Some Mistakes of Men In Wearing Clothes

As a man who is active and qualified seems to be an obligation to pay attention to appearance. At least for first impressions to others, we can be more convincing and confident when we meet. Most men are not like women who like to groom, dress up, and shop. They are afraid to say they are weird, gay, metropolis or whatever. They want the simple and the way it is. In my opinion that is the reason why many men are still in trouble in matters of fashion. You do not need to be afraid of all these negative judgments, as long as you look reasonable, casual and not excessive, of course you will get special attention.

Women also respect the appearance that men do. Unmitigated they also often discuss the appearance of men they meet when they hang out in cafes, malls or other public areas.

In general, women also like men who are clean, look fashionable, and are good at socializing. You will only dream if you want a woman who is fashionable but you yourself look in shambles / troubled in wearing clothes.

So, if you want to buy clothes or other clothes, ask your female friend to help you suggest what clothes are good for you. Because in general women understand more about fashion than men. Here are some male fashion mistakes:

1. Oversized / loose clothing and does not fit properly in the body

Loose / oversized clothes are only suitable for use at home to relax. Do not use it when traveling to official places, hangouts, cafes, etc. Unless you really want to look like a scarecrow.

2. Wear a tie with a short sleeve shirt Michaelkors Outlet

It would be better if you wear a tie with a long sleeve shirt. Ties with short sleeves look like lower class people, or rockers who want a concert.

3. Dirty shoes

Did you know that women are very sensitive to cleanliness and neatness? They will find you clean or not quickly just by looking at your shoes. Make sure your shoes are clean shiny before leaving the house.

4. Crinkled shoes

Try to have several pairs of shoes to carry out your activities. Crinkled shoes due to your shoes are often used without breaks. At least if you have several pairs of shoes, they will last longer and last longer.

5. Length pants

Pants that are too long to touch the ground and drag, it’s good to cut. Or if you don’t have time to fold the long section.

6. The wrong color selection of socks

Match the color of the socks you wear to the color of your pants, not the shoes. It will look better and harmonious.

7. Color selection of belts

Match the color of the belt you wear with the color of the shoes. If your belt is shiny, make sure your shoes are shiny too.

8. Buttoned shirt, with all buttons closed

Obviously if you do this, you will be seen to be psychologically closed. Make sure there are at least one button open from all of the buttons. Unless you wear a tie.

9. Socks that are not long enough

You don’t want all of your leg hair to be seen right? Especially when you sit with your legs crossed. Make sure your socks are as high as your calves. Don’t be less than that.

10. Tangled clothes

Not that you have to carry an iron wherever you go. Try when you buy clothes, clothes are not easily tangled.

11. Wearing too many colors

As explained in the article on men’s fashion tips, limit each of your clothes to a maximum of three colors or shades that are coordinated to maintain your vision

Where are you often wrong dressed? There is no harm if from this moment you start rushing to improve the way you dress

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