suitable for charismatic men, flowers for romantic men, fougere for ambitious men who like to rule, while the scent of citrus, foliage, and aquatic is suitable for active men who like sports. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Find a bond

To be able to find perfume that is really right for you, then you also need to try to get it. You can choose perfume at a perfume shop and try the scents that you really want. Make sure you don’t smell more than three types of perfume to determine which aroma suits your desires and personality. To be able to find the right scent, you really need to try one by one. Also note the fragrance of perfume when mixed with the natural scent of your body, whether it still smells fragrant or just the opposite.

  • Use Perfume in accordance with the Activities and Opportunities

When going to wear perfume, you should also consider the activities and opportunities that you will do. If you have a show at night, then it never hurts you to use perfume with a fairly strong level of fragrance. Meanwhile, if during the day for daily activities such as work, school, or college, it is recommended for you to use perfume with a level of fragrance that is not too oppressive. If you use too much perfume or use perfume with a very strong scent, people around you might get dizzy and don’t want to be near you.

Remember, we all don’t want to cause bad body odor, but covering up body odor with excessive use of perfume actually makes your body smell even more unpleasant. Hopefully by following the tips that Toped gave this time, you can appear fragrant all day without unpleasant odors that emerge from your body. Good luck.


Body Care Products that Men Must Have

Who says that only women can take care of their face and body? Although impressed indifferent, men are also very concerned about cleanliness and appearance. When men take care of themselves, it is not necessarily because they want to perform optimally for certain events, but rather to maintain the freshness of the body for full day activities. Especially for professional matters where you have to meet important people and presentations in front of clients, your appearance also supports success.

Face and body care for men is not as complete as women. Even so, every man should have some care products so that the appearance does not seem dirty and cause unpleasant body odor. Are you the type of guy who does self-care routinely? Let’s look at what you must have in toiletries and body care equipment.

  • Shaving Equipment

Men who want to look young, will definitely shave his mustache and beard. Hair-free face in the area above the lips and chin does give the impression of a clean and fresh face. That’s why, most men must have shaving equipment to get rid of hair on the face. What should not be left behind are razors, shaving creams or gels, warm water, and mirrors. You also have complete shaving equipment

  • Deodorant

Free of body odor, one of the keys is deodorant. Compared to women, men do sweat more. To prevent your body from getting sour, you can use deodorant. The type of deodorant that you can choose is roll on or spray. Apply or spray on both armpits so you can stay fresh throughout the day even until you come home from work.

  • Soap

If you are not too fond of using perfume, soap with the scent of “really guy” can be used as an alternative Toppers. When bathing, make sure the soap hits your entire body and give a little focus on the part that usually creates body odor. With the use of this soap, then you can come up with a fresh aroma. Do not forget to add it also by using a moisturizer so that you look more masculine.

After a day of activities, you need to clean your face from dust, oil and dirt. So, facial wash soap must be in your bathroom, Toppers. Choose the type of face soap that suits your skin type. If you have acne-prone skin, choose facial soap that contains salicylic acid. With the right face soap, then your face will still look clean, fresh, and of course, handsome.

  • Face moisturizer

To protect the face from sun exposure, facial moisturizers with SPF content are certainly a must-have for every man. In addition, its function can also moisturize the skin so that it can prevent dry skin. Even though your skin is oily, moisturizers are still required to be used so that your skin doesn’t lose its moisture. With this facial moisturizer, your face will become fresher and dull-free.

  • Body lotion

Hands and feet also need moisture because these body parts are often dry and rotten. Besides moisturizing, body lotion also gives a fresh aroma to your body. In the market there are many types of body lotions for men and you can choose according to the needs of your skin and body. Use body lotion after bathing so that the body scent obtained from soap gets stronger with the addition of body lotion afterwards.

  • Hairdresser Products

To get neatly arranged hair, hair styling products such as hair gel or pomade can not be missed just like that. With the use of this product, your hair will look wet and easy to style. You can use this hairdresser product to go to work or to formal events so that you look more presentable and masculine.

That’s the face and body care products that you must have. As a real man, you must keep your personal hygiene and take care of yourself so that you look maximal and fresh for your daily activities.


Easy Steps to Form a Sexy Mustache

Who do you usually remember when you hear the word mustache? Certainly not far from the figures Charlie Chaplin, Adolf Hitler, and Andi Malarangeng. Mustache is not just hair on the lips that makes men more masculine you know, but also a pride for men. So, if you have a mustache, do not rush to be shaved off first, because mustache can be one part of the body that attracts women’s attention.

