Tips for Dressing In Hot Weather

Tips for Dressing In Hot Weather. Basically during the summer, we dress with a material that is rather thin, light and easily absorbs sweat. But these basic principles are not enough for those of you who continue to want to remain attractive. Some of the above may only provide comfort in accordance with the weather at hand. But it may not be able to give confidence.

There are some things you should know about how to dress when the weather is hot :

1. Selection of the right material

Yes, in appearance we really can not be separated in terms of choosing materials. As mentioned earlier that when the weather is hot, you should choose a material that is lightweight, thin and not hot. So what are the types of clothing material that is suitable for hot weather? The following are a few examples: Michaelkors Outlet

a. Cotton – This material we often encounter. Cotton is very suitable for use during conditions or hot weather. Its nature that absorbs sweat makes this material often used. It’s just that the weakness of this material is easy to tangle. So it needs more attention when using it.

b. Linen – This material tends to be more expensive than cotton. Its stronger and lighter nature makes this material more special during the summer. It’s just that the shortcomings of this material are easy to rough and shrink if not treated properly.

When you are trying to collect some clothes for summer, try the ingredients above. You can try it first when in the store.

It doesn’t have to be in the dressing room, but you try for a few moments while taking a small walk to feel whether the material will feel hot or hot for a long time. If so, replace it with another model.

Or another way is to look at the composition of materials from the clothes. Usually you can see the label on the shirt. There are 100% cotton, there are 70% cotton and others. Of course, with a higher composition that is 100% cotton, the material is suitable for summer.

2. Soft & Bright color

Color selection is indeed a very personal thing. But it’s good when the weather is hot, avoid colors that tend to be thick and dark. Because when exposed to the sun, the color will add to the feeling of heat in the body. Soft and bright colors can be your choice.

3. More chinos and short pants

For those of you who don’t like denim pants, chino pants is one of the clothes that you can wear. Made from cotton and very suitable for hot weather. Not only comfortable when used in hot weather, chino pants also add value to your appearance.

Short pants or shorts are also choices that you can try for some relaxing activities. Just hangout in a small cafe, relax with friends in the weather that is hot enough, it never hurts to leave your pants and switch to short pants or shorts.

4. Still protect yourself from the sun

Do not forget to multifunctional accessories such as glasses. Not only does it add value to your appearance, sunglasses like aviator can protect your eyes from the sun.

Not only that, you don’t forget a hat. For those of you who have fairly thin hair, the use of a hat can protect the scalp from the scorching sun.

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