6. Be diligent in polishing your leather shoes

If you have leather shoes as part of your mainstay style, then taking good care of them is mandatory.

In order for your leather shoes to have a preserved color (not fade) and even sparkle, you need to be diligent in polishing these leather shoes, bro. Normal leather shoe shine can be done between a week and two weeks if you wear it frequently.

If your shoes are dirty, then clean them immediately so that dirt doesn’t accumulate.

It’s good if you have two pairs of leather shoes if you are the type who often wears leather shoes everywhere. So if it’s dirty and needs to be cleaned or needs to be polished, then you have a spare one to go with. Michaelkors Outlet

7. Join Flash Sale

Try to be diligent in watching your favorite social media brands or stores.

Who knows, they suddenly have a flash sale or a big discount that is really profitable. This method can actually be used to buy electronic goods, as long as you don’t have a problem with the variant that is a bit out of date.

Apart from big discounts, you can also check other benefits.

For example, e-commerce sites sometimes like to give out shopping vouchers or free shipping as long as you meet their terms and conditions. Or, sometimes they put out quizzes and giveaway on their social media.

Well, bro, you can try it. Not bad, it will be more economical if you manage to take advantage of these various benefits.

8. Take advantage of the bonus Tas Branded

Are you one of those who rarely shop for fashion needs?

If the answer is yes, then the most appropriate moment to improve your style is when you get a bonus, THR, or a promotion accompanied by a salary increase. Shopping at this moment will actually be more economical because you use money outside of normal income.

Apart from not disrupting your daily cash flow, buying new clothes at special moments will help boost your morale as well as a form of small celebration.

If you rarely change clothes, the eyes of people who usually do activities with you will definitely be surprised and amazed when you wear new clothes.

Don’t forget to always put the bonus into your savings account, bro.

9. Buy Used

Used goods are not always bad, bro, depending on who the previous owner was.

Used goods or the term today is preloved goods, which have a much cheaper price than when buying new. If you are the type who doesn’t like branded goods because they are expensive, then buying used ones is the best cheap alternative.

You can find these used clothes and accessories on online sites, or try to find them from trusted friends. Don’t let you buy the damaged one (unless you want to use it for DIY, or you can fix it yourself).

10. Buy Original Items

When we talk about electronic goods, most people will agree that buying the original is better and safer than buying a fake.

Then, what about clothes and accessories?

The difference between genuine and fake goods lies in their quality. Do you prefer to buy genuine Adidas sneakers with soles lasting up to 4 years for Rp. 1 million, or fake Adidas whose soles come off quickly in less than a year for Rp. 300 thousand?

When you buy goods that are fake and of poor quality, in the short term you will come back to buy the same items many times. The result is not frugal bro. Lo, it became even more short Sepatu Branded

Michaelkors Outlet

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