So that your mustache shape is not messy and still neat, there are ways you know to arrange it. Mustache can be your characteristic, so you should choose the form of mustache that suits your personality. The way you shape your whiskers also depends on your hair growth and the type of mustache you want.

If you just want to grow a mustache and style with thin hair above the lips, the following steps you can follow to shape it to be nicer and sexier.

  • Moisten Mustaches

Before you start shaving your mustache, it’s best to wet your mustache a bit to make your hair easier to manage. Then comb the whiskers downward because the whiskers will look well if they are pointing down. After that, you can start shaving your mustache slowly. You can wet your mustache by spraying water or using shaving cream.

  • Limit Shaving Area

You need to decide how wide or how big the mustache you want to get. From here, you can determine the limits of your mustache. The shape of the mustache is thin and thick and wide, you can adjust the distance of the outer border of the mustache with the nose and lips. If necessary, so that the shape of the mustache is balanced, you can make a layout in advance using a white eyeliner pencil or whatever to mark it. Then you can adjust the shape by cutting or shaving. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Cut the thick part of hair

After setting the shaving limit, you can now start cutting and shaving the thick part of your mustache. You can use a razor mustache or shaving scissors to cut hair. Do it slowly, so you can better control the movement of the hands so you can avoid the shaving process that is too thin.

How to shave it can not be careless you know Toppers. The way you use blades and shears is to follow the hairline we have combed downwards. Cut mustache hair from the middle to the tip of the mustache and from the nose to the lips. Cutting like this will make your appearance more perfect.

  • Last touch

Now, after finishing cutting and shaving, you need to also do the last thing to treat the skin condition in your mustache area. You should wash your face to get rid of the remnants of hair stuck to your face. Dry and then use a moisturizer to keep the face moist and soft. To style and style a mustache, you can use mustache wax to make it more attractive and sexy.

Now, you can look attractive, masculine, and sexy with your exotic mustache. For you who want to look more mature, you can really grow a mustache and shape it with the steps mentioned above. With this mustache shape, guaranteed girls will be more hooked on you. good luck


Attract Women’s Attention With This Hair Model

Not only fashion style that needs to be considered to attract women’s hearts, stylish hairstyles also can also make women unnerved when they see you. Well not only women who have a myriad of hairstyles that can be tried, men’s hair models are now increasingly diverse. You can find classic hairstyles to boyband styles in magazines. But of the many male hairstyles only a few became idols or were favored by women. Wow guaranteed by cheating on the following cool hairstyles, you can be an idol of girls, hehehe.

  • Spike model

This one man’s haircut is a model that always hits and is timeless. To make the spike haircut fairly easy, you only need to thin the right and left sides of the hair and make the front, middle, and back of the hair thicker. After that, usually men will use gel and arrange their hair to look up and look like something sharp (spike). The advantage of the spike model is that this hairstyle is suitable for all face shapes so you don’t need to be afraid of your appearance being weird if you apply a spike hair style.

  • Side Model

Who says the side-cut hairstyle only makes you look cute and unattractive? It turns out that this hairstyle is also included in the list of haircuts that are liked by women. Neat and smart impression that was created to be one of the allure of this one hairstyle. How to create this hairstyle is very easy, you only need to comb your hair to the side. Which girl doesn’t melt away from hot guys with geek-style hair and clothes? Michaelkors Outlet

  • Pompadour model
Pompadaour style
Pompadaour style

If you are a fan of David Beckham, surely you like to pay attention to the flagship hairstyle, the pompadour hairstyle. Pompadour’s actual haircut itself is an old-fashioned hairstyle alias because it has been around since 1890. But with the classy and elegant impression that was created to make this hairstyle still in demand until now it can even attract women’s attention. With the pompadour model you will be seen as a classy and authoritative man, especially if you mix it with a suit jacket. Wow, it’s so bad that girls aren’t immediately surprised to see you

How to make a pompadour hair style is almost similar to the spike hair style, you only need to thin the side of the hair and let the front part become thick. If the spike hair model, hair will be made to stand using gel, but in the pompadour model, the front hair will be given a gel or pommade and then combed back. This gel or pommade works so that the front of the hair that is combed back is kept neat.

  • Bed Head Model

The appearance of a little messy hair like just waking up was also liked by girls, Toppers. With this hairstyle you will look really guy and look a bit naughty. To create this hair style, you only need to use a gel that is added a little water and then ‘mess up’ your hair to make it look messy. Oh yes, to make a Bed Head hairstyle make sure you have long hair so that the impression of waking up is more visible.

