Tips on Wearing Black and White Clothes to the Office to Always Be Stylish

Do you like the shades of black and white? Have a bunch of colored clothes in the closet? But bored because it looks like that? Indeed, although black and white are always the everlasting favorites, they often feel boring. Especially if used for offices or other formal events. Well, here are tips for wearing black and white clothes to the office without looking boring.  

  • One-color dress with opposite color belt and heels

Use a large belt to decorate a plain long dress that you use often. Make sure the colors are opposite. If you wear a white dress it means you need to use a black belt. Then match the color of the shoes with the color of the belt. For accessories such as bags, you should choose a gray color that is still included in the monochrome family feel. Why? The reason is that there is a counterweight color when you use a one-color plain canal.

  • Leather pants and lace, why not?

With what do you usually mix and match your leather pants? It turns out the solid match leather with lace or lace is not bad, you know. You can get a sweet and cool impression at the same time. To ensure the feminine side of this look, try to complete with white strappy heels. In addition, use a sling bag with a chain to balance the shiny accent on your pants, yes.

  • Replace standard black blazer with white

Want to replace the black blazer but don’t dare to experiment with colorful choices? Try black friends who are still in one family. White blazer is the answer. Well, to keep your body curves visible, give a dark accent on the inside like black or dark gray. Look for a turtle neck model so that the shape of your neck is visible.   Michaelkors Outlet

If you choose a newfangled crop top, pair it with a slightly long palazzo pants. Use comfortable block heels to increase body length. You can choose any shoe model. Take it easy, your palazzo will help hide it.

  • Oversized vest as a substitute for a blazer

If you have chosen the wrong size vest, now it is no longer a problem. Wear thin tank tops inside. At least to cover your chest. Then stacked with a black oversized vest. Make sure the two collars can meet in the middle. Even better if there are buttons that can secure it.  

Pair with black jeans and white sneakers. The formal appearance of the vest will be more playful because of its size and its blend with the color of white shoes. You can exchange colors for each item using the same formula, which is a different depth with a vest and one color with shoes.

  • Simple slip dress with a turtle neck top

Maybe you are familiar with someone wearing a slip dress based on a white shirt or shirt. This fashion style has been proven to give a formal impression of a casual fit for the office. Then what else can be done? Use the turtle neck and crop top models.  

If you like a more open neck, you can also replace it with a halter neck. Choose a long-sleeved top for a more formal impression. Match with white or light gray mules shoes.

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