The word “streetwear” may be something familiar in the world of modern fashion. In terms of the word refers to a street fashion style that has its roots in the skateboard culture in California. Streetwear in the modern era also includes elements of hip-hop fashion, modern high fashion, to haute couture culture. Michaelkors Outlet

But where does streetwear actually come from? With today’s fashion that has a lot of variety and certain subgenres, it will be very difficult to distinguish it from the mainstream style. We will try to review directly from the roots.

  • Punk Culture, Surfing and Skateboarding

Although only limited to speculation, the history of streetwear began in the late 1970s. Where in those years the punk rock and hip-hop culture was incessant. This is evident from the fact that many streetwear brands in the early 1980s adopted a “do-it-yourself (DIY)” aesthetic from the culture of punk, new wave, and heavy metal.

Back then many surfers and skateboarders were adopting this DIY approach to creating their own surfboard and t-shirt designs. The most famous pioneer of DIY t-shirts is surfboard designer Shawn Stussy. You all know that Stussy has become one of the streetwear icons that are so popular today.

  • Streetwear as a Movement

Over time, streetwear has always been a movement in every era that has passed. The common thread is streetwear does not have certain rules, always changes and evolves according to the influence of popular culture and subcultures.

Some people argue that streetwear was born from the reaction of the younger generation to mass-created “mall” products. This style is also a way for them to express themselves, and create their own style to appear “different” among mainstream cultures. Tas Branded

  • The Relevance and Application of Streetwear in the Modern World Sepatu Branded

Streetwear style will be one of the cool choices for your appearance ammunition, especially for those of you who like to appear rebellious as well as casual. The fact that streetwear is very flexible, gives you many options for experimenting with various elements.

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