  • Shortcut Model

This haircut is usually worn by military people or who work as police officers. Macho image can not be separated from the crew cut hair style. When you have this army-style hair, the masculine side of men will be increasingly visible. This has become an attraction for women. By having a crew cut, you also don’t need to bother tidying your hair anymore. It’s simple but Gorgeous!


Dressing Tips For Fat Men

Men who have a thin body are easier to choose clothing, because they do not have to bother looking for clothes. Want to wear any outfit will definitely be suitable for use because their body shapes are right. Especially for those who have a sixpack body shape which is the dream of men and women ‘s dreams. But, that does not mean those who have fat bodies are not suitable for wearing any outfit you know! Although for those who have a large body posture a little more difficult to find clothes that fit, but, it’s all still be tricked really! Many ways you can do to make a fat body shape look more attractive.

Here is a solution for how to dress for men who have fat bodies so that they are no less cool with those who are even sixpack, which is certainly worth trying. Let’s check one by one right away.

  • Choose clothes that fit

Mistake of dress a fat man usually uses clothes that are actually bigger than his size. But, precisely therein lies his fault, wearing oversized clothes does not mean that it can cover a fat body on the contrary, instead it will look unattractive and show the insecurity of those who have a fat body shape. For that, it’s better to use clothes that are the right size and fit on your body. Because clothes that fit will make you feel more comfortable and confident. Choose clothes that are cut and shaped to disguise your curves.

If you want to copy male fashion styles in magazines or television that wear clothes with flashy patterns, you better discourage these intentions, because if you wear excessive flashy motifs, it will even look full and seem stacked. It’s better to use clothing with a simple and not excessive style that will give the impression of lightness. It is precisely clothes with simple stripe motifs will look more charming than clothes with busy motifs. It is recommended, for those of you who have a fat body to prefer a boss who has a shaping or a firm shape on the shoulder like a jeans shirt or blazer that can make you look more manly and authoritative

Avoid clothes made from thick If you like to wear thick clothes it would be better if you started to leave it, because you need to know wearing thick clothes will even give the impression of weight and further accentuate the fat body posture. It is better to use clothes with materials that tend to be ordinary, besides being more comfortable to use it also won’t give the impression of looking fatter.

For subordinates, don’t make the wrong choice! Choose jeans with the right size and fit on your body. For those who have a fat body avoid wearing jeans cut with boot cut and flare cut. Because using pants with large cuts will actually make your body look even bigger. Conversely, using pants that are too tight will make body fat more exposed. You better wear pants with straight cut or wide leg cuts to perfect your appearance.

  • Wear a watch with a large size

In addition, to complete your appearance use a watch as an accessory. Avoid wearing strappy watches and small bazels. Because the watch will look drowned when worn. Choose watches that are medium to wide, strap material that isn’t too thin, and bazel sized to medium sized to be able to compensate for your body proportions. In addition to making your style more cool, using a watch will give a classy and timely impression.

There is some tips that can be made for you who have a fat body. Tips on dressing above can make you look handsome and cool. Provided you can be smart to match and match the clothes you wear huh … Good luck


10 Don’t Fashion For Short Bodied Men

Having a tall body shape and field would be the dream of almost all men because men with body shapes like this are usually the ideal type of women. Unfortunately not all men can get this ideal body shape easily.

They also do a variety of ways, ranging from sports, taking supplements enhancing the body to choose clothes that they think can make their appearance seem higher.

But not a few men who actually make mistakes when dressed which actually makes it look shorter, maybe including one of the men who often do it.

1. Avoid Gingham Motifs and Horizontal Lines

Horizontal stripe motif or a straight line to the side and the gingham motif aka checkered will make your body look more ‘wide’ to the side, not high up. Instead of wanting to look taller, these two motifs will actually make you look shorter. Vertical stripe motif is the most suitable motif for you because it can give the illusion effect that makes your body look taller.

Gingham Motifs
Gingham Motifs

2. Oversized clothes

Another mistake most often made by short stature men is to wear clothes that are much larger than body size. This shirt that is too loose will make you look as if you’re ‘sinking’ in a shirt and make you look even more sunk, especially if the length is below the hips. The solution, use a slim fit shirt or that fits in the body, in this case not too big or small, and the length falls right on the hips.

3. Don’t Collect Bright Clothes Michaelkors Outlet

You like to collect clothes with bright colors? If so, you should stop to add to your bright color collection because bright colors like red, yellow and pink will only make your body more volume. You should fill the wardrobe with earth tone clothes like black, brown and navy. These three colors will give a higher impression on your body.

