Stylish Tips on Using Dickies Pants

Keep your skinny pants in the closet, now it’s time for pants with more loose models that fill the fashion scene.
The evolution of the Dickies pants is quite complicated. This brand from the United States has gone through generations of construction workers, miners, soldiers and skaters. This year is a pretty strange year for the trend of men’s pants, a 90s style rockstar style that is like a rapper and a skateboarder. With this confusing trend, you get it all with Dickies! You can wear it for professional purposes but still feel comfortable and look modern. The following are tips and inspiration for a mix and match outfit using Dickies. Michaelkors Outlet


One of the simplest matching is to combine your pants with a sweater, if you want an outfit that is warm enough. With the right blend, you will not look like a lazy person, instead you will look sharp yet still so casual. Choose a neutral sweater color if you want to use this outfit for work, you can also play different textures and styles. For example, you can wear black, navy, or gray pants. By using this color, you are safe enough to use any color as the boss.


Introduced for the first time between 1950-1960, Dickies chino pants became one of the most popular fashion items. In recent years, the skater sub-culture has taken over the trends of world fashion, this can be found from a lot of street style inspired by the Skater Boy style. If you do not like jeans, these pants can be used as an alternative. Structural tailoring on dickies pants gives a sophisticated and very stylish finish when combined with a shirt. Roll your pants up a little and don’t forget to use your favorite sneakers for maximum style. Tas Branded


Using thick clothes becomes a necessity when it has entered the rainy season in Indonesia, so using layering techniques on your outfit is very reasonable. Layer chinos with hoodie or jacket for a relaxed street style look. If the weather gets colder, add beanies to make your appearance more complete. Feel free to play with colors. Sepatu Branded

Now you do not need to be confused anymore how to look stylish with dickies.

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