Usually men are synonymous with calm or neutral colors such as blue, brown, white or black. However, not a few men also like red and make red their favorite color.

In general, red symbolizes courage. For this reason, many films, anime, or tokusatsu where the main character or leader wears red symbols and clothes (for example, the Power Ranger series). Michaelkors Outlet

When translated into human characterization, wearers of red clothes, especially those who love them, are said to have emotions that are difficult to control.

But the impression of protection and protection sometimes appears in men who wear red. For those of you who have trouble falling in love, you should use red as a representation of your character.

If you are planning to wear red for the first time, I recommend that you avoid completely red shirts without any other patterns or colors.

You become the center of attention if you have too much red. If this doesn’t suit your personality, you feel uncomfortable and less confident.

That’s why I put together a few examples of matching solid red outfits for men.

  1. Red jacket / sweater

Have you ever tried wearing a red sweater or jacket for your daily activities? Looks striking, indeed. However, if combined with other clothes it will look calmer.

If the red color looks too flashy, use a jacket or a maroon sweater. On the inside, you can use a white shirt to make it look cooler. Use dark colored pants like navy blue or black so they don’t stand out too much in the crowd.

In addition, you can pair it with a matching hat with pants and shoes that have a slightly red hue but are predominantly dark in color.

2. Red T-Shirt Tas Branded

You must have at least a T-shirt, right? I also have it, especially my favorite red color. Apart from being suitable for use in a tropical country like Indonesia, t-shirts can also be worn in various situations.

The red shirt can be used as training material for you to wear red clothes. If you have a red shirt, you can make casual clothes with knee-length pants or beige.

However, if you go to a place that requires a fashionable style, you can match it with a dark Harrington jacket, but with an open zipper.

Choose pants and shoes in neutral colors like black or white to make it look softer. Surely your red shirt will look more fashionable but not too flashy.

3. Red Shirt

Speaking of red shirts, do you have a red plaid flannel shirt? The shirt is perfect for casual conditions and can be combined with various types of clothes.

You can mix it with light blue jeans and a dark t-shirt. If you have shoes, you can also try wearing strappy shoes with high collars.

If you want to dress more formally, try choosing a red blazer paired with a Henley t-shirt or a white shirt and dark pants and colored shoes.

4. Red pants

Do you have red pants? If you want to travel casually, you can mix and match red pants with white t-shirts and jeans shirts. Don’t forget to wear shoes with red elements.

Or if you are brave, you can sample the image above.

However, red clothes are used a lot for sports, especially sweatpants. You can mix it with a t-shirt or sweater with the same details or motifs.

Don’t miss out on wearing sports shoes that have a red pattern and a neutral colored baseball cap like white so that your appearance is cool but not too flashy.

5. Red Shoes Sepatu Branded

If you wear red shoes, get ready to be the center of attention. Because if someone wears a flashy color, it will definitely be the center of attention.

If you have red shoes but are still not good at mixing and matching and finally choose a matching color to make it safer, you can use a neutral color so that your red color looks more dominant.

For example, you have a white t-shirt and light brown or beige pants, you can use red shoes to make them stand out more. Or it can be combined with jeans.

You can also wear shorts if you want to look more relaxed. Or suppose you want to be more formal, you can wear your red sneakers combined with a gray suit and pair of pants.

6. Red Hat

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Hats are actually just complementary accessories, and some people don’t like wearing hats because they are considered uncomfortable (I’m one of them).

Most guys choose hats in neutral colors or soft shades so that they can be matched with a variety of clothing choices.

However, if you want to wear a hat in a striking color like red, you should wear neutral colored clothes so that your hat looks more striking, not just a complement.

If you want to find it safe, you can use matching colors. However, if you want to experiment, you can also wear a navy blue polo shirt with beige trousers and ask for responses from people around you.

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