Tips for Men how to Dressing on a First Date

For most of us, the first date is a crucial moment in our lives. The success or failure of the first date can determine the continuation of your relationship and the “crush”. For the first date is actually rather tricky. You want to create the best impression on the first date with the woman you invite, but on the other hand you do not want to look “needy” or even vice versa “trying to hard”.

Your main goal is to give the best appearance, but this is not an easy task if you do not know the personality of others well, to ensure the things that “crush” you like or not.

Find out all about the meaning of color for women, what you can wear if you are fat, thin, tall or so on. Maybe you also need to consider practical tips for dressing if you want to go on a picnic / excursion, watch a movie, go to a night club or other. Knowing the activity or place you are going to can be very helpful in determining the clothes you should wear during the first date.

But above all, you have to dress the one that you think is most comfortable and suits yourself when you dress. Wear clothes that fit your character, personal style and physique. Of course you want to concentrate on your woman and enjoy the date, without worrying too much about what you wear, Michaelkors Outlet

If you choose to date at a restaurant, both time and location generally require more formal clothes, not suitable if only wearing jeans and t-shirts. But wearing a suit and tie during a first date dinner is also not a necessity. The best choice is that you can combine formal ones with a bit of relaxation, also including some of your own trends and styles.

If you have no idea what clothes you want to wear, you can try the following recommendations when you want a first date at a restaurant:

Inspiration # 1

Dark Blue Jeans – Long sleeve shirt in pink or lilac – Black velvet blazer

Inspiration # 2

Your favorite casual trousers pants White long sleeve shirt Cardigans with fresh and trendy colors like olive green or plum purple

The thing to remember is, sneakers and boots are not the best choice to wear when dating at a restaurant. Choose the best shoes that can complement your clothes, of course, clean and appropriate size

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