Tips on Choosing an uptodate Hoodie Style

Hoodie is famous for its final appearance that seems relaxed, and “free”. Everyone likes hoodies and is used both during the rainy season or during the dry season (of course with different materials). Michaelkors Outlet

Hoodies are long lasting items because they are always used and are timeless. This is caused by the colors, motifs, and various kinds of images formed on the hoodie are increasingly diverse. Hoodie is also increasingly famous for the existence of skateboard communities around the world.

Various styles of hoodies have been created and some of them look “forced” so that the essence of the hoodie itself that seems relaxed, slowly fades. There are a number of color-coded looks that you can use with just a hoodie to look cooler!

1 White Hoodie with Jogger Pants

This one appearance is very easy to apply. Armed with a white hoodie with jogger pants with white colored accent lines on the side of the pants, with white sneakers that match the color of your hoodie. For sneakers, you can use white with high top sneakers, or black sneakers as another reference. As an accessory, bucket hat can be your friend to look cooler. Tas Branded

2 Shine like yellow!

Using yellow is never wrong. If you adhere to a neutral color, maybe yellow can be your consideration for creating an aesthetic impression. Use black pants as a subordinate and black sneakers to create a neat silhouette of the lower body. Or, as a subordinate you can use white trousers or white jogger pants with matching colored shoes.

3 When in doubt, wear black

Even though Indonesia is fairly bright (not too hot), many fashion observers prefer to use black as the main color of the hoodie. This is because the pieces created seem neat when used.

For a black hoodie, it is better not to always be exposed to sunlight. This is done to prevent the fading black color on the hoodie and also the black color absorbs heat faster than other brighter colors.

The choice of pants color must also be considered. Although black is a neutral color, but for merging with other colors is not too easy to do. Brown or beige, white and blue jeans or blue sky are subordinate colors that you can try. In addition, white sneakers and waist bags are a perfect match for you for an increasingly stylish style with this outer one! Sepatu Branded

Here it is, some stylish appearance by using a hoodie. Which one will you try? Share your thoughts with us!

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