Street Style Men’s Fashion Items

Street style fashion is indeed a hit. Both men and women, whether he is a celebrity or an ordinary citizen, have all adopted street style into their fashion. This style is indeed very flexible, can be worn almost at any occasion, and is very fresh. So, what fashion items should we have if we want to have a street style style? Check out below: Michaelkors Outlet

1. Tropical printed shirt

The colorful outfit that is displayed in a fun tropical printed shirt will make you happy. Shirts with colorful tropical motifs don’t just have to be worn to the beach, really. We can also make this shirt an option for a fun style for a music festival. With the right mix, you won’t look weird when wearing a tropical printed shirt.

Slogan Shirt
Slogan Shirt

2. Slogan shirt 

Besides being easy to mix and match, t-shirt slogans can certainly steal the attention with cute words and quotes. You can display any word, from powerful to funny words. A shirt slogan doesn’t look wrong when paired with shorts, chinos, or skinny jeans. There’s nothing wrong with combining a tee slogan with outerwear whose colors are neutral or brighter like red. Remember, don’t use offensive or controversial words on your shirt slogan.

3. Everything that is white

Mixing and matching white fashion items will give a clean and fresh impression to your total look. Mix and match t-shirts, hoodies, and sneakers are guaranteed to make you look cooler. When you wear black, use white sneakers to make your appearance stand out.

4. Old school sneakers 

In the old days, people had very few sneakers to choose from, like the Puma Suede in the 1970s, Nike Air Jordan in the 1980s, or Converse Chuck Taylor. Uniquely, the line of old school sneakers has been tested and still exists today. Even now, the trend of sneakers is dominated by old school sneakers with large sizes and unique designs, such as the Balenciaga Triple S or the Adidas Yeezy Wave Runner. Therefore, wearing old school sneakers can never go wrong!

Some old school sneakers, such as Vans Old Skool and Converse All Star, are also known to have various designs at quite affordable prices. Other options are the Adidas Superstar, Nike Cortez, and Reebok Classics. Tas Branded

5. Mankle

Foreign with the term mankle? The sight of mankles is actually very common everywhere, you know. The term mankle comes from man’s bare ankle, aka the style of a man who wears shoes without wearing socks so that his ankles are visible. Of course not because you don’t have socks. This style certainly appears in the name of fashion.

There are two basic rules to appear mankle if you want to look cool. First, make sure you know the type of pants to wear. Second, you also have to know how to combine these pants with the right shoes. Sepatu Branded

Street style does require a number of items to perform optimally. But keep in mind, comfort is everything in fashion. So, choose a fashion item that is comfortable when you wear it, huh!

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