Tips for Choosing Glasses Frames According to the Character and Face Shape

Before becoming a fashion trend, glasses are one of the accessories for those who have abnormalities in their appearance. Even at school, if we see someone wearing glasses we immediately think of it as ‘smart’ or ‘bookworm’. Over time the function of the glasses began to change. Now glasses have become a fashion trend that is currently used by many people. But, choosing a frame on the glasses is easy and difficult. The problem is, we have to adjust the eyeglass frame to the shape of the face. If it is not appropriate, then the glasses will actually look less comfortable. Well for those of you who want to buy glasses, here are the types of eyeglass frames that fit a variety of face shapes! Michaelkors Outlet

1. Glasses in a round shape with a dark color for those who have square or square faces

First is the glasses for those who own square or square faces. The characteristics of this box face are visible from the strong jaw with a wide forehead. For those of you who feel you have a square face, choose glasses that are geometrically shaped. The most suitable frame is a frame that is round or shape that resembles a cat’s eye.

2. Square-shaped glasses with soft colors and thick frames for those who have a heart-shaped face

Next is the glasses for those who have the shape of the face of the heart. Those with a heart have characteristics such as a slightly pointed chin and high cheekbones. Now to get around this face shape, glasses that are suitable are square-shaped glasses. Choose a soft color, not too bright and not too dark. It would be better if you choose a rather thick frame from the forehead. This is useful so that the glasses look right when you use

3. Oval face owners can use all types of shapes, colors and thickness of the eyeglass frame. You just need to avoid using oversized glasses. Tas Branded

When talking about face shapes, those who have oval face shapes are lucky people, because all types and shapes of glasses will be suitable for use. It can be said that people who have an oval face shape are close to the perfect facial proportions. You can use square, round glasses, squares of various colors and thick or thin frames. The owner of this oval face only needs to avoid using oversized glasses because it will make the face feature sink and not visible.

4. The shape is somewhat tapered on the upper side is suitable for the owner of a round face. Make it look gaunt!

Lastly is a round face shape. This face shape has characteristics such as chubby cheeks and small chin. You should avoid round or narrow glasses because it will make your face wider and fuller. So what are the right glasses for a round face? Now you can outsmart with retro cat-eye glasses with a small frame and a bit high. Sepatu Branded

Now that’s the glasses that are suitable for various types of faces. Hopefully this article can help you who want to use glasses but are not confident. Believe that the face of God is always perfect, we just need to know the tricks to be more confident!

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