Suitable Moments For Wearing Red Clothes
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Guys, the clothes we wear sometimes have to be adapted to situations and conditions. For example, when visiting someone who is grieving, don’t use flashy colors.

Therefore, we need to be wise in choosing clothes so that we are not considered the wrong costume. Talk about the color red, there are some moments that are synonymous with red clothes.

  1. Chinese New Year

The red color, which symbolizes enthusiasm and good luck, bodes well in welcoming the Chinese New Year. Talking about Chinese New Year, there is one outfit that cannot be separated, namely the cheongsam.

For men, we know him as changshan. The designs are various, although the ones that are popular are simple ones such as plain red color with buttons that are typical of panda country clothing, making Changshan the main clothing choice during Chinese New Year.

However, what if you don’t want to wear Changshan and want to change into another outfit? Based on my observations, you can wear any clothes as long as they contain a red element if you celebrate Chinese New Year.

A red sweater or coat feels suitable for use during Chinese New Year. Want to try bro?

2. Valentine’s Day Sepatu Branded

Burning and flowery love makes valentine identical with pink and red. Not only women who wear red clothes, men can also wear them if they want to look uniform with their soul mate.

If you want to wear red, you should wear clothes that are casual and fashionable, but look formal, because dressing well is tantamount to respecting your woman.

For example, you wear a red jacket covered with a navy or black shirt, with cool colored pants like beige or light brown. But if you want to look what it is, you can use a red shirt with black or beige pants and also your flagship converse shoes.

3. Indonesia’s Independence Day

Especially in Indonesia, independence day means identical to red or white clothes, like the color of our country’s flag. If you are confused about choosing clothes for August 17, you can wear red t-shirts or shoes.

Well, if you become a committee on August 17, it’s a different story. You have to be ready with a red t-shirt or polo with red sweatpants, a red hat, and a red whistle. If you don’t want to look stiff, you can replace it with a white shirt and white shoes, bro!

4. Christmas Day Tas Branded

Christmas is actually not only religious, bro. Lots of non-religious cultural elements are synonymous with Christmas celebrations, such as Santa Claus.

Therefore, clothes that are suitable for Christmas, especially if it’s not Santa clothes. However, if you don’t really like being flashy like that, you can try other alternatives.

Actually, Christmas does not always revolve around the color red, though. White and green are other colors that are also common in the Christmas season.

You can also wear a red shirt with a combination of black trousers and black shoes with a red pattern, or it could be the other way around, red pants with a combination of black t-shirts, black shoes with a red pattern, and a red scarf. Don’t forget to wear a Santa hat for casual activities.

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