Tips for Men to Appear Fashionable All the Time

The current dress code usually only applies temporarily, and then changes over time. That’s how the trend rolls over time. Yes, there is no denying it – although sometimes we find repetition, fashion trends are always evolving and changing over time.

For example, the skinny jeans trend, which was popular some time ago, has now been replaced by wider and looser cut pants. In fact, wearing shoes with box heels and bootcut jeans is no longer considered fashionable. In this dynamic world, it may be difficult to look fashionable in itself, including for men. Michaelkors Outlet

However, we don’t need to worry too much about this. It is enough to do these eight things, men can still look fashionable, without fear of being out of date. Reporting from the Fashionbeans page, these are the rules of male dress that can make you look fashionable all the time.

1. Do not button the bottom of a coat

Modern suits are usually designed to accentuate the shape of the hips and make the waist appear slimmer. Buttoning all the buttons on the jacket will actually pull the fabric in the jacket and shrink it. This is what ultimately spoils the appearance, and the stitching of the suits we wear. If you’re still confused, it’s simple like this: if the jacket has three buttons, the second button should be closed, and leave the bottom button open. Meanwhile, for the third button, we can close it or keep it open. However, if our jacket has two buttons, then just close the top button. Tas Branded

2. Do not wash clothes too often

Many people think, clothes must always be washed after each use. Except underwear, some clothes we can use many times without having to wash them. Especially if the clothes are specially sewn. The chemicals used when washing clothes often make stitches brittle. If possible, wash such clothes twice a year. Jeffrey Doltis, Managing Director of Savile Row, recommends that you brush the dirt off your clothes every time you wear them, and leave them exposed to the air for at least one day.

Meanwhile, according to Chris Bloxham, denim expert from Nudie Jeans, denim clothing should not be washed too often. “Jeans should be washed every few months, whereas dry denim (made from a material that wasn’t washed during the manufacturing process) ideally doesn’t need to be washed at all,” explains Chris Bloxham.

Jeans can’t be washed too often because the indigo dye gets removed naturally causing the color to fade. So, if we wash them too often, jeans will lose their original color. “We recommend at least six months before the first wash, but the less you wash it, the better your jeans will look,” says Chris Bloxham. In addition, he also advised us not to wash jeans in hot water and not to machine-dry them. Better, we dry it naturally.

3. Do not carelessly tuck the shirt under the pants

Most people wear a shirt tucked into their pants. However, not all clothes can be worn this way. This depends on the model and the edges of the garment. Paul Higgins, a stylist at the fashion company Aquascutum in London, said the shirt was designed to be worn that way, because it was designed to be worn during formal events.

“The clothes have a cut on the back that is longer, which is caught between your body and your trousers when you sit, so that the shirt does not lift or wrinkle,” he explained. However, don’t apply the same method to clothes that aren’t designed for this.

For example clothes made from thick denim or flannel. Then, if we are the type of guy who likes t-shirts or polo, you can tuck it into the pants if the clothes have a long cut at the bottom. By the way, if possible, wear a belt. Views like this will actually keep us looking fashionable.

4. Don’t forget to shine your shoes Sepatu Branded

Good shoes are an expensive investment to look good. Therefore, we must take good care of shoes. According to Tim Little, who owns the Grenson shoe company in the UK, polish is a great thing for shoes.

The polish can soak into the pores of the shoe and keep it supple. “Polish your shoes twice a week to keep them soft, keep them dry and from bad odors,” he explained. Before deciding to wash your shoes to keep them shiny, we have to make sure that all the dirt in your shoes has disappeared.

Get rid of all the dirt by brushing the shoes clean. In order for stubborn stains on the shoes to disappear immediately, give a little water to the brush. When the shoes are clean and dry, polish them with a brush. Polish it until your shoes really look shiny. On the heel, polish using a slightly damp cotton pad. Then, polish it in a circular motion to remove any stubborn dirt. This way the shoes not only look clean, they also sulk the dirt to stick back on.

5. Do not carry a backpack when wearing a suit.

Backpacks are not only used for school children. Countless designers have fully followed the backpack trend. Now many people are starting to use backpacks for their daily activities. But no matter how luxurious our backpacks are, never carry them with you in a suit. It doesn’t matter if the event is formal or casual, carrying a backpack will actually damage the stitching of the suit. According to Modoo, the pressure on the shoulders due to backpack straps can tear clothes, especially if the clothes are sewn in a special way. Instead, we can use a high quality tote bag to complete the appearance.

6. Choose clothes with the right size.

Tailored clothes will not change according to trends. So, choose clothes that are the right size when you shop for clothes. This also applies when buying a suit. Arms that are too large actually make a messy appearance. According to Higgin, the size of the arm should fall where the base of the thumb meets the wrist.

This “rule” also applies to the shirt to determine how many centimeters the sleeve of the shirt can be folded. “On a blazer, make sure the shoulders feel comfortable and in line with your real shoulders,” he adds. Hinggin also suggested that we choose a suit size that fits the waist when choosing pants.

This is important so that our appearance looks smart and clean. Regarding the selection of these pants, Higgin advised us not to choose pants that are too tight. Choose pants with a size that fits our legs as a whole. However, if our weight tends to fluctuate, choose pants that are really comfortable on the legs.

7. Do not wear strange clothes. Michaelkors Outlet

Do not try to imitate the style of the Canadian Prime Minister who always wears cute socks, or managers who always hide flaws in his breastbone with strange ties. According to Sarah Gllifan – a founder of men’s personal shopping and personal stylist for men – whether it’s a tie, socks, or clip-on vest outfit, don’t ever mess with it. “This will not make you look smart or funny, instead you will look uncool,” he explained. Unless we use it when the day is shrouded in darkness, maybe this will not damage our reputation.

According to him, if we wear strange clothes to work, people will think we are not serious about the job. In fact, if we use it at night, we will also look childish. There are many ways to accentuate character in the way we dress. However, wearing strange clothes is not the right way. Wearing a patterned shirt covered with a blazer is a better option, as are sneakers with a neutral look. Or, we can also play with motives.

8. Use suitable leather accessories.

Even if the clothes and shoes we wear are suitable, wearing unsuitable leather accessories will also make our appearance worse. We still have to use leather accessories that match our clothes.

Indeed, this leather accessory does not have many color choices. but at least, don’t mix black with tan. “Due to the slightly shiny texture of the leather, mixing different colors just makes every outfit we wear stand out,” said Rebecca Langrish-Smith, of River Island Style Studio.

According to Rebecca Langrish-Smith, whether it’s for work events or daily appearances at the office, we can’t use leather accessories that don’t match our clothes. This means, we must be careful when using accessories such as belts, watches or bags that we will use. Every leather accessory that we use must match all the colors of the clothes we wear.

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