4. Clothing Material

Is Too Thick The intention is to wear a sweater to look like a cool Korean boy band member? You are mistaken for Toppers, because thick clothes like sweaters, hoodies and jackets tend to make your body look wider and shorter. Instead of appearing cool, your appearance will actually look “not really” when wearing a sweater. Now clothes made from light and thin like cotton, polyester and jersey are the most appropriate choice.

5. Shoes with a Short Base

Short-bottomed shoes such as sandals, slip-on shoes and sneakers are not the right choice for you who have a short body posture. If you can’t increase your height, you can work around this by wearing shoes that are equipped with thick soles. For example, like boots and thick soled loafers. These shoes can at least increase your body height by a few centimeters.

6. Don’t Wear a Coat with Buttons of More Than Three

Jackets, blazers or cardigans with more than three buttons will also make the upper body less pronounced more clearly visible. If you want to wear a suit, you should choose a suit that only has one or two buttons with the type of single breasted. Also make sure also, the suit you choose is not too long, try to fall in length right on the buttocks.

7. Pants that are too high

Another mistake often made by short stature men is wearing pants that are too high, especially to above the waist. This habit will make you who have a body posture not too high so it looks shorter. To give a higher body effect, wear pants slightly above the hips. Also, make sure the stitches of the pants fall directly above the shoes and also avoid folding the bottom of the pants.

8. Shirts and Round Collar Shirts

Do you like to wear shirts and shirts with a round collar? If so, keep a shirt and a round collar shirt because they will only make you look rounder and shorter. For t-shirts, you should choose a v-neck collar that will help your upper body look more level. As for shirts, high collar models and not too wide can be your choice.

9. Wear a Bow Tie

Wearing a bow tie will indeed make you look younger, but be careful, because this type of tie is not suitable for you who have a short body posture. Ties that are the right length to fall on the belt and are not too wide can be the most appropriate choice for going to the office or when attending other formal events.

10. Long haircuts

Not only clothes that affect your body size, it turns out hair also affects. Long hair will cover your neck and shoulders, making your neck level more invisible. Short haircut that rises to the top like a spike is the most appropriate choice and will make your neck look more level.

Now if you don’t want to look shorter, avoid making the mistake above!


Look Different With Temporary Tattoos!

We certainly have known tattoos for a long time. Yup, tattoos are the art of decorating limbs in the form of images, symbols or writing drawn on the skin surface of the body of the desired person. Apparently tattoos have been around for thousands of years, you know! Not just pictures, symbols or writing, but usually tattoos have their own meaning or meaning for the owner. No wonder if the tattoo is called as one of the works of art. Many people, especially teenagers are interested in making tattoos to experiment with their appearance or just for style, because tattoos have a special attraction for the eyes of the beholder.

As we know, there are 2 types of tattoos, namely permanent tattoos and temporary tattoos. However, the type of tattoo that is most popular is the type of temporary tattoos, although temporary, the results of temporary tattoos resemble permanent tattoos. In addition, for those who are interested in using temporary tattoos, there is no need to worry about having to bear the pain in the skin obtained like a permanent tattoo.

Temporary tattoos itself has a variety of types that can be tailored to the user. Curious? Let us look one by one.

  • Stick On Tattoos

This type of temporary tattoo is the most popular, especially among young people because of the easy way to use it by simply wetting the back of the paper with water and can be removed at any time. This type of tattoo is also easily available and a wide selection of images is available.

  • Airbrush tattoos

This tattoo has a longer endurance than other types of temporary tattoos and the results of this airbrush tattoo has a more tangible appearance without causing damage to the skin. This tattoo is made by placing a stencil for the skin and inserting tattoo ink with an airbrush.

Body painting is the art of expertise in body painting using paint and airbrush. The picture will be painted on the body like a painter painting on canvas so that the results of body painting will look like a painting on someone’s body. For those who want to look brave and quirky, you can try this type of tattoo.

  • Henna tattoos

This tattoo uses natural ingredients namely henna plants commonly used for cosmetic needs, and therefore very safe to use. Henna tattoos are usually used by brides, usually Arab and Indian, with pictures of beautiful carved patterns.

Well, there are several types of temporary tattoos available. So, who want to look different and interested in decorating the body, it never hurts to try this temporary tattoo.


Fashion Items You Must Have For Those Who Want To Appear Ala Korean Guys

Korean-style fashion is indeed being hit and loved by young children. Especially for those who have fallen into the world of K-Pop and find it difficult to move on. Are you one of them? Korean fashion style is starting to be looked at and stole attention since their entertainment industry is developing very rapidly. In fact, many boutiques and fashion shops are starting to adapt the K-Pop country’s fashion trends.

