Tips for active male hair care

Male hair care is currently classified as many choices and is not difficult to apply. Especially for those of you who are active in activities and sports, there are a number of male hair treatments that you must try. Come on, see easy tips…

1. Always wash your hair regularly to clean your hair from dust and dirt

No matter how busy, the main thing that needs to be done in treating hair is shampooing. Especially for active men who are more prone to sweat and dirt. Washing routine has become an obligation on daily hair care for men.

Make sure to always wash your hair 2-3 times a week. Shampooing, of course, should not be done every day. If you wash your hair every day, it can reduce hair oil levels, which can make your hair break faster.

2. Make sure you always choose the right shampoo

The key to getting healthy hair is to choose a shampoo that suits your needs. Therefore, make sure to always choose the right type of shampoo. If you have colored hair, use a special colored hair shampoo.

Likewise with hair problems, if you have and problems, you can use and shampoo containing menthol. For active men, the problem of oily hair is also often a problem. The problem is, you can rely on shampoo with a deep cleansing sensation that effectively treats men’s hair.

3. Don’t forget to also use conditioner!

This men’s hair care product also can’t be left behind. So that hair is always soft, well-groomed, and healthy, you really need to apply conditioner products after shampooing. How to treat men’s hair is also very simple especially if you are active outside the room, your hair will be more easily limp or even dry. Therefore, conditioner products are needed to maximize the treatment of active male hair.

4. Use water based products for hair styling. Michaelkors Outlet

When you are trying to do hair styling, the products that are highly recommended for shaping the hair of active men are a variety of products based on water or water based so that the hair does not get damaged quickly.  

Water-based products themselves are claimed to be lighter but still durable in forming hair. There are even more product choices, just call it water based pomade to water based gel.

5. Cut hair with a practical and easy to style

Busy undergoing various activities, of course you need practical treatment, including hairstyle choices. If you are an active man, you should choose a haircut that is simple and easy to style such as a neat short haircut.  

Besides being practical, cutting hair can also help trim damaged hair, making hair care easier. If you don’t have time to go to the salon or barber shop, you can count on a wide selection of hair shavers that are easy to use.

6. Occasionally use hair vitamins

Although busy, that does not mean you can ignore hair that is not maintained. Well, so that your hair is free from the impression of limp and dull, you should do male hair care using hair vitamins.  

Hair vitamins are needed to nourish hair and repair damaged hair. In addition, this hair care product can also make your hair look softer and shiny.

7. Always dry your hair with a towel after shampooing

If this one point is sometimes missed in the series of male hair care. Even though drying your hair properly is no less important, you know! Yes, making hair drier with a towel is better than using a hair dryer because it can minimize hair damage.  

When you dry it with a towel, you shouldn’t rub it either, because it can make the hair shaft become rough and hard. It’s best to just pat it. After half dry, then combed neatly. It’s easy?

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