The Basic Materials of Rolex

Materials of Rolex are displayed below :

– OYSTERSTEEL (Performance fit for extremes)

A Rolex watch has to work perfectly and maintain its beauty even in the hardest or harshest environments. Therefore, Rolex uses Oystersteel, a specific steel alloy brand. This material belongs to the family of 904L steel, which is particularly resistant to corrosion and acquires exceptional gloss when polished. 904L steels are commonly used in high technology and in chemical and aerospace industries.

– GOLD (The source of the shine)

Gold Rolex watches possess a truly attractive and beautiful glow, born of years of experience in perfecting the use of the most precious of metals. Only by controlling the whole process can guarantee a Rolex unparalleled lovely shining and enchanting lustre on their watch cases and bracelets alike. Rolex exclusively uses 18 ct Gold, a 750 ‰ (thousandths) of pure gold alloy, more exactly the correct mixture of elements including silver and copper necessary to produce different types of gold 18 ct: Everose (Rolex’s exclusive pink gold alloy), Yellow and White.

– PLATINUM (And then there was light)

Rare and precious, considered to be the noblest and luxurious metals, platinum is striking for its silvery whiteness and vibrant luminosity. Over time it has become the latest prestigious metal, with the ability to display gemstones like no other material. Rolex uses 950 platinum, an alloy with 950 ‰ (thousandths) of platinum generally combined with ruthenium. This allows the metal to be strong enough to be employed in watch cases, whereas maintaining its legendary shine and brilliance.

– ROLESOR (A meeting of metals)

Conducive meeting of two metals in one Rolex watch, which are gold and steel, with its contrasting colors and light, subtly balanced in harmony. The concept of how Rolesor has become a genuine Rolex signature is simple: the bezel, winding crown and center bracelet links are made of 18 ct Everose (Rolex’s exclusive pink gold alloy) or yellow gold; along with the Oystersteel middle case and outer links of the bracelet.

– PRECIOUS STONES (Gem-set purity)

Through its unique luster and extreme care in their environment, high quality precious stones or gemstones selected by the Rolex watches endow gem-set watches with unsurpassed prestige.

– CERACHROM (Unfading beauty)

Rolex developed and patented this for specific professional models to make sure the beauty and functionality even after it was exposed or displayed to extreme conditions. Made of very hard ceramic material, it is virtually impervious to scratches, and its color is affected by the ultraviolet rays of the sun.


25 Types of Handbags (1 – 5)

1. Backpack Purse

This is smaller than a backpack, just like its name. Because of the fact that it is one of the biggest handbags in the list of these 25 types of handbags, this is definitely the only casual kind of bag. Still, some backpack purses are large enough to be actually used as a standard backpack. That being said, there are a number of high-end designers who seem to be interested in challenging the idea that large and loose is definitely meant for casual wear. At the same time, a fairly common choice for sportswear as well because of the convenience and size.

2. Baguette Bag

baguette bag
baguette bag

This bag’s name takes its name after the French bread for which it resembles. Baguette bag is quite a small handbag with one or two short straps that makes it great to use with elegant clothes. That being said, the baguette bag is still often a little too big to be brought to a formal affair and often is paired with a smart trouser suit or a more eclectic style. It was first popularized by Sarah Jessica Parker in the movie “Sex and the City”, where this bag soon became one of the first “it” bags.

3. Barrel Bag

barrel bag
barrel bag

This bag is often confused with baguette bag even though the baguette bag is designed to lay flat. Barrel bag is obviously cylindrical in shape and is also usually a little bigger than a loaf of bread bag even though it also comes in larger sizes. This bag also often have straps a little longer to allow better fall and to accommodate the occasional foray into the mid-size category. This bag can be elegant or casual depending on the specific design and size.

4. Basket Bag

basket bag
basket bag

Handbags could be the perfect accessory, but the industry sees little reason to be creative with their names. In this case, the cart bag is often seen as a basket with a firm bottom and sides that can stand alone. These bags will regularly be a little on the larger side, but their clean lines allow the bags to be paired with a wide variety of different styles of clothing. Anyway, the basket bag is best suited for a slightly more casual look, though the configuration and size can give some room to experiment.