If you pay attention, Korean fashion tends to dare to mix and match more than one item and that is precisely one of the factors that Korean fashion is in demand by many circles. Who knows, by imitating Korean style, it can make girls smitten. For that, there are some fashion items that you must have.

  • Jacket

Must have the first item is a jacket. Maybe a jacket may seem ordinary, but a jacket with a touch of Korean style will be more fashionable and masculine. The model is the same as an army jacket, it’s just using different material wrapping – different. If you want to look more Korean, you can combine a jacket with a t-shirt and jeans. Then, add a belt with a matching color or model. Simple right?

  • Coat

Usually Korean people often wear a coat, especially in the fall and winter, because the material is thick so it can warm the body. Not just as a warmer, coat is also one item for Korean fashion style you know! If you want to try it, it’s better not to choose materials that are too thick and choose a neutral color so that it is easily combined with other clothing.

This one is really suitable business you wear when the weather is cold. To add to the impression that your Korean style is more visible, you can choose a casual sweater and you are united with the shirt inside and the shirt collar issued. That way, you will look more presentable and fashionable. Usually, Korean artists often use jeans or shorts as their subordinates. You can also try it!

  • Cardigan

Cardigan can be an option, because usually this clothing is often also used by Korean boys to perform everyday. You also don’t need to be confused about what to combine with, just enough with a t-shirt or shirt. As long as you are good at choosing the color of the cardigan that matches your skin color, also adjust the model and material to the weather conditions in Indonesia.

  • V-Neck T-Shirt

It doesn’t hurt why you try with a V-Neck T-Shirt. In fact, in Korea, this T-shirt with a V neck cut is very popular. Both among women and men though. You can choose natural colors and combined with outer like cardigan or jacket. For subordinates, choose jeans with a dark color. In addition you can wear casual belts.

  • Shirt

For matters of shirt, actually not much different from shirts in general. It’s just that in Korea more often use shirts with different buttons and collar pieces are wider. However, if you want to adapt the Korean fashion style it’s easy. Only with your plain shirt, then mix with a dark cardigan.

  • Suit

It turns out that using a suit is not always only for formal activities such as to the office or to a party. With a little touch, you can change these formal suits into suits that can be used to look casual. You just need to choose a suit with a slightly bright color, but still neutral huh. Then, you can use a shirt as a depth and dark jeans as a subordinate.

Well, here are some fashion items that you must have if you want to try a Korean-style dress. Indeed, most types of clothing are outer, given the weather in Korea which tends to be cold. But, that is precisely what is the hallmark of fashion from the Ginseng Country. So dare to try it?


How to get around the distended belly of men

Are you getting older, are you still gaining weight and aren’t aware that your stomach is bloated? So as not to be too visible, follow these telling tips!

Distended stomach can indeed be overcome by regular exercise and avoid bad eating habits. But all that can not instantly make your stomach shrink. Instead of being confused waiting for the results of dieting hard work for a flat stomach like a six pack, it’s better to follow too, let’s dress properly to cover a distended fat belly!

1. Avoid Tight Clothes

If you don’t want to emphasize your distended belly, you shouldn’t wear a shirt or shirt that is too tight, toppers. Choose a shirt that is not tight so you are free to breathe at the same time distended belly disguised. But you also should not choose a shirt that is too loose so that your appearance still looks neat.

2. Choose Dark Color

Dark colors like black are believed to be able to give a slimmer body effect and can cover the body’s deficiencies. The protruding belly should choose clothes and shirts that are dark like black, blue, brown, and dark gray. These dark colors can give camouflage a flat stomach. Instead, stay away from brightly colored clothes that further accentuate your protruding belly.

3. Jeans

If you want to look casual, jeans you wear should have a waist circumference just right at the hips. Avoid the right waist circumference used at the waist because it can squeeze the stomach so that the stomach produces more advanced and bloated.

By wearing jeans on the hips and shirts that are left out, the distended abdomen becomes closed. In addition, the jeans you wear are highly recommended to have models that are quite loose compared to models that are too fitting like skinny jeans or flare jeans. Loose models on the legs will balance body proportions and make you slimmer.

4. Wear a jacket Michaelkors Outlet

The easiest is to wear a jacket to cover the bulging belly bulge. You can choose a variety of jacket models to get a more varied look. Choose a dark colored jacket to keep people’s attention on the size of your stomach.

