Stay healthy hair without having to go to the salon

Who doesn’t want to have beautiful hair like shampoo ad models? But to get healthy and beautiful hair like the shampoo ad model, of course you have to do extra effort. Not only that, so that hair looks more perfect, you also need to have more budget to do maintenance at the salon. But for those of you who have a minimal budget just calm, you can still really do your own hair care at home. You just need to do the following easy things.

  • Pay Attention to Washing Your Hair

Beautiful hair starts from how you wash it. You need to pay attention to the frequency in washing hair. Hair that tends to be oily should be washed once a day to prevent the buildup of dirt which will cause limp and dandruff. But if you have dry hair, you should wash your hair every other day so the natural moisture of the hair is maintained.

So that the process of washing hair more optimally, you can gently massage on the scalp for one minute. In addition to making the scalp more clean, this massage will make blood circulation around the head smooth so that the hair roots become healthier. In addition, you should not use hot water when washing hair because it will damage the cuticles and hair follicles. Another important thing, choose a shampoo that matches the condition of your hair. Do not let you use certain shampoos because you are a friend because everyone’s hair condition is different.

  • Always Use Conditioner

The use of conditioner is very important because to keep hair moisturized especially for those of you who have dry hair. In addition, conditioner also makes hair smoother and easier to manage. Before applying conditioner, make sure the hair is half wet. And remember, never use conditioner on the scalp or the base of the hair because it will make hair become heavy, oily, and lose volume. Use conditioner about 5 cm from the base of the hair to the ends of the hair.

Not only using conditioner, to get healthy and beautiful hair you also need to wear a hair mask. Unlike conditioners that must be worn after washing hair, hair masks are only used between 2-3 times a week. This hair mask is very important to add essential nutrients needed by hair. When using a hair mask, make sure to let it sit for about 20 minutes before rinsing so that the nutrients in the mask can be absorbed by the hair. For maximum results, you can wrap the hair that is being masked by using a hot towel. By doing this you can still treat your hair without having to go to the salon.

  • Use Hair Tonic

Want to have strong hair and free from loss? You need to use a hair tonic. Hair tonic is already known as a type of treatment that can maintain overall hair health at its root. Well, but you must know how to use the correct tonic so that the results obtained are more optimal. Use hair tonic when hair is still wet, do not forget to do massages in the head area so that hair tonic can be evenly distributed and perfectly absorbed by the scalp.

  • Apply Hair Serum

Perfect your hair care at home using hair serum or vitamins. This hair serum is very important to make your hair not dry, look more shiny, and prevent split ends. Use hair serum by rubbing it in the middle area of ​​the hair and tip. Avoid using serum at the base of the hair because it will make the scalp become oily and limp.

It turns out it’s easy enough to treat hair without having to go to the salon. But remember, nothing is instant, so you must routinely carry out the above treatment steps in order to get the hair you desire so far.

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