5. Bowling Bag

There is no similarity, nor does it have any anything related with bowling just because the name is bowling bag. It is called the bowling bag just because of a sense of fashion. Bowling bag can be mainly found used for casual wear, but there are also some cases of celebrities carrying this type of bag in a dress casual look. This bag has short handles but often has a shoulder strap as well. The shape of the distinctive dome will also help identify the silhouette of this bag.


Types of Backpacks

1. DayPack

This bag is relatively small and is used for regular day to day activities or walk a long day. These backpacks have regular slots and pockets for you to carry all your daily essentials and are the most standard, and common out of all backpacks.

2. Overnight Backpack

Not to be bewildered with a travel bag, these bags are large enough to contain personal essentials and clothing for an overnight trip. It has the same structure as a normal backpack, with additional slots and pockets, and is a bit bigger too.

3. Hiking / Trekking Backpack

hiking / climbing backpack
hiking / climbing backpack

A full day excursion out on the trail requires you to carry a lot of essentials. Hiking backpacks are pretty much what to be expected – lots of pockets, loops and tabs-in points, and higher-end ones might even provide a framework with hip belt and everything.

4. Climbing Backpack

Also known as Mountaineering Backpack, has to be able to hold a rope, helmet, harness, rack and shoes. And ideally the bag needs to be comfortable and close fitting to body.

5. Cycling Backpack

cycling backpack
cycling backpack

This backpack is a definitely 100% the backpack to use while commuting using bike. The bag can comfortably maintain stable load in the body, moves the gear conveniently between cycling and being off-bike, and adapt to changing loads with relative ease.

6. Snowsports Backpack

snowsports backpack
snowsports backpack

The most integral feature to look for in the backpack chosen for a day on the slopes is the capacity to carry skis or snowboard. Minimal movement of the backpack is also very important, so it is important to choose a backpack that fits perfectly without restricting movements. Also called as Skiing Backpack, these backpacks are specialized backpacks that not only incorporate lash-on points for the stuffs but also Avalungs and/or airbags to increase chances of survival in case of an avalanche.

7. Work Backpack

People who work possibly would like a backpack that features a laptop compartment and can also contain alternative things required, like additional company garments, shoes, socks and perhaps a handful of papers and books.

8. Travel Backpack

travel backpack
travel backpack

Should not be confused with those for camping trips or long trips. They are designed to be like suitcase, packing up and accessing them as how it would if it were a suitcase, as opposed to loading from the top like a outdoor-oriented backpack. They have lots of zippered compartments to make them easier to live out of when the adventure is rather unexpected. 9. Hydration Backpack Hydration Backpacks are an ideal solution for adventurers if they prefer getting out into the wild actively! The capacity of hydration backpacks is generally between 2 and 10 liters, with 1, 2 or 3 liters of the space taken up with a hydration tank. They have to fit tight to minimize movement, but also be very comfortable.


Brief History of The Messenger Bag

Messenger bag is a style of bag, originally designed to carry mail messages. It comes with a long belt to be worn across the body or shoulder, and can be designed in a wide range of materials. More often than not, the sack of messenger bags is made of fabric, but leather and plastic variations are also quite common.


A Brief History of Messenger Bag

Messenger bags also go through a handful of other names, including travel and courier bags. They were also initially used to carry letters and other mailings, even as early as in ancient times. Among others, bike messengers and Pony Express staff were the first to carry messenger bags. And today in the UK, some couriers from the Royal Mail used oversized messenger bags bags instead of regular messenger bags.

The first modern messenger bag was actually the bag used by utility linemen in the 1950s. It was designed by the De Martini Global Canvas Company and its purpose was to accommodate all the tools that were needed by linemen when going up electricity poles to fix them. The initial messenger bag was made of cotton fabric and lined with a waterproof fabric. The shoulder strap was also made of cotton and webbed, closed bag with two straps and also had a pocket inside for bills. These bags were not sold in stores, but issued to and by various courier companies based in New York.


Globe Canvas was the main supplier of this bag for most of these companies in New York during the 70s and 80s Back then, messengers received their bags from their employers and it showed who worked for whom only by the color of their bag. The De Martini bag received a facelift in 1984 when John Peters first made it nylon and added binding and buckles and light-reflecting stripes. And so, with these simple additions, the fashion madness for messenger bags begun. It is worth noting that before these bags made specifically for cyclists emerged, fashion brands make similar products modeled after map case bags used by the military. They have been in use for over a hundred years.

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