Layering dress tips by adding a jacket or blazer to your look and monochrome style (dress in one color) will make your body look slimmer.

5. Put the shirt in the pants

For those of you who like to wear shirts, it’s a good idea to put the bottom end in your pants. This will give a neat appearance while not accentuating a distended stomach. Also remember, the shirt you wear is not too tight, make sure it fits in your body but isn’t too loose. Then, your appearance will look proportional.

6. Clothes that are sewn by themselves

It might be rather difficult to find clothes and pants that fit the body without being too tight or too loose. Well, the solution is to sew your clothes yourself. By sewing clothes on a tailor, you can adjust the size of the clothes to your body shape and ask for some parts that are intended to cover the shortcomings of the body such as a distended abdomen.

7. Simple

Instead of accentuating a big belly, it’s a good idea to keep your appearance simple with models and colors that aren’t flashy. Avoid brightly patterned clothes so they don’t attract people’s attention to your stomach. Big motives will actually emphasize your large belly and body.


Don’t be mistaken! These 5 Right Ways to Use Special Perfume for Men

In a study in Europe, men tend to look more at the opposite sex, while women judge men by body odor. Therefore, do not just use perfume. Besides being able to make the body fresh and fragrant, perfume can also increase self-confidence. Spraying perfume on the body sounds easy; Just spray there, spray here. That way, men assume that the body will continue to smell good all day because it is flooded with perfume.  

In fact, there are some appropriate ways to use perfume that is good and right. Pay attention to the right way when applying perfume to avoid things that are not desirable. Immediately refer to the following five ways, let’s.  

1. Put the perfume in a dry place

If you want your perfume to last all day, never put your perfume. Hot or humid places can reduce the quality of your perfume. It also makes the quality of perfume reduced, so it can reduce the durability of the perfume when you wear perfume. We recommend storing perfume in a dry place and there is air around it, like in a room. Guaranteed, your perfume can last longer.

2. Use a skin moisturizer before spraying perfume

Try not to spray perfume on the dry skin. Perfume stuck to dry skin, the fragrance can not last long. Try applying skin moisturizer to the parts that you will spray with your perfume. You can use skin moisturizers such as Vaseline to the neck, wrists, up to your chest. Only after that, spray your perfume! Guaranteed, the smell can last long, the skin is safe! Michaelkors Outlet

3. Spray perfume after bathing

After bathing, your skin must be damp and not dry. After bathing is the right time to spray your perfume. Moisture can lock your scent of perfume that you have sprayed. In addition, moist skin can also avoid the color of perfume water so it does not stick to your clothes. Remember, never spray perfume on your dry skin. It can make the scent of perfume disappear quickly.

4. Don’t rub the wrist

The thing that men often do after spraying perfume on their wrists is to rub their wrists. In fact, it can make the aroma of perfume disappear faster. Better, after you spray perfume on your wrist, just let it dry by itself and your perfume will smell longer.

5. Don’t over-spray perfume

Maybe you think that if you spray a lot of perfume, it can smell more and last longer. In fact, spraying in the right areas without overdoing it is more than enough. If you spray too much perfume, it only makes your perfume wasted. Therefore, it’s better to use just enough.


Types of men’s perfume suitable for use at formal events at night

In its category, perfume is divided into two parts, namely day and night use. There are fresh, lightweight fragrances such as the scent of flowers and citron which are more suitable for use in activities in the morning until noon. Meanwhile, if you use materials such as wood and splash, the perfume should be sprayed at night.  

Of course men want to leave a memorable fragrance when wearing a suit at night, right? Instead of being confused, some of the following perfume references can be choices because they are known to be suitable for men to wear during formal evening events.

1.  Acqua di Parma Essenza di Colonia

Colonia is one of the famous collection of Acqua di Parma. With the release of the Essenza edition, Colonia’s special fragrance can still survive with a more masculine touch. In addition, the fragrance of the Essenza edition is known to last longer than its predecessor. This perfume is quite interesting, considering the fresh aroma of orange combined with white sweet musk. This perfume can bring the evening event feels like being in Italy during the summer.

2.  Bottega Veneta Pour Homme Extrême

Looking for a more intense and sensual scented perfume? Bottega Veneta Pour Homme Extrême can be the most appropriate choice. The predicate was successfully obtained by Bottega Veneta from a blend of pine wood, leather, nutmeg, and bergamot fruit. The extreme variant of this perfume reaps a lot of praise because it is deeper than the original version. Considering using the word extreme in the title, it’s not strange that the scent of this perfume can last all day when used.

