11. Buy Out-of-Season Clothing Michaelkors Outlet

Clothing is one type of human need that is usually issued according to the season, especially branded clothes.

When you buy clothes that are currently in (for example, buying a summer collection in the summer – yes, that means equating to foreign conditions), then the price tends to be expensive.

There is a demand, there is a price. When many are looking for it, the price will also be expensive.

If you are already eyeing certain branded clothes, then buy them out of season or when supplies are running low. Some shops apply discounted prices or lower the prices of their clothes that are out of season or that are about to run out of stock.

12. Take Care of Jeans Properly

Whatever your mainstay style, almost all men need to have jeans for certain moments.

Jeans, or any other item of clothing that contains denim, has a slightly different care method than common clothing fabrics such as cotton.

When you don’t care for and use it properly, the jeans that you have will quickly get damaged. For example, your jeans will fade, fade, or stretch quickly.

One of the most common tricks in caring for jeans is not washing them too often.

Make sure that you take good care of the jeans that you have. Jeans can be used in many clothing combinations, so you don’t have to buy and own too many jeans. As long as the jeans you have are well preserved, you don’t need to spend money to buy new ones.

13. Invite Friends to Shop Tas Branded

Sometimes shopping for clothes is better if you have friends, bro. Especially if those who understand style, so you can get input to find clothes that are right for you.

However, there are things you need to pay attention to so that bringing shopping friends can help you save money.

First, make sure that the friends you bring shopping with you have to be able to help guard against excessive shopping desires. If your friends are the type who have impulsiveness shopping (aka easy to be tempted to shop for goods just because they are cute, there are discounts, and so on), then don’t take them along.

Later you will catch it to shop for things that you don’t really need, bro

Second, it would be better if he could be invited to buy clothes at a discounted package. Some stores like to have discounts of the type “Buy 1 Get 1” or something similar.

If he is looking for clothes of your type, you can buy them together so that the price per person is cheaper.

14. Change Clothes with Friends

Do you have a close friend whose size and shape is similar to yours?

If so, then you can just make an appointment to exchange some of the clothing and outerwear collections that you have with him. Not bad, so there are various new styles that you can try without spending money.

Mas Kulin recommends that this trick is only used for outerwear rather than shirts or shirts. If you want to exchange shirts and shirts, make sure you wash them first.

Alternatively, you can also make this exchange with your siblings, who maybe you are sure of taking care of their clothes.

15. Buy as needed

Buying items at a discount doesn’t mean you are more economical.

Why, how come the impression contradicts some of the previous points? Actually, not really bro, depending on whether you really need these clothes. This point is actually an affirmation of the various points that have been previously stated.

For example, bro, you go everywhere wearing t-shirts (including for work too). You already have 2 shirts that are ready to be used for official events.

So, do you need to buy 3 shirts that are being discounted from IDR 400 thousand to IDR 300 thousand, even though you are not going to wear them either?

If you keep buying and end up using it only once, or not at all, then you’re not saving IDR 100,000. You actually lost IDR 300 thousand per piece of shirt that you bought, bro, because you don’t really need it

16. Use a hat Sepatu Branded

One of the cheapest and most affordable accessories for men is a hat. Yup, hats can make you look more stylish. The capital that you need to spend to buy a standard snapback hat is also not more than a few tens of thousands, bro.

There are several types of hats that are commonly used for traveling or work (unless your workplace adheres to a formal dress code such as a bank), namely fedoras, beanie hats, aka beanies, and snapback hats.

You can click the link below to find out the various types of men’s hats.

So, those are some ways that you can look stylish while saving money.

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