Tips for Choosing Men’s Underwear

Who says choosing men’s underwear is as easy as determining your diet when we’re at a restaurant? Choosing underwear for men is a little difficult, especially when you want to choose a new men’s underwear model that you have never used before. Relax, no need to worry when choosing the right men’s pants, consider the following guidelines for choosing men’s underwear.

BRIEF or boxer, which one will you choose? Boxer does look comfortable because the model is not too tight. However, actually brief pants are the best for men. Here are the reasons why you should choose briefs over boxers, hmmm … or vice versa.

The main reason why many adams choose male underwear models in the form of briefs rather than boxers is because briefs are able to support male testicles throughout the day. Some men often have to be active in doing various jobs, support from briefs in briefs is better than boxers. Maybe you never know the difference until you compare yourself between these two types of men’s underwear.

When working or going outside the house, men certainly look more polite and masculine when wearing trousers. Boxer will make creases at the bottom of your pants (especially on the thighs) and Mr. P will be seen more clearly when you use boxers. Meanwhile, the brief will not make any creases seen from outside the pants.

However, briefs do not always bring positive benefits for men. In fact, there are some negative impacts experienced by men who usually use briefs. Here are the shortcomings of the men’s brief pants model.

– Briefs can reduce sperm production

Wearing brief pants that stick tight to Mr. P can cause a lack of sperm production. Because the tight underwear can make the area around Mr. P gets hot. As a result, the testes will produce cold temperatures in the scrotal area. This makes sperm production slightly decreased. Michaelkors Outlet

– Briefs make erections more difficult

Tight pants make it hard for men to get an erection. Mr. P will depend heavily on blood vessels to supply blood to the corpus cavernosum, the space that provides blood to get an erection. However, the use of briefs for a long time can cause blood vessels to contract. In this case, the boxer is far superior because it can make blood flow smoothly to blood vessels.

In conclusion, why not try to combine the two models of men’s underwear in your daily life? When attending a formal event or anything that requires you to wear trousers, a brief is the most appropriate choice of underwear. However, if you are relaxing at home or sleeping, you should use a boxer. This balance will certainly give you comfort when wearing underwear. Try to always choose the type of men’s underwear that is comfortable for you.

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