Tips for Choosing an Outfit in the Rainy Season

Welcome rainy season! This can be quite a hassle, because you are not sure whether it will be sunny today and then cloudy in the afternoon, or it will be raining all day. Yup, it’s tricky when it comes to what you’re gonna wear. But certainly, start by saving your suede shoe collection, just because we want to minimize the risk of ruining your shoes.
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In order to avoid the wrong choice of fashion pieces, here are some style guides in choosing mix and match clothes in the rainy season which is difficult to predict.
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When the sky is so dark and the wind is blowing hard, you know it’s going to rain for a quite some time. So, what to avoid and what to wear?


  • Wear shoes with a strong material, such as leather with dark colors, such as dark brown, navy blue, or black. For the soles, choose shoe soles made of rubber to avoid slippery surfaces due to rain.
  • Use light pants such as cotton chinos which dry faster. However, avoid linen pants because if they get wet they will stick to your feet.
  • Make sure the bag you use is waterproof so that all the contents of your bag are saved.
  • Don’t forget to always bring an umbrella during the rainy season.


  • Wear bright colored clothes (especially white) when it rains, if it’s wet it will look transparent.
  • Choose to stick with denim. If it’s wet, it will feel heavy and will take a very long time to dry again. And it’s not comfortable at all.
  • Stepping in suede boots. Just don’t do this to yourself.


Yes, this is the trickiest of all. The weather is very difficult to predict. So you also have to be more careful in choosing an outfit. The humid air after the rain can easily frustrate those of you who have prepared a thick, plan-less outfit if the weather changes. Here’s how you deal with those kind of days.

  • It never hurts to start investing in a waterproof jacket that can be used for everyday purposes. Surely it will save you big time! Tas Branded
  • If the morning still looks bright, choose an outfit as usual, but don’t forget to bring a sweater or jacket so you don’t get cold while you’re in the office later.
  • For a more relaxed atmosphere, accessories such as hats can be used as protection from a small drizzle. Apart from looking stylish, you’ll be safe from the downpour.
  • Shoes with strong materials and rubber soles remain one of the mainstays. But so it doesn’t get too hot, you can choose other materials besides leather and suede.
  • Here comes a style guide for dealing with this often unpredictable rainy season.

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