The Types Of Hats

Hats have long been one of the most favorite accessories to complement one’s outfit. Hats also have high functional value as a rain deterrent, head warmer and prevent direct sunlight so that almost all people like to wear hats.

In the field of fashion, hats can display a unique statement from its users. But of course it must be matched with the situation and the statement you want to make. Here are the types of hats and their differences that you should know before choosing which hat to wear: Michaelkors Outlet

  • Baseball Caps

Is one of the most popular hats around the world, especially for men. It is comfortable to use and can help prevent rain and scorching sun. Usually made of cotton and polyester. Suitable for use by all groups of adults, adolescents or children.

  • Snapbacks

Some people think this hat is still a family with baseball caps. Shaped very similar except that the lid is not curved, flat and slightly bigger. This hat is a favorite of young people today, especially hip-hop fans. Snapback styles and patterns mostly point to hip-hop or millennials. Generally made of cotton and polyester.

  • Fedoras

Fedoras is a hat that was found since 1882. Since it was found, fedora is very popular among fashion enthusiasts. Fedoras contains a more western style and has a vintage elegant feel. Many men have loved for a long time as cowboy hats. Some Fedoras are made of linen, some polyester and some even are made of straw too. Especially in Indonesia, fedoras are widely used not only as fashion accessories but also as a heat deterrent, especially by farmers and breeders.

  • Painter Hats

Tas Branded
They are called painter hats because their shape has been used by many painters since ancient times. However, painter hats are now growing and are better known as Flat Caps. Flat Caps are widely used as winter hats and are made of wool, which is warmer but still fashionable. Painter hats / flat caps are a must have item for winter 2017.

  • Army Hats

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It is a hat style that follows many Army hats. Minimalist shape with a slightly curved lid. Today’s popular army hats are mostly made of denim or cotton polyester and are used by men and can irritate more manlier and masculine.

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