Recognize the Causes and Ways to Get Rid of Lice

Head lice, also known as Pediculus Humanus Capitis, are parasites that survive by sucking human blood and usually live in human head hair. Surely very annoying is not it? Itching is not playing and makes the sufferer feel inferior. However, don’t worry because there is still a solution. Come on, see how to get rid of head lice below and find out the cause!

The head lice life cycle starts when the female louse lays eggs. The resulting eggs can last for 5-7 days. The shape is very small like white sesame seeds and sticks firmly to each strand of hair. Usually the eggs will hatch on the 8th day, then the larvae that have hatched grow into adults and start laying eggs on the 12th day. After 30 days, fleas will usually die. But did you know? That it turns out during his lifetime, fleas can lay eggs up to 130-189 eggs you know. So many, huh?

If you feel the characteristics mentioned below, there may be lice lodged in your hair. – Excessive itching on the head = Feeling something is moving on the scalp = There is a red rash that appears on the back of the neck = Visible white spots attached to strands of hair

Maybe you will ask around. So, what exactly causes the appearance of head lice? Why can there be fleas on your head? Even though I often wash my hair. Well, therefore know the following causes. – Exposed to or direct contact with hair with head lice – Borrowing goods that are used around the head in people infected with head lice – From mattresses that have not been used for a long time, or other fabrics such as towels and clothing

If you feel infected with head lice, don’t leave it, because lice growth is very fast and can spread everywhere. Apart from disturbing the health and comfort of the scalp, head lice are prone to being transmitted to people who come in direct contact with you. Do not want that to happen right? Let’s get rid of head lice immediately by doing the following way to get rid of head lice.

1. Use a Serit Comb

The first step is to use a serit comb. Are you familiar with this one comb? Serit comb is a special comb that is used to eradicate head lice. Much like a comb in general, but what is different is that the teeth in the serit are closer together, that’s what can help to eradicate lice in the hair. Tips before using this comb, namely first wet your hair using coconut oil so that the eggs and nails can be easily attached to the comb. Michaelkors Outlet

2. Tick Remedy

Using a tick remedy, this method is quite effective, because the way the head lice remover works directly attacks head lice with the compounds piperonyl butoxide and pyrethrin in the womb. Mites will die soon after the nerve cells are weakened. You can get this flea drug at the nearest pharmacy, one of the famous drug brands, Peditox.

3. Almond Oil

Well, if you want to try natural ingredients to eradicate head lice, you can try almond oil as a solution. In addition to skin care, almond oil can also be a powerful ingredient to repel fleas. The trick is, always rub the almond oil before going to sleep on the scalp and hair, then wrap the hair with a shower cap, leave it overnight, the next day drag the hair first, then wash with shampoo using shampoo.

4. Srikaya Fruit Seeds

Have you ever heard that srikaya fruit seeds can be used to get rid of head lice? This one ingredient is equally effective with flea medicine. The oil content of fatty acids in srikaya fruit seeds can kill fleas and eggs at the same time. How to use it is almost the same as above, first crush the srikaya seeds until the oil comes out, then smear the oil on the scalp and hair, wrap the hair in a towel, leave it overnight. The next day you will see dead bugs piled on your towel.

5. Aloe Vera

From ancient times, aloe vera is often used as an ingredient for hair beauty treatments that works to cleanse and make hair shiny black. However, besides that it turns out there are other benefits you know, namely as a flea repellent. How to use it is easy, just take the aloe vera meat and puree it in a blender, then rub the mucus on the hair and scalp evenly chili-massage, then cover the hair with a towel, hair curl, finally wash your hair using shampoo.

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