3.  Christian Dior Eau Savage Extrême

Still from the extreme edition, this time there is Christian Dior’s Eau Savage, which is also suitable for use at formal evening events. This perfume is indeed a subscription to the must-have list because it can maintain its popularity since it was released in 1984. The most striking aroma of this perfume is lavender, cedar wood, rosemary, and lemon. The combination of these ingredients makes this perfume masculine, classy, ​​and easy to remember.

4.  Creed Green Irish Tweed Michaelkors Outlet

Being one of Creed’s signature perfumes, Green Irish Tweed offers a classic scent when used. The combination of fragrances that are rich, clean, and sporty at the same time makes anyone who smells this perfume not easy to forget. Sandalwood as a masculine pillar of this perfume blends neatly when brought together with lemon verbena, iris, and violet leaves. Make it suitable for use all the time.

5.  Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Desert Oud

Using rich materials such as agarwood and amber make Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Desert Oud suitable for use at night. As a counterweight, the perfume from this famous brand mixes almonds and a little touch of roses to lighten the fragrance. This perfume is also known for its durability which can last up to a day. In accordance with its purpose to issue a personal perfume, this Velvet collection has an impressive aroma.

6.  Lalique Encre Noire

Lalique took out Encre Noire in a black iconic bottle in 2006. Since then, this perfume that has a contemporary scent of vetiver and cashmere wood has had many fans. Fragrance is known as a classic and masculine and can give the impression of lux when men use. This is what makes it included in the night perfume category. There is a mysterious impression that can bring users to fantasize about rain at night.

7.  Valentino Uomo Edition Noire

In addition to the black studded bottle it has, Valentino Uomo Edition Noire can also be easily recognized by its aroma. Using ingredients from chocolate, roasted coffee beans, hazelnuts, and cedar make this perfume give a sweet fragrance with an oriental touch. This 2015 perfume is a collector’s item so it will be a little tricky to get it. The original version could be an option considering the fragrance of the two is not much different.

Those were some of the perfumes that men use when formal events are in the evening. Now it’s time to adjust which fragrance suits your personal preferences. Good luck!


5 Tips for Using Men’s Perfume So That the Scents Hold All Day

Perfume is one of the important items used by men to always smell good and make people comfortable around them. However, it turns out that perfume must not be used as long as the spray. If used properly, the fragrance will last longer and taste better. Curious how to use men’s perfume to make it last longer all day? Come see the following article!  

1. Spray on the pulse points on your body

You must often see the SPG who demonstrated the car spraying perfume on the pulse on the neck and hands. That actually has several reasons. The pulse point is the part that is always throbbing so that it causes heat. Because of the heat, perfume will last longer when sprayed on warm body parts.  

So, to make your perfume last longer, you can spray it on the part of the body where your pulse points are like the wrist, neck, under the ear and behind the elbow.

2. Don’t spray perfume on clothes

Perfume will cause fragrance that lasts and is better when exposed to the skin of our bodies. Therefore, you should avoid spraying perfume directly on your clothes. In addition to the less durable fragrance, the perfume you spray can also cause stains on clothes when oxidized.  

You also will definitely be uncomfortable when the perfume is sprayed on clothes, there are wet parts. Chances are, the wet part can look like sweat. Therefore, do not spray perfume on your clothes.

3. Spray perfume sufficiently Michaelkors Outlet

Because you have smelled perfume so often, your nose has become more resistant to perfume and you cannot feel how fragrant it is. Because of that, you spray more perfume on your body to make it feel fragrant and durable.

This should be avoided because the perfume that is too strong will only make others around you disturbed, you know. Perfume is durable enough if used with the right volume, so you should pay attention to how much perfume you spray on the body.

4. Do not rub perfume that has stuck to the skin

Intending to make the perfume last longer, you rub the perfume on your wrist after spraying it. This will actually make perfume less durable, because the fragrance will disappear when you rub it. It is better after spraying, just let your perfume stand so that each perfume note comes out of each fragrance naturally.

5. Use a moisturizer first

Use skin moisturizers such as body lotion or sunblock on the part of the body where you will spray perfume. Because the moisturizer is more dense, the moisturizer will keep your perfume from losing its smell quickly. However, you must make sure the moisturizer used does not have a pungent scent so it does not disturb your perfume.

Here are 5 tips for making your perfume last longer when used. Hope it can be useful!


Scents of Perfume That Can Make You Happier

Badmood all day and need something to make you happy? Maybe you can start from changing the scent of perfume that is used everyday. According to an article from Reader’s Digest reported by Elite Readers, there are five fragrances that can improve mood and make you happy. Anything? Here are scents of perfume that can make you happier.

