Types of material for men’s underwear

The fabric used in men’s pants is not only cotton and nylon. There are various materials in men’s underwear that can be adapted to certain conditions. Make sure you find that the underwear is comfortable with your skin. Because of different materials, different comfort. Here are the types of materials for men’s underwear that you need to know:

– Cotton

Is the most common type of material used in men’s underwear. Cotton has many pores, has a soft texture, is able to absorb sweat, and the price is quite affordable. Cotton underwear is ideal for home use. However, when you exercise you should not use cotton underwear, because the texture of Cotton is easy to absorb sweat so that the pants get wet easily.

– Modal cloth

Modal cloth has a very soft cloth texture. In fact, there is no other underwear material that can match the softness of the modal cloth. If nylon underwear is uncomfortable for you, then you can use modal cloth underwear. Modal cloth underwear is universal so it can be used anytime and anywhere. In addition, men’s underwear from modal clotj is also comfortable to wear together with jeans.

– Nylon Michaelkors Outlet

Microfiber construction is used to make nylon softer and keep users feeling ‘dry’. Besides that, nylon fabric has good color retention so you don’t need to worry that nylon underwear will fade quickly. Men’s underwear made from nylon is the right choice to use when exercising.

– Polyester

Thin and comfortable are the characteristics of polyester. Polyester tends to be thinner than cotton or other types of fabric. Because of its light and thin texture, polyester underwear is ideal for use with tight jeans. However, men’s underwear made from polyester does not have a strong absorption, so it is not recommended for use in hot weather. Another advantage of polyester panties is that they are easy to wash and dry quickly.

– Rayon

The texture of the rayon is very soft like cashmere. Rayon underwear stretches easily, so it is not recommended for daily use. Rayon men’s underwear is very soft and comfortable to wear. You can use pants on this one when you spend a little night at night.

– Silk

This luxurious cloth has a very soft and comfortable texture to the skin. Panties made from silk are generally very durable because they are made from natural fibers. Although silk underwear can absorb sweat, you are not recommended to use it during hot weather or exercising. Silk panties are very suitable to wear at night.

– Spandex

Spandex men’s underwear is suitable for all skin types. Quite often these spandex panties are combined with modal fabrics to provide a tight effect. Now, spandex underwear is ideal for everyday use. In fact, most people use spandex panties when swimming or cycling because the texture is light and elastic.

Each material used in men’s underwear has advantages and disadvantages of each. Spandex is often combined with modal or polyester material to provide optimal elasticity. Meanwhile, silk is the underwear material that is only worn by some men for their daily activities.

Cotton, modal, and polyester underwear are the ones most often worn by men. While satin, acrylic and latex are very rarely used materials for men’s underwear. Now, which type of underwear is your favorite?

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