Practical Fashion Tips for Men

For some men, choosing clothes can be a challenge. When you cannot determine what outfit is appropriate, whether certain trends are still relevant, to whether you have to bring a jacket. However, if you follow these brief guidelines, you can wear an outfit for any occasion. Michaelkors Outlet

1. Make sure using the fitting size

Maybe this is the most basic thing, but there are still many men who choose the wrong size of their own clothes. Using the right size is key, if you use clothes that are too big, you will drown. For men who have a larger body posture, avoid skinny jeans under any circumstances, skinny jeans will show areas that you really don’t want to highlight. To get a cleaner look, try using slim legged jeans or pencil pants.

2. Keep it simple

Simplicity is an old age trick that works. Choosing a simple style can be a way to look clean and smart. Using even one color you can do, like all-black outfit – a safe choice, but the color combination can make you more attractive and stylish. If you want a formal style for this rainy year-end, tailored wool-blend coat with camel color to give a warm and stylish impression. Tas Branded

3. Wear key pieces

Look classic like a mix of black and white has indeed become a trend of all time. So as not to look boring, there’s nothing wrong to wear a fashion piece with different details or colors to make your appearance more stylish. Statement coat or jacket can easily change your simple appearance. The statement coat is too excessive? What about watches, or bags that can be the center of attention? That way you can easily stand out with minimal effort.

4. Classic shoes

Like clothing, you definitely want shoes that can be worn for all needs. Using shoes that have classic colors and shapes, you will avoid the problem of ‘confused which shoes to wear’. Men’s shoes like loafers and brogues may seem too formal, but both are timeless shoes. Of course you can’t always wear these shoes, so you also need to make sneakers, because shoes with good quality will last a very long time. Choose neutral colors to suit any clothing color. Sepatu Branded

5. Know your style’s preference

This is the most important thing, which is knowing your style’s preference for having the perfect style. Follow the fashion trends according to your personality. For example the trend of skinny jeans, there are some body shapes that are not recommended to wear jeans of this model, so it is better to also adjust the body shape and comfort in every fashion trend. So knowing what style suits you best is one of the easiest ways to look stylish and confident.

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