Styles of Men’s Roll Up Sleeve Shirts

Men’s shirts are a fashion item that can be used on various occasions, such as going to the office, attending invitations, or just hanging out with friends. In casual events, usually the shirt will be rolled up to make it look more relaxed and comfortable. You certainly don’t roll up your shirt sleeves often! In order to be more experts and the results of the rolls are cooler, let’s learn 3 ways to roll up the sleeves below. Michaelkors Outlet

1. Casual Roll

This method of rolling up the sleeves is very common because it is very easy to do and doesn’t come down easily even if you move a lot. No matter the style and pattern of your shirt, you can apply this style.

First, unbutton the sleeve of the shirt and fold it the size of the cuff (the stiff sleeve of the shirt). Follow the crease until it is desired, either slightly above your elbow or just below your elbow. However, it is better to just fold 2-3 times. If you fold too much, the sleeves will look thick and puffy!

2. Master Roll

This style of rolling up a men’s shirt is quite short and easy. The master roll displays the shirt cuff at the end of the roll so that if the color of the cuff is different from the color of the shirt, the roll will look more attractive and fashionable. Sepatu Branded

First, unbutton the end of the cuff, loosen it. Then, fold the sleeves of the men’s shirt a little long up to the elbows to reveal the inside of the sleeves. After that, fold the sleeve back so that it covers part of the cuff. As a result, you will get interesting and different scrolls!

3. Trooper Style

This marine style roll is generally applied to marine uniforms, but you can also apply it to your long shirts. This marine style men’s shirt roll shows the outside of the shirt cuff at the end of the roll making the roll tidier and sturdier. In other words, it’s like making a long shirt look like a short shirt.

The trick, fold the sleeves of the man until the middle between the elbows and shoulders. Then, roll it up to 2-3 times and leave some space for the cuff to cover the last roll. Finally, fold the cuff so it shows the outside and covers the last roll. The result is as if you are wearing a short shirt! Tas Branded

Of the three ways to roll up a shirt sleeve above, which one do you often apply? Don’t be afraid to try new styles!

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