Tricks for Wearing Oversized Pants or Skirts So That They Are Not Easy to Sag

Accidentally bought oversized pants or skirts? Understandably, buy online, so you only choose the right size of your body. Because the size is not right, these pants or skirts often sag. Since it’s already bought, you can outsmart it in several ways. Check out how …

1. Use a stylish belt

The easiest way to outsmart the oversized subordinates is to use a belt. So you feel comfortable, choose a belt with the right size and material. Also choose a stylish belt design that suits your style. As a recommendation, a leather belt will be a good long-term investment.

If pants or skirts don’t have belt holes, you can add them yourself. Make a hole for using the belt using sewing thread. You can add it to the left and right of the subordinates, as well as the back. Since this thread is thin, make sure you wear a belt that isn’t too heavy, yes

2. Change the waist a few centimeters

If the waist of your pants or skirt is too big, change is the most appropriate solution. The waist is too big will make you less comfortable. Even adding a belt won’t help. The waist becomes folded and unsightly.

Instead of reducing the impression of stylish appearance, you can make it yourself or go to a tailor. If you want to make your own make up, you can insert the rubber on the back of the waistband and sew it. If you don’t want to bother, you can bring your subordinates to the tailor to make up.

3. Put the shirt in the skirt or pants Michaelkors Outlet

To avoid sagging problems, you can put your shirt in a skirt or pants. Use a top that is long enough so you can put it in a skirt or pants. This trick will increase the volume at the waist, so that subordinates are not easy to sag. Even if it slides, your underwear will not be seen.

However, entering a boss that is thick enough will make you look fatter. So, choose a boss with a material that is not too thick or thin. Also pay attention to the material of the pants or skirt that you wear. If the material is thin, the boss will be traced to the back of the pants or skirt.

4. Fold the waist and place a safety pin

Tips on this one you can use for pants or skirts made from thin. You can fold the oversized waist and put pins. In this way, the waist of the pants or skirt becomes slightly smaller.

Use some safety pins so the folds don’t come off easily. If you are active enough, you should use a belt or strap to tighten the waist. It’s not funny if a pin suddenly comes loose and pierces the waist.

5. Double with pants or skirts

In addition to inserting a top, you can add waist volume with additional pants or skirts. Choose leggings or stretch shorts to double your loose pants.

For skirts, you can choose a skirt that is not too thick. You can also apply this trick when the weather is cold and windy. In addition to pants or skirts not easy to sag, you can also feel warmer.

6. Use suspenders

If your pants or skirt are too big, you can add suspenders that will be useful to prevent them from sagging, as well as accessories. Suspenders will look more stylish if you wear a plain colored top

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