  • Citrus, can reduce stress levels

The aroma of citrus which comes from citrus fruit, lemon, or lime is proven to reduce stress levels, you know. This was explained by health experts, that the scent of citrus can increase morale and reduce levels of depression. Try to replace the perfume that uses citrus scents so that the mood for the day is better and more spirit!

  • The aroma of lavender flowers, makes it calmer

Often see the content of lavender as a raw material for air freshener? This purple flower works effectively to reduce depression and can help you who experience insomnia or insomnia. Not only that, lavender can also increase morale and mood, you know.

Tricks so that perfume is not too the same as the air freshener, choose the lavender scent that is not too strong. Add a little alcohol to make it last longer and not expire quickly.

  • Peppermint, stimulates the mind

Perfume from peppermint? Isn’t that strange? Of course not. The aroma of peppermint can improve mood and give positive suggestions to the mind and body of the person who kisses it. In fact, one study said, an athlete who smelled the aroma of peppermint had improved athletic and respiratory performance. Michaelkors Outlet

The smell of grass, makes you feel calmer

The easiest way is to inhale the aroma of grass. Sure, clean grass, yes. Based on research in Australia. the fragrance of freshly mown grass can increase happiness and make you feel calmer.

Not a few perfumes that use the aroma of grass as a fragrance, because it gives a refreshing effect.

  • Rosemary, strengthen brain power

Usually these leaves are found in the kitchen because it works as a cooking spice. Not only that, rosemary can also be used as a fragrance, you know. The scent of rosemary can strengthen the power of the brain so that it can remember events and tasks well.

  • Chamomile to reduce stress

Usually, this scent is used for a room in a salon or spa. But, it can also be used for perfume, you know. Chamomile’s scent is also used as a perfume. The presence of this flower scent can reduce stress and make the body more relaxed.

Baby powder, gives comfort

If you are lazy to change the scent of perfume, the easiest way to improve the mood of Hato is to use baby powder. The aroma is able to remind security and equalization when you were a child.

Baby powder can remind happy memories of those who kiss it. Therefore, many adults still use baby powder as an item that is always carried and stored in the bedroom.

So, which perfume would you like to use? Come on, improve mood by choosing a refreshing scent of perfume.


The Importance of Body Scents

Because women are very sensitive to scents, it helps you start to pay attention to your body’s scent. Have you ever smelled someone else’s scent and at that moment you remembered someone you knew? Whether it’s an ex, lover, or friend? Yep, because according to a study result shows that “a personal sense of smell is connected to creating the longest lasting memories that we have” The aroma of the body can create a memory or an impression on someone. Whether it’s a fragrance or not. Of course everyone wants to get a good impression, including you.

The UK study also said that “Women rated guys who smelled good as more attractive than guys who did’nt”.

Where only with one sense of smell, women can judge you. I have a true story where my colleague has a very bad body odor. He is a consultant where he must meet with clients on a daily basis for consultation.

A few days ago my boss got a call from a client asking if there was another consultant besides him. Without asking back what was the reason for the question, my boss immediately understood what the problem was. Michaelkors Outlet

Then my boss asked colleagues at the office whether male or female, including me to advise him slowly about body odor. Then what do we do? There is no! Why? All the reasons are almost the same, not tasty, afraid to offend, and others.

Then came the time when we all had a family gathering. Outing and office recreation where every employee allows to bring his family.

There is one session where each employee must bring a gift. Later the gifts were exchanged with other employees for the lottery numbers that he took. I and my closest colleagues are sure, there must be at least one of these gifts whose contents are perfume, which of course is aimed at the man earlier.

The lottery number retrieval took place. Each employee takes a gift from the results of the draw earlier. Then what gift did you get from that guy? We had expected it, and indeed we expected that the man would finally get the perfume gift.

While laughing a little at once relieved we all murmured, hopefully the message that was not verbal he could understand.

Then a few days ago, I met him. We both can talk and joke with fun. It seems that due to the events of the past, he began to understand and comprehend.

Evidenced by the stinging body odor that has disappeared. Although not very fragrant, at least the disturbing body odor is gone.

I do not expect the above events can happen with all of you. Especially if it’s worse. The story above shows how important your appearance is at work. Especially in body odor.

Don’t think that if you are already dressed in the best clothes, your appearance will be 100%. The scent of the body with perfume and fragrance is one important element that you should not leave.

As my discussion at the beginning, now is the time for you to create a good impression and memory to everyone you meet. Especially with your dream woman.

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