Skin Belt Peeling Often? Follow these tips to prevent it!

Belts are now made of various types of materials, from plastic to rubber to denim. Of the many types, leather remains one of the most favorite. Classic and durable styles make leather belts suitable for almost any style.

Leather belts are another long term investment. Therefore, in order for the belt leather material to remain durable and not easily peel off, it is important that you know the proper storage and maintenance techniques. Here are some easy ways you can take care of your favorite leather belt.


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When changing clothes and taking off our pants, we sometimes forget or are even lazy to remove the belt from the pants or skirts we wear. Even though it looks trivial, this habit can damage the leather and even make the color fade quickly. In addition, belt loops can also cause marks on the skin, you know.


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Just like clothes that are washed after wearing, belts also need to be cleaned after use. But we don’t need to keep cleaning the belt every time we use it, just do it regularly.

How to clean a leather belt is quite easy. Prepare a sponge or fiber cloth, then spray with soapy water. Gently rub the belt in the direction of the leather fibers. After that, rinse the soap on the belt by wiping a sponge or fiber cloth that has been sprayed with plain water.

  • Drying Belts Periodically

Leather is very susceptible to mold, especially when stored in a damp place for a long time. Before storing it in the cupboard, make sure the belt is dry. Dry the belt in the air in the room. Avoid exposing the belt to the direct heat of the sun, which can make the leather wrinkle easily.


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If you have a collection of belts, then it’s a good idea to prepare a storage area so that the belts are neatly organized and not scattered. Also, make sure the storage box is always dry so as not to cause mold on the belt skin. If necessary, use desiccants or moisture absorbers to absorb moisture in the cupboard.

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