As a color that looks striking, red is actually difficult when combined with bright colors like yellow, pink, or green. The solution is to use neutral colors or calm nuances. Even so, there are some colors that can still work well when paired with red.

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As a neutral color, white goes great with any color, including red. You can wear a white shirt with red pants, a red jacket, or a red hat. The combination of white and red also produces a combination that is cool to look at, not too flashy, and does not reduce the confidence of those who wear it.

2. Black

Black and red are also inseparable. All reds, from chilli red to maroon, go great when paired with black. Do you have red pants? Can mix it with a black shirt or black shoes. Have a red shirt, you can try wearing a black shirt.

3. Navy Blue Tas Branded

A color other than a neutral color that is also suitable to be combined with red is navy blue, because it has a soft element. You can combine a red shirt with navy blue jeans, or red pants with a navy blue shirt, you can also wear a red jacket with a navy blue shirt. In addition, if what you are wearing is pastel red, then the blue color that will work well is bright or pastel blue too.

Now that’s a review of how to mix and match red colors that can make your appearance even cooler, both during this Chinese New Year and in daily activities.

Mixing and matching colors on clothes outside of neutral colors is a little tricky. The safest way when you don’t know what complementary color to use is to combine it with other neutral colors (white, black, brown).

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