Who doesn’t want to look cute everyday? No matter how indifferent you are as a man, the desire to look good remains. Especially if you are active in a job that demands a good appearance.

Actually, looking good is not just a matter of job demands. Michaelkors Outlet

When you look good and cool, you can give a good impression to the people around you or the other person you are talking to. This will smooth what you want from them (for example: smoothen the path to crush your ideal woman).

You can read in this article to find out the importance of good appearance. For the record, good looks are not always the appearance of European men in suits, ties and leather shoes.

One of the best physical appearance is really influenced by your style of dress. However, the obstacle we often experience in looking stylish is budget, aka money. Is that right? So, take a look at some of the ways below so you can look stylish without making you broke fast!

  1. Determine your Signature Style

Now this is important bro. What is meant by the signature style, aka the mainstay style? Basically, you need to determine whether you want to use a formal, casual, or semi-formal style every day. This will affect your clothing shopping expenses, which you need to focus on.

For example like this. Mas Kulin worked several times for startup companies whose clothing styles were free, and even tended to be casual. Incidentally, Mas Kulin really doesn’t like to wear long-sleeved shirts because it makes him stifling.

Well, Mas Kulin’s favorite style is casual. So Mas Kulin doesn’t need to bother looking for shirts or setting aside money to often buy formal shirts that are on sale. Why waste a lot of money on investing in clothes that you rarely use, right?

(Note: that doesn’t mean you don’t really need to have clothes from other types of styles. It’s not funny if you’re a fan of casual style but don’t have a shirt to attend a friend’s invitation event, for example).

2. Use Clothes That Fit Your Body Shape Tas Branded

This is very important so that you don’t shop for clothes that make you look worse to other people. In addition, there are many misconceptions among men about the type and shape of clothes that fit the body shape.

Don’t get caught up in misguided myths, like using oversized clothes to hide a fat body. Or, use skinny jeans to fit your legs for the skinny one. All of that will further accentuate your thin or fat body shape.

3. Use Outerwear to Look Stylish

If you are afraid to appear boring, then outerwear is the solution.

Outerwear or outerwear that covers the main shirt (t-shirt and shirt) is often used as a fashion item that adds to the stylish combination that you might get from the various clothes you have.

Examples of outerwear that are suitable for use in everyday styles are jackets, blazers, hoodies, parka jackets, sweaters, and so on.

Invest in spending your clothing needs to buy at least one type of good quality outerwear. So, outerwear can be used for a very long time, up to years.

4. Unload the contents of the cupboard

Some time ago, when he moved the boarding house, Mas Kulin had time to unpack the wardrobe to pack clothes and separate those that were no longer used.

I was quite happy when I met dark blue jeans which I never used before. Actually, I already had a plan to buy the same colored pants, so I managed to save money because I found these pants.

Try bro, you also take the time to clean up the contents of your wardrobe.

Who knows, you find clothes that you haven’t used or rarely used but that you can use to become your mainstay of everyday fashion items. You will really save money!

Oh yes, you can also ‘unload’ your father’s and brothers’ wardrobes (if you allow). Who knows there are clothes that they don’t wear anymore and you can get menta for free: p So it’s even more economical, right?

5. DIY on the clothes you have Sepatu Branded

DIY here is not the Special Region of Yogyakarta, yes, but a DIY workshop, aka Do-It-Yourself.

Maybe you’ve heard or seen a Youtube video about how to make your own ripped jeans, how to make a cool vest from a denim jacket, and so on. Modifying the clothes you have will make you more economical and fun because you can create your own.

When you make modifications to the clothes you have, you should use clothes that you won’t wear anymore. DIY modifications are usually permanent, so don’t regret cutting up Levi’s 1 million jeans just for trying to make ripped jeans yourself.

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