Tutorial Wearing A Tie

Are there among you who still can’t or know how to wear a tie? If not, here are some ways to wear a tie for beginners.

How to wear a Four in Hand Knot Tie

This method is known as the easiest and most common way to wear a tie so that anyone can learn and install it, including you. The knot that results from how to wear a tie is suitable for you who have a short neck. The knot is also suitable for use when you want to visit a formal event.

How: Wrap the tie around the neck, hang the end of the tie on the right side or the smaller part of the tie higher than the left side which is bigger. Cross the right side to the left and hold using your hands. After that, rotate the larger tie to the back of the smaller tie and make sure it is tight. Turn the larger tie back to the back of the smaller tie right to the bottom of the previous tie and loosen a little. Insert the wide end of the tie into the bonding section near the collar, and insert the wide end of the tie into the bond from the top. After that, pull and tighten until the tie is tied and triangular in shape. Adjust the position of the tie by pulling the small and large ends of the tie.

How to Wear an Office Tie or Pratt Michaelkors Outlet

Office tie or how to wear a tie with this technique is called pratt. The installation is easy to understand but not many people are accustomed to using it.

Here are the guidelines: Attach the tie to the neck in reverse or inside the tie at the front. Hang the tie with the right or higher tie and the left or lower width or close to your belt. Cross the big tie to the small tie near the collar. Pull and tighten then twist to the inside tie ties near the collar then remove. Pull the larger tie in reverse direction horizontally and insert it into the interior near the collar. Try to keep the part neat and a little loose. Put the tie that is already inside into the loose tie that was made before Gently pull the tie and trim it by pulling the small end.

How to Wear a Half Windsor Knot (Formal)

Almost similar to how to wear a tie before, the steps are like this:

Tie up the tie, making sure that the tie is wider on the right side of your body, lower than the tie on the left side. Cross a wider tie to a smaller tie. After crossing, fold the wider tie down under the smaller tie. Pull the fold so that the wider tie returns to the right side. Insert the wider tie back and pull the wide end through the folds you made. Pull the bottom of the wide tie back to the right side and enter the width of the tie into the knot at the front and pull it down to tighten, trim.

Well, that’s some ways to wear a tie for beginners that you can try.

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